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Teen gets probation for DUI wreck that killed 4

12 December 2013 | 6:50 am The defense argued that Ethan Couch was not fully to blame because his parents didn't set limits for him. Families of the victims are angry and speaking out.

TX Teen Gets Probation For DUI Wreck Killing 4 | Blamed Rich Childhood

12 December 2013 | 4:32 am Prosecutors were pushing for 16-year-old Ethan Couch to spend 20 years in prison. However, State District Judge Jean Boyd sentenced Couch to a decade of probation.–Blames-Wealthy-Childhood-235509611.html

Texas teen Ethan Couch gets 10 years' probation for driving drunk, killing 4

12 December 2013 | 3:53 am To families of the victims, Ethan Couch was a killer on the road, a drunken teenage driver who caused a crash that left four people dead.

Ethan Couch Dodges Prison With 10 Years Probation, Reason …

12 December 2013 | 11:33 am It's good to know that the Justice system is equidistant and that money cannot buy you freedom. Ethan Couch, a 16-year wealthy brat who killed four peo.

Teen Driver Gets Probation in DUI Crash That Killed 4 People | KTLA 5

12 December 2013 | 5:48 am To families of the victims, Ethan Couch was a killer on the road, a drunken teenage driver who caused a crash that left four people dead. Ethan Couch, 16, sentenced to probation in DUI crash that killed 4 people, injured two

Affluent drunk driving teen who killed 4 sentenced to probation on …

11 December 2013 | 10:38 pm Ethan Couch, 16, had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.24 when he crashed into four people who had pulled over to assist a stranded driver on June 15. Couch's BAC was three times the legal limit for an adult over the age


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  • T says:

    What To Name My Husky? I just started fostering a copper and white husky from the pound. Were thinking about adopting him but we need some names to get started. He has one blue and one amber eye. He is the laziest husky I have ever met. He loves to sleep, if needed he’ll walk with you but would much rather cuddle on the couch. unique names would be awesome, lists to if you have the time. thanks so much.

    • Curator says:

      Elle (Ellie)

      Fox (Foxy)
      Frost (Frosty)

  • Bella says:

    My Boyfriends Best Friend Raped Me And I Dont Know What To Do !??!?!?!? Im 17 aswel as my boyfriend James . James and i have been dating for nearly 2 and a half years and i love him so much . He showers me in affection and love . I trust him more than anything in my life . But one night we were over his house with his best friend Ethan. Ethan was quite funny and I had only met him twice but i still trusted him . Any friends of James are a friend of mine , so i thought . We were sitting around and having a couple a drinks and laughs until james ‘s dog comes into the room . It was throwing up everywhere and james didnt know what to do but he loves his dog so he was willing to drive 10 miles to the closest vet since he lived out of town . I wasnt feeling so well and it was probly cause ive never drunk that many cans . so Ethan insised on satying back with me to make sure i was alright or if I needed anything . James was alright with this and hurried to the green cross vet . The couch i was laying on , was hard and wasnt very comfortable so Ethan insisted to take me to the bed to rest . I layed in the bed and had my eyes half closed as I was waiting for Ethan to turn off the lights . He stood there for a couple of minutes then turned off the lights and shut the door . i could here that james had rung and Ethan was telling him about how i was just resting . I was almost asleep until Ethan came into the room .He must have thought I was asleep and turned me over so I was laying on my back . He turned off the lights and closed the door so everything was pitch black .I remember hearing him undo his belt . At this stage I was freaking and didnt know what to do as I am very aware of sexual abuse Because one of my girlfriends had an abusive boyfriend and i tried to help out . Anyways he was undoing his belt and took off his shirt . He only had underwear on and came and layed down behind me with his arm over my shoulder . He started to feel me and i was seriously freaking out but too scared too move incase he became violent and tied anything . He reached behind and grabbed my arm and lifted it so it was touching the bar of the bed . He quickly cuffed my arm to the bed and slid duck tape over my mouth . I was screaming and begging him to just let me go and that I wouldnt tell anybody. He continuously yelled at me to ” SHUT UP” as i cried . He unbuttoned my shirt and ripped it off and slid off my jeans . He felt me again and groped me continuously . He took off his underwear and mine aswell as my bra . He pinned me down and raped me . I remember being in pain and had a headache from trying to scream and crying . after he was done he put my underwear and bra back on then left the house while I was screaming on the bed . My boyfriend then arrived back home half and hour later . He came through the front door yelling how the dog was ok just a little stomach disorder . He was looking around of for us and calling my name . Later he found my on the bed crying and was furious with Ethan . He talked about how sorry he was for leaving me with that c*nt and how he was going to bash the sh*t out of Ethan ……….. I dont know what to do! i dont want to make a complaint about it because its embarrasing and i dont want anybody to know how I could let another man take over my body . And i dont want James to get in trouble for violence against Ethan . please help , im confused and dont know how to cope ?!?!?!?!

