Almost Famous

Cannes 2012: Ken Burns' 'Central Park Five' explores famous crime

Sun, 27 May 2012 11:23:37 -0700 The film uses extensive interviews with the five men and their families to show exactly how this disturbing miscarriage of justice happened.,0,4332484.storylink?track=rss

Meet the Magpie we all love to hate

Fri, 25 May 2012 06:30:00 -0700 HIS gold jacket is almost as famous as his beloved black and white guernsey, but Joffa isn't expecting to break it out too early tonight.

Famous and infamous come alive in Chance's stories

Wed, 23 May 2012 12:44:06 -0700 NEW PITTSBURG, Ohio (AP) Dean Chance, perhaps the greatest high school pitcher ever, went on to win the 1964 Cy Young Award.–mlb.html

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6 Responses to Almost Famous

  • Anonymous says:

    How Can I Get My Life On Track And Just Stay Happy? I am almost 20 and a junior in college. I still feel like i am missing something. I’ve grown up not having the best of friends and friends who talk behind your back even at the age i am now. i’ve also met some not so great guys. Sometimes i wonder if there is something about me that just isn’t likable. I’m not perfect but overall i am nice and affectionate.

    I am working on myself a lot. i sometimes can be goofy and immature but i don’t want to be serious all of the time because then i come across as a b*tch. I guess i need to learn better when to be goofy and make sure i realize what i’m about to say before i say it. i am also working on my confidence. people say i’m pretty but i don’t really feel like it and i am constantly comparing myself to other people..celebrities like miley cyrus who seem like they have a perfect life and my little sister who just started modeling who probably has a bigger chance of getting famous than i do.

    i know it seems silly but i just feel like i want to do so much and i’m getting older.

  • Anonymous says:

    POLL: Should I Leave My Family FOREVER? … Growing up, my life was not the happiest and my family is by far not the nicest.

    My mother is a raging narcissist and I have finally escaped her hyper-religious, self glorifying self.

    Now, I am working on furthering my career and there is a good chance that I could be getting a big break and even becoming famous. I wish to disown them. I was born into a family that is so emotionally and physically draining, I feel that there is a time to just pull the plug for my own good. I wish to just start over

    My family is beginning to sense that I could become “the one who made it” in the family and is now suddenly interested. I just wish to change my name, appearance, identity and such so if I do make it in life, these people won’t be after me, trying to bring me down and some are even asking for handouts. I have had to put up with these people for years and the amount of child and adult therapy they put me through is despicable. I am kind to them because they are my family and I feel obliged somewhat, but after all of these years, deep down, they make me sick. I cannot bear to tell them this fact because I guess deep down I care for them, but they are FAR from good people and mental illness runs rampant in this family. It is so bad the four family members have committed suicide to escape the nightmare of their family. The ones who offed themselves were actually the sane ones. It was like the insane people of the family tried to make them and me insane. I almost fell for it, but I am glad I am here today.

    Now, moving on in my life. How do I go about doing this? Forgetting my family entirely….Is it a good idea? If I become well known in the world. will people want to know about my family? If so, what do I tell them? I am in no way being conceited and I may very well not make it, but these are questions I have been asking myself for a time. Since I have escaped my home, I have become the shining person I have always wanted to be and to be frank, important people who can get me places have noticed. My mother, a complete narcissist is the worst. She has once told me “I will never escape”. Her mind games are something else and have hindered me from developing social skills as a child. She plays these mind-games to this day. I am 22.

    I feel to escape her, I need to take drastic measures . Again, is this a good idea and has anyone else had to do this?

    I have endured emotional and physical abuse. What rages me about my mother is that she has never once acknowledged her damage unto me and says I have exaggerated. I am very meek, but when I expressed slight anger for her actions, she calmly suggested that I belong in jail. Even her voice is irritating. She does wrong and minimizes her wrongdoings and maxes out everyone elses’. The dark side of me wishes she live her final days completely and utterly alone and if she falls and cannot get up, no one would hear and she’d end up rotting in that spot. Yet, I know such bitterness and wishing evil upon someone, especially blood is not the answer. I am a very good person and my family has tested my true nature. I just wish she’d acknowledge what she has done. She and others have done a lot of things, and I wont go into too much detail. But she is ONLY interested in you if you can offer a position of power to her. All these years, it was all about “her” things “her house” and lots more.

    I wish to abandon her. It was just too much. But there are family members who showed me kindness. I dont wish to forget them. But to not forget them would be to put up with my mother.

