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The Earth Day Song

22 April 2013 | 12:51 pm The WGN Morning News Team takes a look at what s viral online. Rating: 1 star Link:

Earth Day 2013: Sensus and Utilities Prove Smart Water Networks Conserve Water

22 April 2013 | 12:43 pm On Earth Day and every day, Sensus, a leading utility infrastructure company, partners with water utilities worldwide to conserve water through leak detection and smart water networks.

Earth Day Pictures: Extreme Green Buildings

22 April 2013 | 12:35 pm On Earth Day, see futuristic developments in eco-friendly architecture, from an algae-powered building to certified Living Buildings.

The Nympho and Her Treant (ancient fantasy erotica) (Kindle Edition) tagged "earth day" 13 times

3 June 2012 | 7:03 pm The Nympho and Her Treant (ancient fantasy erotica) The Nympho and Her Treant (ancient fantasy erotica) (Kindle Edition)By Francis Ashe Buy new: $2.99 Customer tags: nymph sex(13), explicit erotica(13), earth day(13), ancient greek erotica(13), loving sex(13), mythological creature sex(13), oral sex(13), romantic erotica(13), falling in love(13), m f erotica(13), sensual erotica(12), romantic sex(12)

A course in happiness: well-being and personal development (Kindle Edition) tagged "earth day" 20 times

28 April 2012 | 7:00 pm A course in happiness: well-being and personal development A course in happiness: well-being and personal development (Kindle Edition)By Frank Ra Buy new: $4.982 used and new from $3.99 Customer Rating: 4.0 Customer tags: self-help(105), happiness(91), personal development(88), self-improvement(83), positive psychology(81), happier(78), happy(77), eckhart tolle(54), happiness project(49), well-being(45), a course in happiness(38), happiness resolution(35)

The Hop (Hardcover) tagged "earth day" 6 times

28 March 2012 | 4:20 pm The Hop The Hop (Hardcover)By Sharelle Byars Moranville Buy new: $13.2546 used and new from $5.07 Customer Rating: 4.0 Customer tags: iowa(6), family relationships(6), ecology(6), earth day(6), middle grade fiction(6), green(6), toads(6), pollution(6), dance contests(6), magical realism(5), rock and roll(3), reno(3)

Well Earth Well Me! (Hardcover) tagged "earth day" 4 times

9 January 2012 | 2:33 am Well Earth Well Me! Well Earth Well Me! (Hardcover)By Kenda Swartz Pepper Buy new: $11.699 used and new from $6.73 Customer Rating: 4.0 Customer tags: recycling(4), environmental education(4), earth day(4), childrens books(4), conservation(4), eifrig publishing(4), childrens(3), children ages 4-8(3), earth-friendly(3), childrens poetry(3), books for elementary school children(3), childrens literature(3)

It’s Earth Day! (Little Critter) (Paperback) tagged "earth day" 4 times

24 August 2011 | 10:14 pm It's Earth Day! (Little Critter) It’s Earth Day! (Little Critter) (Paperback)By Mercer Mayer Buy new: $3.2052 used and new from $0.01 Customer Rating: 4.0 Customer tags: earth day(4), mercer mayer(3), recycling(2), literature(2), green 3(2), childrens literature(2), climate change, green, childrens books, earth day books for children, global warming, environmental protection

Althouse: Earth Day, redux.

22 April 2013 | 11:29 am Earth Day. The very first one I remember, the morons near my university cut high tension transmission line to the local natural burning plant, forcing the city to use the nuclear power plant. That's about the time I complete my

Althouse: Earth Day.

22 April 2013 | 11:11 am The Google doodle is charming. What are you doing for Earth Day? Me, I'm waking up pre-dawn, making a cup of coffee, and watching the sun rise through the larger window that is my picture window which is partly blocked

Celebrate Earth Day! | Annie's Eats

22 April 2013 | 8:01 am Happy Monday to all of you, and it is a happy day indeed because it is one of my favorite days of the year Earth Day! If you've been reading the blog a while you may have gathered that at times I can be a bit of an eco-nut.

