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Cumberland County children celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday

3 March 2013 | 12:45 pm More than 800 voices joined to sing "Happy Birthday" to Dr. Seuss Saturday at the Carlisle Theatre as part of the United Way of Carlisle and Cumberland Countys birthday party for the beloved http://cumberlink.com/news/local/cumberland-county-children-celebrate-dr-seuss-birthday/article_18468552-83a8-11e2-b88a-0019bb2963f4.html

March 2nd not only marks Dr. Seuss

3 March 2013 | 9:54 am Sled dogs and mushers participated in ceremonial start of the Iditarod in Anchorage on Saturday. Competitors will leave the big crowds behind tomorrow for far more remote locales. http://www.news4jax.com/Iditarod-kicks-off-in-festive-mood/-/475982/19154752/-/format/rss_2.0/-/11674d2/-/index.html

Celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday Event at Sayre Public Library aims to motivate kids to read

3 March 2013 | 5:00 am SAYRE – At the Sayre Public Library on Saturday, it seemed like part of the children's book section had come to life. Characters from Dr. Seuss' "Cat in the Hat" – Thing 1 and Thing 2, as well as the Cat in the Hat himself – were walking around in the l http://thedailyreview.com/news/1.1453044

Horton Hears a Who (Single-Disc Edition) (DVD) tagged "dr seuss" 63 times

29 January 2013 | 1:44 am Horton Hears a Who (Single-Disc Edition) Horton Hears a Who (Single-Disc Edition) (DVD)By Jim Carrey Buy new: $4.99182 used and new from $2.06 Customer Rating: 4.9 Customer tags: dr seuss(63), horton hears a who(61), animation(59), jim carrey(40), disney(28), pixar(19), seuss(18), family films(16), horton(13), dvd(6), comedy(6), future movie releases(5) http://www.amazon.com/Horton-Hears-Who-Single-Disc-Edition/dp/B001DPHDCY

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (Hardcover) tagged "dr seuss" 81 times

29 December 2012 | 7:45 pm Oh, the Places You'll Go! Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (Hardcover)By Dr. Seuss Buy new: $10.25362 used and new from $3.34 Customer Rating: 4.9 Customer tags: dr seuss(81), childrens books(77), graduation gift(58), inspirational(49), graduation(32), advice(24), book(16), gift idea(12), rhyming(8), polyphony dvd(6), polyphony be you and accept me too(6), apryl skies(6) http://www.amazon.com/Oh-Places-Youll-Dr-Seuss/dp/0679805273

The Day I Met Dr. Seuss (Kindle Edition) tagged "dr seuss" 46 times

25 December 2012 | 2:08 pm The Day I Met Dr. Seuss The Day I Met Dr. Seuss (Kindle Edition)By Anne Emerick Buy new: $2.99 Customer Rating: 4.9 Customer tags: dr seuss(46), theodor geisel(26), cat in the hat(22), green eggs and ham(22), how the grinch stole christmas(20), horton hears a who(19), the lorax(15), childrens books(15), dr seuss book(15), dr seuss books(6), funny(5), rhyming(4) http://www.amazon.com/The-Day-Met-Seuss-ebook/dp/B009887EU4

The Lorax (Classic Seuss) (Hardcover) tagged "dr seuss" 47 times

11 December 2012 | 7:44 pm The Lorax (Classic Seuss) The Lorax (Classic Seuss) (Hardcover)By Dr. Seuss Buy new: $9.59185 used and new from $5.57 Customer Rating: 4.9 Customer tags: environmentalism(59), childrens books(55), dr seuss(47), green 3(29), green kids(26), seuss(19), book(13), classic(11), kids(10), polyphony be you and accept me too(8), apryl skies(8), skye the troll and other fairy tales for children(7) http://www.amazon.com/The-Lorax-Classic-Seuss-Dr/dp/0394823370

