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Florida Lottery has been talked about a lot lately. Here the latest info.

Mega Money jackpot rolls over to $900,000

18 December 2013 | 12:44 pm Florida Lottery officials say no one matched all four numbers plus the Mega Ball, causing a $900,000 rollover for the next jackpot. http://www.wflx.com/story/24248830/mega-money-jackpot-rolls-over-to-900000

3 Fantasy 5 players win $79,419.62 top prize

18 December 2013 | 12:44 pm Three winners of the "Fantasy 5" game will collect $79,419.62 each, the Florida Lottery said Wednesday. http://www.wflx.com/story/24248810/3-fantasy-5-players-win-7941962-top-prize

Mega Millions helps Jacksonville schools

18 December 2013 | 4:01 am Mega Millions in particular has put an estimated $33.6 million into schools statewide since it began in Florida seven months ago. But it's not adding up to much money per student. http://www.firstcoastnews.com/rss/article/338905/3/Mega-Millions-helps-Jacksonville-schools

Winning Mega Millions Numbers For $636 Million Lottery Are 08 20 …

18 December 2013 | 4:01 am Mega Millions Winning Numbers December 17th, 2013 in Florida The Mega Millions number drawing has come and gone which took place at it's specified time of 11:00pm EST / 10:00pm CST in the United States. This total  http://www.jaxobserver.com/2013/12/17/winning-mega-millions-numbers-for-636-million-lottery-are-08-20-14-17-39-mb-07/

Win Outback Bowl Tickets and 30 $10 Scratch-Off Tickets From The …

17 December 2013 | 3:59 pm This Thursday 12/19 and Friday 12/20 get ready to count the music on Q105 and win a Florida Lottery prize pack which includes two tickets to the Outback Bowl on New Year's Day at Raymond James Stadium. http://myq105.cbslocal.com/2013/12/17/win-outback-bowl-tickets-and-30-10-scratch-off-tickets-from-the-florida-lottery/

the florida lottery is giving college football fans two … – Capital Soup

17 December 2013 | 3:47 pm TALLAHASSEE The Florida Lottery is giving college football fans in the Miami area a chance to win tickets to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, to watch the National Championship game, and to the Discover Orange  http://capitalsoup.com/2013/12/17/the-florida-lottery-is-giving-college-football-fans-two-chances-to-score/


18 December 2013 | 3:07 am $3.95
End Date: Sunday Dec-22-2013 19:07:41 PST
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mens florida lottery gray polo

18 December 2013 | 2:47 am $3.99 (0 Bids)
End Date: Sunday Dec-22-2013 18:47:24 PST
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Florida FL LOTTERY keyring key chain 2″

17 December 2013 | 4:33 pm $19.99
End Date: Thursday Jan-16-2014 8:33:35 PST
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17 December 2013 | 12:26 pm $1.00 (0 Bids)
End Date: Tuesday Dec-24-2013 4:26:32 PST
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Vintage Florida State Lottery Gambling Pin Lot 5th Anniverary Pink Flamingo

17 December 2013 | 5:04 am $5.99 (0 Bids)
End Date: Saturday Dec-21-2013 21:04:31 PST
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12 Responses to Florida Lottery

  • Mr Sunshine says:

    Has There Ever Been A One Billion Dollar Lottery Draw Before? Florida Mega Millions drawing for tonight is $636 Million. They say if no one wins, the next drawing would be worth $1 Billion.

    What would you do with $1 Billion?

  • Carmen says:

    Trying To Get Financial Aid? I am a 21 year old and I live in Florida. I was approved under DACA. (Differed action under childhood arrival) this means I was brought to the US illegally when I was a child but I now have the ability to work and go to school under government permission. So I have been accepted to go to the art institute but now that I am applying for fastfa, I am not sure what to do. The financial administrator at the school is not helping me at all. I have illegal parents so I can not provide my parents info on the application but I am still considered a dependent because I do not have children or married. Please provide any info you may have as to how to go about this situation. Or if you know of any other alternative as to how I can receive aid or loans?

    • Curator says:

      If its one of the Art Institutes run by EDMC (all of them that use the
      AI logo), avoid them like a plague. They’re not an art school
      employers take seriously. They’re an open enrollment for-profit college, they take ANYONE.
      They just want the financial aid from the government that you are
      entitled to. The government is now suing them for 11 Billion Dollars which could wipe them off the map easily. They also got hit with ANOTHER lawsuit claiming the same thing!

      If you ask me, they’re an elaborate corporate scam to funnel as many
      Government Pell grants and guaranteed loans out of students as they
      can and leave the students with the bill.