Earth Day Founder Gaylord Nelson autographed book, HC first edition 1 Day Only

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Earth – Hibernaculum LP RSD 2013 Brown Vinyl Southern Lord Record Store Day

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Earth Day by Trudi Strain Trueit and Trudi Strain-Trueit (2006, Hardcover)

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5 Responses to Earth Day

  • Jacob says:

    What Does One Do On Earth Day? It is sort of a green movement for a day, right? Isn’t it when we are supposed to respect the planet by recylcling and taking care of it and planting things? Just wondering, what I should do for Earth Day.

  • Brenda says:

    Can “The Present” Create Peace On Earth So No More Tragic Events Will Happen Like Boston Bombings? Source:

    Here are snippets of the ultimate truth about life from this book. It says if everyone saw this truth, the world would change into a heaven and STOP ALL WARS and tragic Events. I did not want to copy all of the 3 pages b/c it’ll be too long to read.

    What do you think?


    Charles Darwin revealed how evolution works, but not what it really means.

    Evolution is no longer just a theory; it has been proven true beyond a reasonable doubt. The problem is, even people who believe evolution is true disassociate themselves from the process. They somehow skipped all the lower forms of animal life and just started out at the top of the evolutionary ladder.

    The evidence says we evolved as life evolved.

    Human beings did not just appear at the top of the evolutionary ladder to reap the benefits of those millions of years of evolution without having to live through it.

    In other words, you were those other animals.


    You are immortal; it is impossible to not be, because it is impossible to be conscious of being unconscious. Just that one sentence proves it. It is like these sentences: It is impossible for it to be light and dark at the same time, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. They are simple, but certain facts. The sentence “It is impossible to be conscious of being unconscious” is a simple and certain fact.

    “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” FAB = -FBA

    People do not realize what Isaac Newton’s third law of motion really means.

    Everything is balanced. Everything physical (matter/energy) goes back and forth in balanced circles, cycles, or the equivalent. Birth-death, old-young, big-small, strong-weak, start-stop, up-down, rich-poor, beginning-end, fast-slow, hot-cold, pain-pleasure, win-lose, day-night, full-empty, high-low, in-out, success-failure, united-divided, give-receive, creation-destruction, on-off, positive-negative, etc.

    Positive and negative forces moving in balance are the physical universe.

  • Anne says:

    Am I Just Like Any Other To Him? I recently became “friends” on Facebook with this guy who works as a physiotherapist at the gym. We always talk and laugh and share even about our personal life so I got the courage to ask if we could possibly be friends on Facebook. I was worried that it was against regulations but he just smiled and said that it was ok. We have so much in common that I enjoy talking with him. He’s not handsome at all and has these glasses on but something about him just makes you want to be closer to him. I’m normally very good at controlling my emotions when I like a guy but why on earth can’t I do it with this guy? I feel like the more we talk the more I want to stay to talk more.

    One time, he was trying to teach me how to stretch out my back and he told me that I could put both hands on his chest and push hard and I don’t know what I was thinking but it just felt really nice. I think maybe he wanted me to compliment him on his chest.

    At first, I was a little shocked because I found that he’s younger than me. Then, he coincidentally talks about age and that he’s seen at least 6 years older than his current age and he tells me that it makes him happy (maybe because clients tend to trust older people more).

    He posts photos of him running on his days off and I push the “like” button. Today, he posted up another photo of him with two other girls at this concert at night. It was a nice photo so I pushed the “like” button but I felt jealous. I somehow wish I could spend time with him like that too. He has like 220 friends on Facebook so I feel like I’m just another add to him. I don’t post on my wall very often but when I do, he never “likes” it or comments. I guess I’m just another person on his list. I’m like the only foreigner, too, so it must be weird for him.

    I didn’t realize how sad it makes me feel. I usually stop by his office every 10 days or so but now I don’t feel like going anymore or I don’t feel like going for a while at least.

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