Best Floor Cleaners

The 10 Best steam cleaners

Mon, 06 Aug 2012 16:37:05 -0700 1. Thane Housewares H20 Mop X5 99.99, Steam mop that can be converted into a steam cleaner, so it's great for both lifting floor grime and refreshing fabrics.

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This iRobot Has its Mind in the Gutter

Tue, 14 Aug 2012 02:04:16 -0700 iRobot Looj 330

Best price Dyson DC39 Multi floor canister vacuum cleaner Sale Low

Dyson DC39 Multi floor canister vacuum cleaner. Product Description The DC39 Multi Floor canister vacuum is engineered with Dyson cyclones that capture more dirt than any other. Featuring Dyson's Radial Root Cyclone …

#BEST PRICES Evolution Robotics Mint Plus Automatic Hard Floor …

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Meet Fabuloso, the Most Refreshing Cleaning Product Ever

It's like Colgate-Palmolive's big marketing strategy here was to make something hungover people will mistake for a (fabulous-tasting) sports drink, and hope that when they get home and realize it's floor cleaner, they'll be too embarrassed to return it. Well played, sirs. Well played. And then when they realize they can make their apartment smell like a big jug of fruit soda … Summer Survey. Survey. Vote on the summer's best videos, memes and more. Take the Survey …

Europro Shark Professional Steam Cleaner Floor Steamer The Best Pro Pocket Mop

22 Aug 2012 05:00:03 GMT-07:00 $134.85
End Date: Wednesday Sep-5-2012 14:16:27 PDT
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Best Black Diamond Wood and Laminate Safe Disinfectant Floor Cleaner with PS3, 3

22 Aug 2012 05:00:03 GMT-07:00 $21.49
End Date: Thursday Aug-23-2012 8:33:37 PDT
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Dyson DC33 Multi floor Cleaner Sealed Best Price LOW SHIPPING COST SAVE MORE!

22 Aug 2012 05:00:03 GMT-07:00 $299.00
End Date: Monday Sep-17-2012 10:27:40 PDT
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7 Responses to Best Floor Cleaners

  • Anonymous says:

    Do You Need Credentials As An Educator To Operate A Trade School? I have spent over 25 years in the cleaning trade. Go back to 1986 and I was making all of $4.00 per hour mopping floors and hauling trash. Sadly, in today’s money, that is $8.39 per hour. My state, NY still has a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. I know American born, high school graduates working in the trade for $8.00 per hour and even less.
    But it doesn’t have to be a dead end job. Someone has to train you. Things like floor stripping and finishing, carpet cleaning, stone polishing are a good step up from unskilled labor. I know when I made that step up in 1991, it was long overdue. I was still making something like $4.75 per hour before somebody stepped in and got me trained and promoted. By the end of 1991, I was making about $6.50 per hour, which is the same as about $11 per hour today. Today, $11 an hour puts you probably in the top 15% of the cleaning industry wages.
    But there’s a way out of that poverty. Around 2000 I became certified in Water Damage Restoration. That’s a fancy way to say ѕhіt sucker. When sewers overflow, pipes break, etc, somebody has to clean it up. You wear a lot of protective gear. The job is hot and smelly. I also started making about $18 per hour back then. As time went by, I learned Odor Control, Mold Remediation, Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration. No I own my own small business and made $100,000 for the first time in my life, something I never thought I’d do.
    Getting to that point wasn’t easy. Lots of expensive learning. Lots of jumping from job to job from 2003-2009 when I started my own business. That’ the problem, somebody get trained, certified, etc why would they work for $25 per hour? That’ what I was making in 2009. Today, I bill $75-100 per hour for some of the work I do. I pay a helper $15 per hour to work under my close supervision. If I train him, get him certified to work independently, he’s going to leave me, even if I pay him $25 per hour.
    But here’s the sweet part, I am certified in so many aspects of this trade. Don’t have training in lead, asbestos or bio-hazard (crime scene and trauma) clean up, but I paid hundreds for 2-3 day classes in what I am certified in. In the last decade, I easily spent $5,000 of my own money on training. Spent another $5,000 of employer’s money too. This training isn’t cheap.
    I know the actual trainers are cleaners like me. Many worked their way up the ladder like me. Some train, sell supplies and equipment and don’t actually work in the trade anymore. They make out even better than me.
    I’d like to create a training school for this sort of thing. I am in the NYC suburbs and you’d think there were local training programs. I think I never drove less than 2 hours to a class, in most cases 4-5 hours far away to Philly, Boston and Washington, DC. That’s just the way it is.
    I wonder if the owners and administrators of these programs come from an education background? The instructors don’t. Its not like you can get a student loan for this stuff. At best, you can earn continuing education credits. I know teaching this could make a lot of money.
    These days you can get a week’s training for $1,000 and have a $600 a week job waiting for you. Can a community college say that? Nope. Sometimes not even a 4 year school. Forget about the phony for profit “colleges” that advertise on TV, they are a scam. This can be a rewarding career, but you need to be into it and have the training. That’s where I can help. What do you think? Thanks.