    What do I do

  • Hockey70 says:

    If A Person Has Average Intelligence Can They Really Be As Successful As A Highly Intelligent Person? I have recently discovered that my IQ score is 108. When I take the quick IQ tests online I always get an average score. When I reviewed the IQ scores of famous and influential people in the arts, business, politics and technology they were all above a 120 (except for the obvious few like Bush and Reagan). Can a person of average intelligence REALLY create what Mark Zuckerberg created with his technological savvy, the characters created by George Clooney, the businesses that changed the world by Buffett, the stories written by Stephen King…? There must be a correlation of greater-than-average IQ and higher levels of success. If this is true than I am left with the reality that I would have to work an almost inhumane number of hours on a chosen craft compared to these lucky people to get the same results (or even just close to their results). I am now 42 and I don’t think I could stomach this reality if it is true.

    • Curator says:

      The first thing to realize is that IQ scores are just a general guide to a person’s overall intelligence. They are not perfect and they will suit some people more than others, regardless of actual underlying intelligence, so it is possible to get a low score and still be intelligent.

      The second thing to realize, is that intelligence is a grouping of various intellectual abilities. It is possible to be very “intelligent” with regards to some intellectual abilities and completely suck at other things. It doesn’t mean you are not smart, it just means you that you have some strengths and some weaknesses. For example, you might suck at maths and science, but be good at art or memory.

      The third thing to realize is that some intellectual abilities are often overlooked as being part of intellectual ability, but the truth is these things are all part of overall intelligence. Creativity, musical ability, physical talent, emotional intelligence are all examples of intelligence that are often overlooked in typical intelligence measures.

      The final thing to realize is that success and intelligence are often two very different things. Sure, some people use their high intelligence to do great things in the world, but factors such as timing, luck and circumstance still usually have a massive impact on their success or failure.

      Hats off to Mark Zuckerberg for what he has achieved, but even Mark has acknowledged that he had no idea how big Facebook was going to become when he first set out to build it. He was fortunate to see an opportunity and have the skills to turn it into reality. He was also fortunate that society happened to want what he was offering at just the time he started offering it and that he encountered other creative and business savvy people who have helped him turn that original concept into what it is today.

      It is the nature of our society that some people will be more “successful” than other people. Very few people will have global success but that really doesn’t matter. It mostly depends on how you measure success. If you measure it on happiness, for example, then most of us are pretty successful. Some of the people who have achieved global impact in their lives are actually failures on this measure.

      The final thing to realize is that success can come to us at any point in our lives. Some people, like Shirley Temple, found success very early in life. Other people find success in their twenties, some in their thirties,forties and so forth. Who knows what your future will bring!

      Focus on being as happy as you can be with your life. Its good to want to achieve more and its ok to feel motivated by the success of others, but don’t spend time worrying about whether your are or will ever be as successful as certain people. Focus instead on the things that you are proud of in your own life and the people you love.

  • Anonymous says:

    Looking For These Specific Types Of Jeans? I’ve looked on the label to see if it told what type they were but it doesn’t have the type. They’re by Almost Famous, and the legs of the jeans go straight down and then curve over your foot a bit, and they’re a bit baggy at the end. The jeans are low-cut. I need a pair of jeans like this but it doesn’t have to be by Almost Famous. Couldn’t find them on their website.

  • Anonymous says:

    Are You Americans Aware Of This Yes Or No? The reason why Tiger Woods has two US born American children with a Swedish/European born women not an American women is because most Americans who are raised by European born mothers can be trusted and can properly present them selves abroad for the same reason Barrack Obama/Michelle Obama (same mentality) and US Diplomats that work for the US State Department can and should be very well liked in countries that that say in the open that hate Americans and have no respect for Americans because people in those countries think they are born in Europe/Sweden (do not show any thing American that people in other countries do not like). Ninety percent of this can only be learned based on how you are raised by your mother when you are an infants/toddlers/children, and cannot be taught in school. It would be socially unacceptable to the family of Elin Nordegren in Sweden if that were not the case. Tiger Woods also does not want to deal with ugly divorces and child custody/court ordered child support battles that American women are world wide famous for. Elin Nordegren respects Tiger Woods parental rights in a diplomatic friendly manner and he pays child support in a diplomatic friendly manner. Educated Americans like Tiger Woods know that European women do things the way you are supposed to. Also almost every single American you see walking in the United States would be hated outside the United States, 100 percent because of the way they are raised by their American parents when they are infant/toddler/child.

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