      The Senate HELP Committee did a 2year investigation and found out the same thing.
      Ai has the worst drop out rate of ALL for-profit colleges.

      They’re like McDonald’s of Art “Colleges”. They’re a chain that is
      popping up everywhere. They buy out dying schools, rename them, keep
      the accreditation.They create programs designed for impulse buyers and quick hits aka uninformed students.

      They may seem like they would be good, but it is all smoke and
      mirrors. Pretty building with pretty computers. Meanwhile, it will
      just ruin your life.

      The market demand they say they’re meeting is not the demand of the
      Job market, its the demand of the students. Students that graduated AI
      are struggling to get jobs and have over more than $50,000+ or
      $90,000+ in debt depending on what degree they went for. Degrees that
      are worthless in the job market.

      Basically, AI is a degree mill, a total debt factory. They use bloated success stats and
      circle logic to back them up.

      They count students working at Toys R Us as in the field. Avoid them
      if you want to actually have a decent future.

      If you really want to pursue your passion, go to a community college,
      study fine art, and then transfer into a state school. It will be
      cheaper and the money you save you can buy your own equipment and
      STILL have money left over for a better future.

      Their job leads are bogus, they go to Monster, Craigslist, and career
      builder just like everyone else. Their top employer is HOME DEPOT
      (Check their own website) and I guarantee none of those are art jobs.

      Don’t make the same mistake my friends and I did. We’ll be paying for
      it for the rest of our lives.

      If you go with AI you’ll be folding clothes at Target or hawking video
      games at Toys R Us for $8.25 an hour and struggling to pay $90,000+
      with bill collectors haunting your every waking moment for the REST OF
      YOUR LIFE with no way to stop them because there is no bankruptcy
      protection on Student loans.
      Please please please make sure you check out these news articles
      below. Many are accounts from students, staff, and teachers of AI.
      Feel free to check YELP (“Filtered results” as well.)

      What you do with this information is your choice, I just want to make
      sure you know everything before listening to one of their recruiters
      sales pitch. Remember, they’re paid sales people. Not your friend.
      College may be expensive but what these guys are pulling is straight
      out highway robbery.

      Below is a few news articles about different AI’s around the country. They’re all pulling the same thing.
      Its EDMC’s business model.

      You will NOT make enough to pay back the loans. They know this. They just want the government money they can pull in your name.
      Decide for yourself. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than paying back the debt created by these scammers.

  • Stephanie says:

    Becoming An Actress? How To Get Noticed? Proper Attitude? Just a fun question. 🙂

    I took a drama class back when I was 15 and the teacher even said that I would make a good Actress. Then I have my friends and family backing that up.

    I honestly can’t dance and I am very clumsy even though I happened to be awesome with being “in-character”; I sort of always just made it work.

    Anyway, what do you think is required out of someone to be an actress? Honestly, I have seen many actors/actresses fall and many rise to the top. Compare Britney Spears fall from fame and Jennifer Lawrence’s rise.

    I would say good attitude. But those are traits, maybe mention how one would become an Actress. Being noticed on YouTube? Going to College? Best way, in your opinion to rise up. 🙂

    Thanks you fun awesome people! <3

    • Curator says:

      Well, if your goal is just to act you can do that almost anywhere. If you enjoy acting and are good at it, you can act locally in things like community theater or student films. You can build a local reputation and network so people might consider you for local commercials or other things. You can get together with friends and make your own movies or a web series for friends and family (just don’t expect to get “discovered” if you post them on YouTube or something). Things like that.

      If you’re talking a professional acting career – that’s different. Professional acting is a business – not a lottery. If you sit around waiting for someone to notice you, you’re not going to get far. There are not a bunch of open auditions for professional work that you could just keep going to until you get something. For most professional work you have to be invited to audition, usually through a talent agent. And you can’t just hire talent agent, it’s more like they choose you.

      There’s no one way (or even necessarily a best way) to become an actor. There are not a bunch of steps you can go through and then voila! you’re an actor. But if you approach a professional career more like business you may have a better chance of success. SOME of what you’ll eventually need for a professional acting career:

      * Talent.

      * Acting training. Voice lessons and dance lessons can be helpful too. You’ll want a program with a good reputation and well-respected instructors.

      * Experience. Audition for what you can – community theater, student films, local productions. You start small and work your way up. Contact local film schools and ask how they find out actors for student films and check those sources. Check the websites for your local film commission and see what opportunties might be there.