    • Curator says:

      Most owners of vocational schools are just that–they are businessmen/women who have a good idea and hire the right people. The program directors, instructors, etc., are certified, qualified, degreed, etc. in their field (you’ll definitely need people qualified in environmental sciences). You have to comply with the requirements of your state board of education, and they will tell you what will be required for the training you want to offer. In your case, you have an interest and background in the field you’d like to offer training in, and that will put you in a “hands-on” position, (if you want to be actively involved), as opposed to “absentee owners” of so many of these training schools.

  • Anonymous says:

    What Is The Best Way To Clean Old, Stained Carpets? My carpet was never perfect to begin with, but my son with his grape juice & the pets messing in the floors, my carpet is now purple polka dotted and smells of cat urine.. I’m wanting to rent a cleaning machine for a day and give my carpets a good cleaning, but after looking online I see there’s lots of opinions on steam cleaners and shampooers. I have no knowledge of either, which is more effective, cheaper, yada yada. So I would really appreciate any insight on the matter. Please and thank you!
    By the way, underneath the carpet is concrete.
    We have cheap commercial carpet, and we are not at a spot financially where we can just go out and buy new carpet.

    • Curator says:

      I would look for new carpets. Grape juice stains and is notoriously difficult to get out . Usually it is not especially if it’s been there a good while and has ‘set.’ Cat urine isn’t going to come out. It has gone through the carpet and into whatever is underneath. Steam cleaners and shampooers aren’t going to do it. You could try a professional company but weigh the cost of a professional company against getting new carpet. You need to figure out why the cat is not using the litter box. Once that smell has gotten into the carpet and the wood underneath the cat and any future animals in the house will use that spot again.
      Good luck. I had a spot the previous owner’s dog has ‘christened.’ I had to take a sander and do a lot of sanding on that spot. Then I used various cleaners to try to clean the wood. After that dried I restained and sealed that spot with about 8 coats of stain. I also fed my cat at that spot once it was all dry. I have not had any problems but it was a difficult ‘clean up.’
      Good luck.

  • Anonymous says:

    What Do You Think Of My Expostion On “How To Clean A House”? HOW TO CLEAN A HOUSE
    A procrastinator can find it really challenging to clean a house. Not knowing where to begin will make him want to put the task off until later. Even someone who is not a procrastinator can become confused because – depending on the size of the house – it can be quite a chore to clean. Everyone has a different method, some of which are more efficient than others. Knowing a few tips for cleaning the house will help one to be able to clean better and enjoy it at the same time.
    Whether the cleaner is cleaning his own home, or someone else’s home, he is doing it for his own benefit; therefore he must enjoy it. If the cleaner is cleaning his own home, he gets to take the pride of having a clean, comfortable home. If he is cleaning for someone else, he gets to take home a salary, which is always something that everyone enjoys doing. To make the job more interesting, one could try blaring his favorite music on the stereo. Having happy, clean music ringing throughout the house can put anyone in a good mood.
    Once the cleaner is ready to begin his task, he must gather the cleaning supplies: a broom, a duster, floor cleaner, ceramic cleaner, kitchen appliance cleaner, and rags or paper towels. The best thing to begin with would be to do the “obvious” things; putting toys, washing dishes, doing laundry, and organizing shoes would fit into the category of being considered obvious. The second most important thing to do would be dusting. Once the dusting is completed, it easier to see what else needs to be done to get a perfectly clean house. Sweeping should also be one of the first things to do to achieve spotlessness.
    The thing next thing that should be completed on the cleaner’s list would be to clean the floors. Brand name cleaners do tend to leave the floor with more of a shine than a store brand cleaner. For certain areas of the floor, one may be required to get on his hands and knees in order to wash the floor thoroughly. One important thing to remember is that the cleaner should always vacuum the carpet before using a carpet cleaner. Certain dirt (that would be harmless to a vacuum) could clog a carpet cleaner.
    Last, but not least, the cleaner must remember to clean the sinks, bathtubs, dishwasher (optional), mirrors, windows, tables, etc. This is where the cleaner does the most “hands-on” work. It is highly recommended to wear gloves while using cleaning products, as the chemicals may be hard on one’s hands. It is really important for the cleaner to make sure he is using the correct product on the right furniture. Using a harsh scrubbing chemical on a bathtub could leave it permanently scratched. Certain cleaning products are designed for wood, so the cleaner must make sure he is using a wood-safe product. The cleaner should always read the label on the cleaning supply; doing so can help the cleaner have a more efficient cleaning experience.
    Someone can become a better cleaner by merely having more experience. One should take his time to think through his task, then carry it out.

    My assignment is graded; let me know what you think!!!!

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