  • Jessica says:

    What Can You Say About Gemini’s An Also Whats The Horoscope For Today? Like what are their personalitys how do they act towards others, how pretty are they and what are their characteristics…stuff like that

    • Curator says:

      Geminis are all about communication.

      These folks are intellectual and they are eternally curious about people, places and things. Geminis are great conversationalists and they enjoy developing relationships through the trading of information. They are also very charming, quick-witted and imaginative, the energetic life of any party.

      Gemini people are good at seeing all sides of an issue, but this also makes them indecisive and they often change their minds on a whim. They also need a lot of stimulation because they get bored easily, which they will show by fidgeting and acting tense. Some people think Geminis are scatterbrained, but they are very smart – they just don’t pay any attention to thinks they find dull. At work, Geminis are clear thinkers who provide valuable ideas and insights.

      Geminis get bored very easily, so they tend to read a wide variety of fiction. Short stories, comic books and cartoon digests, and graphic novels are all right up their alley.

      Gemini people have very intelligent minds and they can read challenging books with of leaves, ethan who loved carter, and even Shakespeare plays will fit the bill.

      Smarty-pants Gemini can get a great deal of enjoyment out of belonging to a book club, because they will be thrilled by the constant stimulation of literary discussion.

      Good careers for Gemini include:

      Advertising writer
      Book store owner
      Information analyst
      Information clerk
      Marketing manager
      Media relations executive
      News commentator
      Playwrightv Publicist
      Speech pathologist
      Stock broker
      Taxi driver
      Weather forecaster

      Gemini is always on the go, so they often eat food that they can pick up and run with (like muffins, energy bars or fast food) or that they don’t need to spend forever preparing. Granola bars and fruit make better on-the-go choices, but busy Gemini doesn’t always have time to think of their health!

      Geminis adore variety though, so they’re always looking for new places to get a snack and new foods to try. They especially love trying new ethnic cuisines. The more exotic the better, as far as Gemini is concerned.

      Gemini people also have a weakness for foods with ginger, especially gingerbread cookies.
      Geminis are seriously smart, but they also have great senses of humor. A comedy that’s intelligently written with lots of possible outcomes – like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day” or the hustle-bustle of “Clue” – will be enjoyed by Geminis.

      Other smart comedies that Geminis should put on their “must-see” lists include Date night, the 40 year old virgin,The hangover And something borrowed.

      Thought-provoking movies, including ones that are a little offbeat, such as “Lost in Translation” or “Big Fish”, will also intrigue the Gemini movie-goer.

      Geminis are always looking for the next great thing in music, and they love to surf the web to download the latest MP3s.

      A Gemini’s music collection usually represents music from just about every genre. From hunky heart-throbs to girl divas to hip hop to trance to jazzy grooves to world beats, a Gemini can appreciate almost any kind of music and likes to keep them all on hand so they can choose by their mood.

      Their massive collections and eclectic tastes are why Geminis always need the latest in technology to store and catalogue their music!
      The Gemini’s love of variety and short attention span makes MTV their favorite TV channel.

      Geminis also like to play along with game shows to see if they can beat the contestants. From “Jeopardy” to “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader”, Gemini is usually quiet the couch-potato champion, too!
      Great vacation spots for Gemini include:

      Las Vegas

  • Samantha says:

    Little Brother And The Terrible Two’s? So today I am stuck babysitting my 2 year old brother and so far the job has been a pain. Ethan has went as far as screaming at me to make him some mac and cheese. He just ate breakfast an hour ago so I told him he had to wait until lunch. That just made him even worse. He is now laying on the living room floor, kicking and screaming and crying, yelling at me to make him mac and cheese. I know he is not hungry, so I am not making him any.

    I have tried picking him up to put him in time out but he kicked me in the stomach, which hurt like hell. I don’t know what to do. I am really frustrated with my little brother right now. I just wish I could pick him up and strap him to the couch until he calms down, but I know that isn’t going to happen.

    What should I do?

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