      * Marketing Materials: Professional head shot, acting resume, and an acting reel (video of your on-screen work if you’re interested in film/tv) and other things. These are what you use to convince people to hire you – they need to be strong.

      * A licensed talent agent. You get an agent by convincing one that you have the talent, training, experience and commitment to book professional jobs. Agents are paid on commission (never pay an agent up front). Since they’re paid only if their clients are paid, they are picky about who they take on as clients. Most agents are not interested in beginners. They want clients who have demonstrated they have the skill and committment to book professional jobs.

      * Live where the auditions are. There’s the large markets of LA and NYC – but there are also mid-sized markets like Chicago, Texas, Florida and the like. You may want to start there, build a good local reputation and then use that to move to a larger market.

      * Several well-developed monologues for auditions. Read plays and scripts – all kinds – and keep an eye for characters and monologues you want to develop.

      * Great auditioning skills. Talent agents get you auditions – it’s up to you to book the job.

      * To be a member of an actor’s union (SAG-AFTRA for screens or AEA for stage) or at least an understanding of how unions work.

      * An understanding of the business end of acting. You’re going to have to research to understand the casting process, who the players are, what they do (and don’t do), industry contracts, and other things. You need a plan as to how to approach your career – what type of acting you want to work (stage, screen, commercials, independent films, live events, etc)

      * A good network of connections in the industry. Classes can be a good way to start networking. Volunteer if you can, keep connected with talented people you’ve worked.

      * A strong foundation and healthy ways to cope with the stress of trying to work professionally. You need to be able to handle rejection, competition and instability. You’ll be rejected far more than you’ll be accepted. There’s a lot of judgment during audition including your looks, you need to be comfortable with yourself and your looks and not get obsessed with your appearance. Professional acting is EXTREMELY competitive.

      * A way to support yourself besides acting. Every acting job you get is temporary, so you always have to be concerned about when/if you’ll get another job. Most professional actors don’t support themselves by acting alone. So you probably won’t get paid anything at all when you first start off.

      Good luck.

  • Caitlin♥ says:

    How Can I Move To The America Temporarily? Hi, I was wondering how I could move to America for a year or two and work there (I want to work in marketing or buying preferably in fashion, I have a degree). When I was in Florida I met a girl who had got a temporary visa and she was working as a waitress. So I assume it’s possible? Please give me some advice.

    • Curator says:

      Pick a visa

      There are basically NINE ways that you can get a visa to live and work in the US:

      (1) Marriage (or engagement in anticipation of marriage) to a US citizen.

      (2) You have skills that are in short supply in the US e.g. scientific or medical training. A degree is normally a must. Or you have superior specialist skills with at least 12 years experience. (H visas)applications next received on 1st April 2014

      (3) You have an Employer who is willing to transfer you – but even the employer has to make a good case for you – so you have to be a manager unless you fall under category (2) above.(L visas)

      (4) You may get a Green card in the diversity lottery (UK citizens, except N.Ireland, are not generally eligible unless you, your spouse or parents were born abroad or held a different citizenship.

      (5)You own or buy business (does not get you permanent resident status i.e. no green card)You must be a national of a qualifying Treaty countries. The business must have a minimum value of around $150k (more the better) bearing in mind you will need somewhere to live and with any startup business you will need at least 2 years living money as back up. So a figure of $350k would be a nearer minimum (E-2 visas)

      (6)You are an “investor” i.e. you have at least US $1m in assets to bring with you. half of that in a few areas. And your background will be investigated to the hilt. (EB-5 visas)

      (7)You have a close relative (mother, father, brother, sister and no further) who is an US citizen who would sponsor you, approx time this take 2-12 years?

      (8.The R1 visa is available to foreign members of religious denominations, having bona fide non-profit religious organizations in the U.S., for entering the U.S. to carry on the activities of a minister or religious worker as a profession, occupation or vocation

      (9)THE UNUSUAL You are in a position to claim refugee status/political asylum. or You get a member of Congress to sponsor a private bill with legislation that applies just to you.
      The S visa issued to persons who assist US law enforcement to investigate and prosecute crimes and terrorist activities such as money laundering and organized crime

      Recruitment agent will not take you seriously if you are not already in the US. Writing for jobs is really a waste of time; likewise US employers have no idea what foreign qualification are or mean (except Degrees) it may pay you to get your qualification translated into a US equivalent, there are Companies that do this (www.wes.org) ..
      But if you are getting a visa under (2) above then you need a job offer before you can get the visa. Your Employer will be your sponsor this will cost them upward of $5k. So you can see you have to be offering something really special to get considered They may also have to prove to the Dept of labor that tere is no American who can do the job if the position is to be permanent ©

  • Scratch-off Tickets: “Games May Be Reordered, And Top Prizes May Increase Proportionally”? My favorite “win for life” scratch off lottery game has 1 out of 9 top prizes left but there is an asterisk (*) next to it that means the game has been reordered or has been delivered to the Florida Lottery in more than one shipment. What does this mean?

