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  • Karissa says:

    Are Things Ok Between Us? I’ve been getting this really weird vibe. Like me an my bf went out together in Thursday and had a great time. He’s had family over for Christmas so we haven’t really talke much. But what bugs me is ill see he has recently been in Facebook but hasn’t text me back. He might text back like 4 hours later. I know it’s probably nothing but I keep feeling like something’s wrong. I’m not sure….

  • Neel says:

    I Don’t Know What Exactly Love Is And How It Happens? Plz Help Me Out.? Whenever I see girls i falls in love. I have no gfs as i feel shy and afraid to ask for a date. Recently in facebook i saw a girl, we use to chat for 6-7 hr continuesly. I think she is also in love with me and me too. But how to find this out? How can I ask her for date? Is this love? This is not the first time i feel same as i had same feelings with another girls also.
    Plz help me to understand the defination of love..

  • Microsoft Surface Or Sony Vaio? Hi, I’m 15 and looking for a new laptop. I will mainly be using it for school and for play when I get home. Nothing too serious. Anyways, I’ve been getting extremely good grades for my first year of highschool, so for Christmas, my dad said that if I could find a laptop that I would like, he would pay $400 and I would pay the rest. I was perfectly fine with that because I babysit almost every weekend, and could come up with the remaining money I would need. So, I’ve done research, and I really like the Vaio E Series 14 Custom laptop, starts at $499, and the new Microsoft Surface, also starting at $499. I really like both for different reasons. I like the Vaio because it’s traditional, and I see it lasting me through high school, which I really want so we don’t spend a bunch of money for a piece of technology that will only last a year, and it has all the basics and capabilities that I look for in a laptop. I like the Microsoft Surface because it’s pretty much a hybrid, and I could use it as a laptop and a tablet. The downsides are that my dad says that the 10″ screen would be too small, and also that it doesn’t have a CD drive. It’s not that important to me, because I don’t really watch movies on dvd or anything, I think it would be good to have one just in case. Also, I could fix that problem with an external CD drive in case I needed one. But one downside to the Vaio is that it’s not as portable as the Surface. I don’t plan on bringing my laptop to school with me everyday, but when I do, I don’t want to be breaking my back carrying around my heavy duty textbooks and a heavy laptop. Right now, there’s not much writing, but we still use Microsoft Word (Surface already has it included), Prezi, and we research, but in the later years I will be doing longer papers. When I get home, I usually just check my facebook, go on pinterest, and maybe the occasional YouTube, but otherwise, I’m not a heavy gamer at all, but I still am on the computer a lot of the time. Which one do you think would be a better choice for me for the things I’m looking for, and how it will last me through highschool. Please do not refer me to any other products, I am only interested in these. Please explain your choice! Thank you!! 🙂

  • My Friend Is Just Soooo…? Well last year I had a really great friend, named… lets call her Jenny. We got along great until one day she got really mad at me for no aparent reason (she said she acctually forgot). Anyways, this year we became friends again. All has been going well except for the fact that she is a complement digger, she says bad things about herself so other people will tell her she is skinny, or pretty, or smart. Now even on facebook she is a complement hog! On a page she was like “blahblahblah blabber… I’m just so odd.” I was thinking, if you think that__________ is odd, then change it! Obviously you dont like ithe way it is, so why keep it!? She got comments saying, oh no im the ———– one, or no way! All from boys. Boys, boys, boys! They all like her! There wasa guy i really liked, he was nice and smart and funny. Then one day he goes around and asked me to ask her out for him! How immature do they get!?
    Then later this year I really liked a guy, then he started flirting with her, told her she should do cheerleading next year and such…. so that idea of maybe dating him was over.
    A few months later, another guy tranfered classes, and I really like him. Well now on FB, he posted a picture on himself in Hawaii, and said “send me a pic of you! So she did. And to top it off he liked everyone of her photos and she was like “ohh thanks _______ <3!

    The point is, she is a complement digger, flirt and she wears small clothes... I told her I like those people, but that dont stop her!
    It was kind of rush-of-the-moment question, so i dont know how my grammar is or whatever. I'm just sad right now because i really liked that guy, and there is a dance coming up, and I knid of wanted to go with him.

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