Green Eggs and Ham (I Can Read It All by Myself Beginner Books) (Hardcover) tagged "dr seuss" 76 times

3 December 2012 | 3:46 am Green Eggs and Ham (I Can Read It All by Myself Beginner Books) Green Eggs and Ham (I Can Read It All by Myself Beginner Books) (Hardcover)By Dr. Seuss Buy new: $8.99766 used and new from $0.01 Customer Rating: 4.9 Customer tags: childrens books(96), dr seuss(76), early reader(31), classic(30), rhyming(24), kids(23), childhood memories(16), humor(9), polyphony be you and accept me too(8), apryl skies(8), seuss(6), polyphony dvd(6) http://www.amazon.com/Green-Eggs-Myself-Beginner-Books/dp/0394800168

little pumpkin grace: Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

3 March 2013 | 12:29 am The littles brought in their favorite Dr. Seuss books…{earlier in the week they made their very own green oobleck (sort of like slime)…Hudson flushed Grace's down the toilet…oh, the tears!} So true! LOVE these cute Cats! http://www.littlepumpkingrace.com/2013/03/happy-birthday-dr-seuss.html

A poem for Dr. Seuss' 109th birthday | Center Stage

2 March 2013 | 10:36 pm Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss! We thank you, we do, for the Cat in the Hat and the Whoville Whos, too. When it comes to creating, you sure weren't lazy (not like that old good-for-nothing bird runaway Mayzie!) You taught us to http://artsblog.dallasnews.com/2013/03/a-poem-for-dr-seuss-109th-birthday.html/

Happy Birthday Dr Suess -Living Rich With Coupons

2 March 2013 | 1:00 pm Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Get 5 Dr. Seuss Books, Backpack & Audiobook for just $5.95! Limited Time! http://www.livingrichwithcoupons.com/2013/03/happy-birthday-dr-seuss-get-5-dr-seuss-books-backpack-audiobook-for-just-5-95-limited-time.html


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LOT of 14 DR. SEUSS Bright Early Books for Beginng Beginners~I Can Read Myself

3 March 2013 | 4:01 am $25.50
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Dr. Seuss The Lorax and Happy Birthday to You! NEW

2 March 2013 | 11:16 pm $17.95
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Dr. Seuss THE LORAX – Rare 1971 First Edition – Oversize HB Ex

2 March 2013 | 10:05 pm $9.99
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10 Responses to Dr Seuss

  • Chris says:

    Suggest Some New Cartoons For Me? Greetings everyone! I have a decently sized collection of cartoon dvds that I watch very frequently. I’m not running out quite yet, but I am always looking to expand and I am hoping to suckle off of your knowledge for some new cartoons to look into.

    – ~11 minute story arcs (60-90 minutes for feature length)
    – Self-contained stories
    – Quality/unique/humorous animation
    – Comedy
    – Occasionally, pure nostalgia

    – Action based cartoons
    – Morality preaching cartoons
    – Corporate driven cartoons
    – Stories that last longer than an episode
    – Almost all animation from the 1980s
    – The majority of eastern animation

    This picture is my collection as of now.

    Left to right, newest releases first
    (Top Row) Rude Removal, Superjail, The Mighty B!, Powerpuff Girls Z, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Animatrix, Rugrats: All Grown Up, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (feature), The Ripping Friends, Sheep in the Big City, Boo Boo Runs Wild / A Day in the Life of Ranger Smith, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Iron Giant

    (Second Row) Spongebob Squarepants, Ed Edd n Eddy, The Fairly Odd Parents, The Powerpuff Girls, Catdog, The Goddamn George Liquor Program, Cow and Chicken, Angry Beavers, South Park

    (Third Row) South park (cont.), The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald, Johnny Bravo, Pokemon, Freakazoid, Dexter’s Laboratory, What a Cartoon!, Toy Story, Animaniacs

    (Fourth Row) AAHHH! Real Monsters, 2 Stupid Dogs, Rocko’s Modern Life, Aladdin, Shin Chan, Eek the Cat, Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats, Tiny Toon Adventures, The Little Mermaid, The Simpsons, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures

    (Fifth Row) Fritz the Cat, Dr. Seuss Classics, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Tex Avery’s Droopy, Tom and Jerry, Pinocchio, Looney Tunes, Cartoon Classics

    Based on my preferences, please suggest some new titles to look at!
    Feel free to be as short or long winded as you like; a simple list or a detailed explanation as to why x cartoon is fantastic or perhaps some clips showcasing the greatness of a particular title.

