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  • Anonymous says:

    Do You Think This Is Funny, Did I Deserve It? This is what happened to me on the last day of school before summer. a week before this i broke one of the girls iphones by accident. Well im an uncool guy at school and that day about 6 hot popular girls that normally were mean to me came up to me and started being nice and flirtly, they told me they had to tell me something private so they took me to the back of the field then they pinned me down and duct taped me to the tree at the back of the field, they made it so i couldnt move and also taped my mouth shut so i couldnt talk, then the stuck a big poster on me saying-im a wimpy geek please sh*t on me! they got about half the school gathering round laughing, making fun, taking videos and pictures for facebook and stuff.Then i got nervous and poopes and weed myself, everyone started doing more things, people were coming over to me and pouring milk on my head throwing food at me and the girls were spitting on my face, taking it in turns slaping me and giving me a “makeover” because i was so “ugly” , a girl wrote GAY on my forehead with periment marker and just before everyone went in the girl thats phone i aceddently broke said thats for braking my phone, have fun tied here for 15 hours.i was left there for the rest of the day and overnight until the janitor found me in the morning. The girls and everyone just denied everything and the teachers had no proof so they didnt do anything about it. what do you think, i cant really go back to school after this

  • Anonymous says:

    How Do I Stop My Mom From Stalking Me On Facebook? Sometimes I comment on pages in Facebook and my mom has to see every single post I put and comment on it. she even questioned me on why I was emailing someone a funny picture. I am under 18 but it is annoying that she has to question me on every single thing I post. how do I change the settings so see can’t see what I post on fan pages? I would prefer if you told me how to do it on the app instead of a computer otherwise she’ll go into the computer history and see it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Girls, Is This A Good Idea? Please Help? There’s this girl I’ve been hanging out with and her dog just died and she is really down about it. I was gonna send her a video clip from the movie “all dogs go to heaven” on Facebook to make her feel better. Is that a good idea or should I just give her space?

  • Red8kitty says:

    How I Block Facebook, Chat And Other Message Popups In Yahoo Mail? Everytime I open yahoo, there’s a popup from someone I’ve never seen or hear of. Is there any to block all “requests” for friendship and all that junk? I want to essentially make so all I get is my e-mail.

  • Anonymous says:

    Help Support (I Know Its The Wrong Section)? Please add/subscribe to these few people! Each one is working on getting their talent discovered. One is a talented writer; one is a beginning photographer; another one is a YouTube entertainer; and lastly is a person trying to launch a clothing line!

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