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  • Shivani says:

    Facebook Problem? Need To Find Out A Person’s Fb Acc.? Can you tell me how to find out a person’s fb account if he had created his id using mobile phone…! I also know that mobile no. But i don’t how to find his Account! Please, someone help to find out!

  • Should I Ask Him To Hang Out Again? I’ve liked this boy who goes to my college for two years, ever since we went to high school together (he’s a year younger). We’re friends, and we’ve kept in somewhat of touch over the time that’s passed, and about a month ago I finally dragged up the courage to ask if he wanted to get coffee (as friends, although it wasn’t directly stated either way).

    He agreed (and at the end, he told me if I ever wanted to hang out again, I could send him a message–but he didn’t give a phone number, or ask for mine. Although he doesn’t text.), and then a week later I asked if he wanted to try out a new coffee place with me. He agreed to this as well, and it went pretty nicely (at least for me, it did).

    Both times, we stayed at the cafe for almost an hour-and-a-half. If that means anything…? I guess at least we got along.

    Anyway, I’ve sort of always gotten a hint that he likes me in return, but I’m not 100% sure–if he does, he’s probably too shy or too worried that I don’t like him back (I try to hide my interest for the same reasons). We haven’t really spoken since then (it’s been over a week), although he has liked a few of my photos and statuses on facebook (what appears to be more so that usual)

    For now, I’m trying to leave it up to him to ask to hang out the next time (in my opinion, he’s sort of shy–he has his talkative moments, though) because A) I want to see if he’s at least interested in me enough as a friend, and B) because I don’t want to do all the work.
    But I’m thinking about asking if he wants to go to the end-of-the-year concert that my school is holding (or at least go to dinner with me and my two roommates beforehand).

    Do you think this would be okay, or would you suggest something else? Or, do you have any other input that might help me?

    Do some boys just need an extra push (a third time to hang out…) before they can work up the confidence? Or are some boys just like girls can be, and not really be into the whole “*asking* someone to hang out” and simply prefer to be the ones *asked*?

    He did mention, just in really brief passing, that we should go to this one restaurant place he “hasn’t been to in a long time.” But he never mentioned anything else about it.
    Could this have been his way of giving *me* another hint to ask him to hang out again??

  • Soham says:

    Iphone 5 Or Wait For Iphone 5s? Hii friends, i want to purchase a 32gb apple cell phone becoz i have a macbook air 2012 model i purchased last year.i figured out if i go with a android, i wont b able to do anything more other than file transfer with cabel n bluetooth. n if i hav a iPhone, i can hav the most of icloud, then i can iMessage using my macbook. n much functions. so i decided to hav a iphone.
    now the point is that, i am confused what to buy, iPhone 5, or iphone 5S (releasing this june-july. and maybe takes a month to reach India). they say that apple is going to increase the processor capacity, then some more modifications for 5S. and now my exams are finished and i have a lot of free time in the vacations n by july my coleg will start again. so i am having problems to decide to get a iphone 5 purchase it now or wait for iphone 5S n purchase it in july.
    my use for iPhone will be for internet n social like facebook twitter, listining songs, taking pictures n videos, playing games, mesaging n calls, streaming tv online, watching movies.

  • John dan says:

    What Should I Do When A Girl Likes Me And She Said She’s Not Ready For A Relationship? I met this girl on college, i saw her eating alone in the cafeteria and i approach her. i introduce myself all that and she did, next thing, she added me on facebook and we chatted for awhile. she gave me her hp number and next thing leads to another. we started off great, we chat a lot, she even called me for the 1st time. we were flirting around in the chatting saying things like “i miss you” all that kinda stuff. then she confessed to me saying that she’s a bi and i should be aware of it. i said it doesn’t matter.
    later on, through out the weeks, we meet up almost everyday in the campus and and talk a lot. i becoming overly attached to her. Lastly, she being honest with me saying that she really likes me, she really do, she thinks that me and her are connected but it’s bad timing now and she just broke up with her ex(a girl) 2 months ago. she said that if we’re meant together we will be, just bad timing now and she needs time. after that i was more overly attached to her to a point that she didnt answer my calls and text all that. then we finally chat and she said that i was more overly attached and that she doesn’t feel annoyed by it but rather suffocated by it.
    the following night, i got drunk and text her saying that i think we should forget all about this, forget that we actually met and pretended that we know each other. The next day i texted her again saying that i was sorry about that night and it wasn’t true what i said. she didn’t reply me either. After 3 days, i call her up, saying that i’m sorry about what happen and are we still friends. she said just forget about what happen that night when i was drunk and Yes! ofcz we should be friends again. last night, i call her up but her friend picked it up saying that they’re both high right now, i tried ask her friend to pass the phone to her but her friend said that she doesn’t want to talk to me.
    today i call her again but she didn’t answer, i texted her saying could we talk? she said hey wait i’m busy alright..
    i dunno what to do now.. help me?

  • David says:

    I Am Having An Internet Crisis, Who Can Help? Long story short. I was on tumblr and I was chatting to this girl and she was flirting with me, and then when I asked her if she was interested she said it was just her personality. I got worked up and looked at the blog site and thought ”i dont need this’, so i deleted it.

    i then realised my youtube nickname was identical to my previous tumblr name, and i thought ”if someone nicks my nickname on tumblr, then il have to change my nickname to my full name on youtube’. So I just deleted my youtube. But because I have gmail it didnt work, and it made me a new one again, this time with my full name.

    I had a privacy scare before where literally every single video I ever watched on youtube showed up on a google search whenever I typed in my full name. So I thought ”I am not having my full name on youtube”, but because I couldn’t change my nickname again, i just deleted my entire gmail.

    Now I have the issue of being on AOL mail, and it’s a good provider and everything, but I am just not comfortable with it, and i preferred gmail. I have created so many gmail accounts it’s unreal.

    I am so confused.

    I have also deleted my facebook.

    I phoned my dad up about all of this, and he just made an excuse and didn’t want to get involved. I feel like if I don’t clear my head soon I am just going to explode through to all this pressure. It’s just too much.

    Can anyone help me?

    What do I do about all of this mess?

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