  • Matt says:

    Acting Proffesion Help? Hello, im a junior in high school and lately i have been trying to find really what it is im passionate about doing and hopefully want to do in the future. I figured out, well not really figure out just have taken in more seriously that i really love acting. I love being in plays, i always strive to be better in my role. its always in the back of my mind, what im doing in drama class, what play im in and it makes me feel happy inside. My questions are few:

    1. will going to college help substantially if i want to be an actor. I have always wanted to go to college but regarding college courses in the acting proffession, does it help you put “your foot in the door” of finding more job opportunities. Does it make you look better than some actor who didnt?
    2. I know the pay would be low for an actor (unless your super famous, but thats not concerning me), but is it not possible to rely entirely on being an actor? would i have to have a second job or major in something seperate in college to sustain myself?
    3. Do i have to be in new york city, los angeles to be a successfull actor? I dont have a problem with the cities, i just have issues into where im going to college, my parents want me to go to Texas or Florida universities.
    As well, i like writing. I have been writing a novel, but ive been quite slow in doing it, procrastinating it really (writing my book). Its something i like doing too and i have always told my parents that journalism is what im going to study in college along with sciences. But i wasnt really sure when i would say i would be studying it. All i want to know is how the acting career is like? I know it might be hectic, or a difficult career to succeed in but i dont know to much in terms of how difficult it is. If you could help me thank you!

    • Curator says:

      1. Depends on what acting program you attend. Acting programs with strong reputations and well-respected instructors help you not only improve your skills, but are a way to start to network and get to know people in the industry. And networking is how actors find out about opportunties. But getting an acting degree is no guarantee that you’ll work as an actor.

      2. Every acting job you get is temporary. So you might be cast in a show that runs for 3 months and then you’re out of a job. It could be months before you get another paying gig. And compeitition even for small roles is very stiff. For example, there are literally 100,000 professional union actors in LA. That’s not counting non-union actors or wannabe actors. There just isn’t enough work for everyone. That’s why most professional actors don’t support themselves by acting alone. They do have other work to pay the bills while they work on starting a career and in between jobs.

      3. No you don’t have to be in LA or NYC. You can be a professional actor in Texas of Floridia. Sometimes people will start in a smaller market and then move. Some will be able to build a strong enough local reputation that they’ll stay there. You’ll have to be flexible about the type of work you’ll do. And regardless of where you go, you’re going to have to research and learn the industry there. You’ll have to know the casting process, who the players are, what they do (and don’t do). You’ll have to understand industry contracts, actor unions, how to market yourself and your skills. You’ll have to build a network of contacts. Professional acting is a business. Actors are not just “discovered” – and it’ll require a big investment of time, effort and money with no guarantee of a return on that investment. But if you approach a professional career like a business (rather than a lottery), you’ll have a better chance of success.

      It is an EXTREMELY challenging career. But if you love acting, you don’t have to attempt a professional acting career to do it. You can always act locally in things like community theaters. You can get together with others and make your own webseries or start and improv group or anything like that. Research a bit about what it takes to have a professional career. Read industry trades and websites like backstage.com. Read books about how to manage a professional acting career. This will give you a better idea of what you’d have to do if you attempt a professional career.

      Good luck.

  • Vishal says:

    Does College Student Pay The Taxes On Lottery? If single college student won around 75K in florida lottery, and he’s in 2nd year of college. so my question is this….
    How much tax does he has to pay?
    can he be still dependent on his parents?
    he’s total year income is $14,000.
    he’s also getting financial aid around $10,000.
    His parents total year income is $5000.

    How can student avoid the taxes in Feb ’14, when submit the return file,
    Can he still eligible for Financial aid(FAFSA)?
    if he has to pay the taxes then how much it would be.

    • Curator says:

      No way at all and had better have a lot of the winnings saved up to help pay for the education expense after this tax year for sure
      And also the winning amounts is UNEARNED income amounts and will be taxed at the parents tax rate during the 2014 tax filing season at that time when that 1040 FIT return is correctly completed at that time next year 2014.
      Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 10/25/2013

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