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  • Should I Ever Bother Telling Her How Much I Care About Her? At my old job, there was this one girl who had a pretty ridiculous crush on me and was very flirtatious. I was very taken back by her at first, but finally we started having some legitimate conversations and early on she opened up to me about some VERY personal things in her life. She seemed to really like me a lot and I would hear about how she often talked about me with her friends and her coworkers. This is something that was new to me that I’m not used to. I’m not the best looking most confident guy in the world so I felt like I struck gold. Through these experiences, I really came to care about this girl A LOT.

    But by the end of the summer, she was starting school out of town and I guess she was very stressed out or something and felt like she was being pressured into having a relationship with me. Suddenly it all ended. It was heartbreaking. I slipped and told her I loved her. She didn’t take that too well at all. And for a couple of months we didn’t talk at all.

    I became depressed and decided to move back home out of state with my family for a while. When she found out she texted me and told me that she still wants to remain friends and that she just wants me to be happy. But then a couple of months later she started dating a new guy who she’s known through out high school and immediately became boyfriend/girlfriend with him.

    I pretty much avoid her facebook for the most part, but she’ll frequently stalk me on mine and like a majority of my things and recently told me on there how much she misses me. I’m moving back next month. I don’t know if the guy she is dating is something that will last long based on the fact that they were friends for a long time, or if it will end soon because they rushed into it. I know what most people are going to tell me. That I should move on. I have in a way, and there are other girls I know I can ask out as soon as I move out of my family’s place, but I still really care about this girl because of the time I spent with her and how I got to know her.

    Is it worth telling her how much I care about her? Not to expect a date or something in return but simply just to tell her that I care. Or is it a really bad idea because of the fact that she has a boyfriend and might just take it the wrong way?

  • Ben says:

    How To Prevent Facebook Liked Post Appearing In Timeline And Facebook Profile? If you click “Like” on a post (example https://www.facebook.com/nike),how do you prevent the post from appearing in your timeline or anywhere in your own facebook profile home page showing a notification that you liked the post?

    Please tell me the exact place to set it permanently. I could not find any settings to do it. Thanks!

  • Que-meux says:

    All Is Fair In Love Or War? I’m a college guy, a Bio major, and you can imagine how incredibly dry my love life is. However, in my chem lab, two semesters ago, (yes, this is how long it’s dragged on) I became lab partners with this girl. We would go out alone together, never explicitly stating they were “dates.” Let me add, there was no way she saw me as a best guy friend. We would do the typical things like flirt on the phone/skype late at night. Things went down hill when work was becoming more taxing on my leisure time, we would plan dates and my boss would call me in, so I had to flake. We would plan to take classes together, but a better professor would appear, or I wanted the timing or arranging to be different, and I know this sounds horrible, but remember, I’m a bio major, my grades are important, and whose to say she too, if she had the knowledge too wouldn’t jump on the opportunity of switching to another class. We would argue a lot, but never serious, playful arguing, friends would say we resembled a married couple. I could ramble about the details, but I hope this persuades readers enough that there was a mutual interest and reciprocation. Due to work and other factors, another guy swooped in and now they’re together. I don’t want to compare myself to a movie, because those are hollywood produced, but my friend told me to watch the notebook, and I can’t stop but feel as if I’m in a similar predicament as Ryan Gosling’s character, Noah, in the Note Book. She’s with another guy right now, who can make her happy, and right now I’m off building a home in vision of what she’s dreamed of. Haha, however, I’m not building a house, I’m just trying to build my character, stepping up my game, exercising, searching for more opportunities to succeed but…even though I’ve made many attempts to move on, during class, people say she oftentimes stares at me, although I’m on the opposite side of the room. Friends would also tell me that she would often wander on my facebook page and look at my pictures. Perhaps that’s just one’s general curiosity, however, I’ve been somewhat testing her. She still reciprocates and agrees to late night phone calls and webcam sessions at midnight, and despite my mad flirting, she has yet to confront me. She has yet to tell me she has a boyfriend already, or state, “Hey, I’m uncomfortable with you talking to me like this. I have a boyfriend.” I know, the common and right thing to do is move on, there are other fishes in the sea, but, I really like this girl. We’ve had these indescribable and sentimental moments together that Yahoo Answer word count won’t allocate. I’ve asked a plethora of friends, and I’m still misguided. Perhaps asking strangers on yahoo answers would produce the same outcome, but I’m willing to read and listen. Thank you for reading. I really appreciate it.

  • 502045 says:

    I Like My (guy)friend? Me and my very good friend graduated high school together and worked a firework stand that summer after. Through out high school I felt this vibe that he was gay or at least bi but never asked or anything. He joined the Air Force and was leaving for training just after the 4th of July. I went to his grad/good bye party and when I got there just about all his other friends were leaving. I sat at a table listening to the music an enjoying the nice weather and he came and sat across from me and we just talked about the far, far future. He then invited me inside since the party was in his back yard and they started cleaning up. We went to his room and just talked about how nervous he was to leave. That was pretty much the last time we spoke. I would see his occasional posts on Facebook and just after his basic training he changed his Facebook and came out. It was a little shock to me but I already knew it. He unfortunately got let go from the AF due to budget cuts and finally got back home. It’s been about 8 months since we last spoke and today out of the blue he text me. We spent the whole day just texting about random things and it felt so natural and i felt a sort of happiness that i dont feel very often. I got a new phone today so I told him to send me a pic for his contact and I was just expecting a mug shot of him but instead he sent me a pic of him in a stripe tank and shades in a hot pose. No one knows that I am gay/bi and I don’t know if I will ever tell anyone cause I hide it pretty well. But now I’m starting to get these feelings for him. I had them before but just pushed them away and now I feel that it is getting hard to hide these feeling for him because they are getting stronger and I just want come out to him but I am afraid to and afraid that he might not like me as a friend any more. I don’t know what to do with my self because the more I try to ignore it, the more I feel it. And I think too is that I can’t really hang out with him is because I moved to another city that’s roughly 50 miles away. Sorry for the length but I just needed to vent a bit.
    I, in all honesty, don’t care for anything sexual. The feelings I get towards a guy is more like a comfort thing. I wouldn’t mind holding hands and maybe a kiss or two but nothing more. To me, im naturaly secure and comfterble being with a guy. I have never been in a relationship with anyone before as you can probably tell. To better explain, my idea of a nice evening would be taking a walk in the park or just sharing the couch and a blanket with some movies and snacks.

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