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The Disturbing Internet Footprint Of Santa Barbara Shooter Elliot Rodger

24 May 2014 | 8:02 pm On Friday night, a 22-year-old drove through a popular night spot in the college town of Santa Barbara and started shooting. http://www.forbes.com/sites/kashmirhill/2014/05/24/the-disturbing-internet-footprint-of-santa-barbara-shooter-elliot-rodger/

Suspected Gunman in California Rampage Identified as Elliot Rodger

24 May 2014 | 7:42 pm Elliot Rodger, the man suspected of having gone on a killing rampage Friday night near the University of California, Santa Barbara, may have done so out of intense frustration at his rejection by women, which he detailed in shocking online videos. http://feeds.nbcnews.com/c/35002/f/663306/s/3aca23ec/sc/3/l/0L0Snbcnews0N0Cnews0Cus0Enews0Csuspected0Egunman0Ecalifornia0Erampage0Eidentified0Eelliot0Erodger0En113841/story01.htm

Santa Barbara Gunman Identified as the Son of Hunger Games' Assistant Director

24 May 2014 | 7:17 pm Relatives of Elliot Rodger are "devastated' and "want to send the deepest condolences" to the victims http://www.people.com/article/elliott-rodger-santa-barbara-gunman-hunger-games-assistant-director-son?xid=rss-topheadlines

Elliot Rodger, Isla Vista Shooting Suspect, Posted Racist Messages …

24 May 2014 | 6:35 pm Elliot Rodger, son of Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger, reportedly carried out a series of drive-by shootings last night near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus. In a deeply misogynistic video … http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2014/05/24/elliot-rodger-isla-vista-shooting-suspect-posted-racist-messages-on-misogynistic-website/

Elliot Rodger Son of Hunger Games Asst Director Peter … – Mediaite

24 May 2014 | 6:09 pm Authorities have now confirmed that alleged UC Santa Barbara shooting suspect Elliot Rodger is the son of Peter Rodger, a filmmaker who worked as an assistant director on The Hunger Games. http://www.mediaite.com/online/family-confirms-ucsb-shooter-is-son-of-hunger-games-assistant-director/

Santa Barbara Shooter Anti-Women Group Member Elliot Rodger …

24 May 2014 | 6:08 pm … belonged to an anti-women group. Elliot Rodger, the 22-year-old who shot and killed six people from the University of California, Santa Barbara area on May 23, allegedly belonged to the anti-women group, PuaHate.com. http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/05/24/santa-barbara-shooter-anti-women-group-member-elliot-rodger-sorority-girls/

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  • Harry says:

    If Prostitution Was Legal Would This Have Happened? Santa Barbara killer — son of ‘Hunger Games’ assistant director — made chilling video titled ‘Elliot Rodger’s Retribution’
    The shooting spree in the beach town left seven dead, including the shooter, and seven wounded. In the video the speaker, who claims to be a virgin rejected for years, coldly states, ‘I am going to enter the hottest sorority house of UCSB and I will slaughter every single spoiled, stuck-up, blond slut.’

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/deranged-santa-barbara-california-killer-tied-premeditated-youtube-video-reports-article-1.1804354#ixzz32fEIrpJv

  • Harry says:

    After This Incident Will Women Be Less Likely To Reject Men? ‘I will slaughter every single blonde s**t I see’: Seven people killed as son of Hunger Games assistant director carries out drive-by shooting ‘because women rebuffed his advances and he was a virgin at 22’
    Elliot Rodger, 22, went on a shooting rampage in Santa Barbara, killing six
    Rodger also died of gunshot wound to the head; authorities have not confirmed if it was self-inflicted
    He posted a video to social media Thursday in which he rants about how women have rejected his advances
    Lamenting that he was a 22-year-old virgin, Rodger promises ‘retribution’ and ‘punishment’
    He says he plans to enter the ‘hottest sorority on SCSB’ and ‘slaughter’ the girls inside
    Rodger is believed to be the son of The Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger

    Sienna Schwartz said the shooter approached her and said, ‘Hey what up?’ and then began shooting at her as she walked away.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2638049/7-dead-drive-shooting-near-UC-Santa-Barbara.html#ixzz32f3GEpln
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    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2638049/7-dead-drive-shooting-near-UC-Santa-Barbara.html#ixzz32f2xMRu3
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
    ‘I’m going to enter the hottest sorority house of UCSB and I will slaughter every single spoilt, stuck-up, blonde s**t that I see inside there. All those girls that I’ve desired so much, they would’ve all rejected me and looked down on me as an inferior man if I ever made a sexual advance towards them,’ he says.
    ‘I’m going to enter the hottest sorority house of UCSB and I will slaughter every single spoilt, stuck-up, blonde s**t that I see inside there. All those girls that I’ve desired so much, they would’ve all rejected me and looked down on me as an inferior man if I ever made a sexual advance towards them,’ he says.

  • Heejun says:

    What Are Your Favorite Broadway Musicals? My favorite musicals are Damn Yankees, The Music Man by Meredith Wilson, Sound of Music, Fiddler on the roof, 42nd street, Les Miserables, West Side Story, King and I by Rodgers and Hammerstein, Man of La Mancha, Bye Bye Birdie, Dames at Sea, South Pacific, and Signing in the rain. I want to know which musicals do you really like?

  • Alex says:

    I Just Had A Beautiful Child In The Toilet :’)? I sat down about 2 hours ago.
    I felt some trickle come out of what i thought was my pee hole, but it turned out to be my vagina.
    Am I pregnant?
    Little did I know my water had just broke.
    I start pushing.
    My whole vag and butt goes numb.
    It hurts so fucking bad, but I know I can do it.
    I knew it.
    I was in labour.
    I’m having a baby.
    But who’s baby?!
    Was it from William, James, John, Robert, Sean, Nathan, Jamal, Malcolm, Reese, Nicholas, Matthew, Phillip, Edgar, Tory, Troy, Tobias, Forrest, Jonathan, Shawn, Luciano, Pablo, Benjamin, Gonzalo, Jesus, Luigi, Marco, Duncan, Frederick, Roy, Rodger, Julian, Elliot, Ellery, Simon, Karl, Frederico, Herman, Gilbert, Franz, Albert, Alvin, Marcel, Ettienne, Ken, Jules, Stephan or Lawrence?!1?!!?!?!
    My recent visit with my nana in Britain left me much free time to go out and meet new friends.
    I start to contemplate what to do.
    Do I drown it it toilet water?
    Feed it to the dog?
    I had so many options, but all I could do at the moment was push.
    Blood came out.
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    I keep pushing until my face turns the colour of blood red.
    I was loosing my breath.
    Finally one big last push.
    Its out.
    I never felt so much relief.
    I’m breathing heavy.
    I don’t hear any crying.
    I try to stand up.
    I do, just enough to look into the toilet.
    I see a dead little African American fetus, underdeveloped.
    I try not to cry, but let out a few tears.
    There’s my baby.
    In the toilet.
    And it smells like shit.

  • What Do You Think Of These Names? (reask, my last one got deleted)

    Isaiah or Elliot?
    I like Isaiah Matthew and Elliot Michael. Which is better? Any middle names you’d suggest? Thanks.

    **Last time I put I didn’t want anyone to mention biblical names, but then I realized the story I’m picking them out for, Creative Writing Project, I was assigned to base it on a famous crime and I chose Mary Winkler. So I guess go ahead with the bible comments.

    BQ1: Wife name options —
    Phoebe Marie
    Abigail Christine

    BQ2 Children name options (pick three, two girls and one boy) —
    Caitlin Alyssa
    Stephanie Caroline
    Julia Alice
    Esther Bethany
    Abigail Victoria
    Melanie Rose
    Stanley Thomas
    Elijah James
    Johnathon (pick middle name of father’s name you didn’t choose)
    Rodger Marcus

    **Don’t suggest Elizabeth or Ashleigh (or Ashley), that’s my name and it’s too cliche to name characters after yourself**

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