    One other thing to keep in mind is the difference between a cartoon and animation. Not all animation is a cartoon.

    I hope that most everyone uses Y! Answers as a way to spread knowledge, but if you’re only in it for the points, I will be choosing “Best Answer” based on if someone gives a good suggestion even if it is simple, a bad suggestion if it is thought out, or anything in between.

    If you would like to have a bit of a longer chat, please email me at chriscrow3@yahoo.com

    P.S. Here is a list of titles that I either do not have yet but am planning on getting or cannot find at all. Titles that I cannot find are marked with an asterisk and if you know where to download them online please let me know!

    – The Schnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show*
    – Whatever Happened to Robot Jones*
    – Oh Yeah! Cartoons*
    – Grim and Evil*
    – Evil Con Carne*
    – Random! Cartoons*
    – Kablam!*
    – MEGA Babies*
    – Various feature films
    – Chowder
    – Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (series)
    – Walt Disney Cartoon Classics
    – Additions to some already indexed series’

    P.P.S. Here are some very commonly recommended cartoons that don’t make the cut for me right now. I’ll just save you the keystokes.

    – Hey Arnold
    – Adventure Time with Jake and Finn
    – Regular Show

  • Just Me says:

    My Niece Is One Is A Couple Of Weeks …? & I have no idea what to get her apart from clothes..
    She has most things including a savings account…
    What would you recommend?
    Her birthday is on Easter Day if that helps with suggestions
    A photoshoot would be good but she’s a model so has plenty of professional pics
    I think I’ll get her the puppy when she’s a little older maybe 3or 4

    • Curator says:

      I would call Mom and ask her if there is anything specific that your niece needs.

      Our family loves gifts that are not material, such as:
      tickets to the zoo (or an annual pass if it is a local zoo)
      tickets to a theme park
      membership to a book club (my son got a membership to the Dr. Seuss book club and received a new book in the mail every month for a year, it was fabulous!).

      If your niece doesn’t have an outside swing or climbing set, that would be really nice.

      A tricycle or wagon would be great as well.

      The first birthdays tend to be fill with tons and tons of toys that rarely get played with!

  • Brembo says:

    How Does This Bone Poem Sounding? I saw you there
    Playing with yo hair
    Pullin yo nails
    Wile I steal money
    To make yo bail
    Go eat a cat
    Cook it in a hat

    • Curator says:

      Nascent for great bonhomie here?
      You will be cataputed to the ranks of The Faithful..
      (bring your own Dr. Seuss hat…k? …. 🙂 (:…)

      4.8/ `- for originalityof spelling (waves wand….PffffT!)

      neat, short, unsweet as a missed…heartbeat.
      lol ^-^

  • Annalynne says:

    What Can I Write A Children’s Story About? It has to resemble a Dr. Seuss book, like rhyming and everything, but I have no idea what to write about. I can’t come up with a plot. And we have to have illustrations, so it’d need to be something that isn’t too hard to draw. Help me out please? :/

  • ZGAJ09 says:

    How Long Will Sliced Bananas Keep? I am doing Dr. Seuss activities with my second graders tomorrow. I am making them a cat in the hat snack that consists of strawberries and bananas being sliced and stacked on top of each other to make a “hat” from Cat in the Hat. If I make the treat tonight will the bananas keep until tomorrow if I place them in the fridge or freezer?

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