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Tessa Barrett & Grant Fisher Capture First Place Titles at the 35th Annual Foot Locker Cross Country Championships …

15 December 2013 | 1:00 am SAN DIEGO, Dec. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –Tessa Barrett of Waverly, Pa., and Grant Fisher of Grand Blanc, Mich., captured first place titles at the 35 th Annual Foot Locker Cross Country Championships …

FOOT LOCKER CROSS COUNTRY: Long finishes best of three area runners in national race

15 December 2013 | 12:00 am Three runners from the St. Louis area and one from southeast Missouri were among the 80 runners who participated in the 35th Foot Locker Cross Country National Championship race for boys and girls Saturday at Balboa Park in San Diego, Calif.

Reiser 33rd in Foot Locker Cross Country National Championships

14 December 2013 | 11:43 pm For the first time in a long time, McHenry junior Jesse Reiser finally felt like he had a subpar race.

Retail Strategic International Expansion (SIRE2) Theory and Cases (Hardcover) tagged “foot locker” 2 times

8 August 2012 | 7:52 pm Retail Strategic International Expansion (SIRE2) Theory and Cases Retail Strategic International Expansion (SIRE2) Theory and Cases (Hardcover)By Brenda Sternquist Buy new: $69.00 Customer Rating: 5.0 Customer tags: strategy(3), international retailing(3), international distribution(3), global retailing(3), costco(2), foot locker(2), amazon com(2), companies(2), case(2), casino(2), carrefour(2), blockbuster(2)

Black Vinyl Plywood Trunk 32x17x15 tagged “foot locker” 2 times

11 July 2010 | 12:47 am Black Vinyl Plywood Trunk 32x17x15 Black Vinyl Plywood Trunk 32x17x15By Rose Trunk Click for more info Customer Rating: 5.0 Customer tags: foot locker(2)

Nike Air Zoom Flight The Glove SC Release Details Foot Locker …

14 December 2013 | 3:06 pm The stories told about Gary Payton's game span across regional borders throughout the United States. He spent respectable amounts of time and garnered countless accolades in Oregon, California, and Florida among

adidas Originals Mutombo Foot Locker Blog

13 December 2013 | 6:02 pm Dikembe Mutombo was one of the most feared defenders the NBA has ever seen. His ferocious blocks and signature finger wag still make highlight reels to this day. Mutombo's adidas footwear has long been popular amongst

Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 4 Glow in the Dark Foot Locker Blog

12 December 2013 | 11:17 pm Yes, you read that headline correctly. The Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 4 (yes, 4) will drop tomorrow, Friday December 13th. Now, you might be asking yourself what happened to the Venomenon 1-3. Up until this point,

Vintage GI Joe 12″ Dolls with Clothing, Accessories, and Foot Locker LOT

14 December 2013 | 7:51 pm $40.00 (1 Bid)
End Date: Sunday Dec-15-2013 11:51:02 PST
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14 December 2013 | 5:49 pm $70.00
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14 December 2013 | 5:49 pm $70.00
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14 December 2013 | 5:49 pm $70.00
End Date: Saturday Dec-21-2013 9:49:09 PST
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Foot Locker Gift Card $25

14 December 2013 | 9:03 am $22.00 (7 Bids)
End Date: Monday Dec-16-2013 19:03:27 PST
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  • What Does This Answer Mean Please Help? Here was my question

    I have heard that diseases can cause foot fungus like diabetes,cancer and so on. I have only had foot fungus once though but it last for a long time.

    i am hypochondriac and have health paranoias so if this question sounds stupid I’m sorry but i am really worried..

    my question is does it make a difference if you only have foot fungus once like if you had foot fungus like 5 times would that be a sign of a disease like am I OK because I only had it once???

    here was the answer

    If you have foot fungus, Tinea Pedis, that does NOT clear up with proper treatment, over a long period of time, then you have a low immune response problem.
    Diabetes, Kidney disease and HIV are the diseases that lower the immune response.
    But drugs both prescribed and not, decrease the response.
    Quit worrying and start living.

    • Curator says:

      Diseases do not cause athlete’s foot. They only lower the body’s ability to respond to it. That doctor’s answer was intended to reassure you that tinea pedis is treatable, and that you should not obsess over it. You can help prevent a return by not creating the type of interdigital environment where the fungi thrive.

      Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) is a fungal infection of the skin of the foot. Most athlete’s foot is caused by one of two types of fungus.

      Trichophyton mentagrophytes often causes toe webcamera or vesicularcamera (blisterlike) infections. The infection appears suddenly, is severe, and is easily treated.
      Trichophyton rubrum often causes moccasin-typecamera infections. This condition lasts for a long time (chronic) and is difficult to treat.

      You get athlete’s foot when you come in contact with the fungus and it begins to grow on your skin. Fungi commonly grow on or in the top layer of human skin and may or may not cause infections. Fungi grow best in warm, moist areas, such as the area between the toes.

      Athlete’s foot is easily spread (contagious). You can get it by touching the affected area of a person who has it. More commonly, you pick up the fungi from damp, contaminated surfaces, such as the floors in public showers or locker rooms.

      Although athlete’s foot is contagious, some people are more likely to get it (susceptible) than others. Susceptibility may increase with age. Experts don’t know why some people are more likely to get it. After you have had athlete’s foot, you are more likely to get it again.

      If you come in contact with the fungi that cause athlete’s foot, you can spread the fungi to others, whether you get the infection or not.

      Prevention of athlete’s foot:

      Nails should be clipped short and kept clean. Nails can house and spread the infection.
      Avoid walking barefoot in locker rooms or public showers (wear sandals).

      For control of athlete’s foot infection, persons with active tinea pedis infection should:

      Keep feet clean, dry, and cool.
      Avoid using swimming pools, public showers, or foot baths.
      Wear sandals when possible or air shoes out by alternating them every 2-3 days.
      Avoid wearing closed shoes and wearing socks made from fabric that doesn’t dry easily (for example, nylon).
      Treat the infection with recommended medication.

  • Skyler L says:

    Can Someone Please Explain To Me How A Ticket Works When Your Trying To Get Jordans (shoes)? People are telling me you have a better chance of getting the jordans if you have a ticket but i read somewhere that in order to get one you go to your local store & get the ticket a week before they come out..My sister said you order the ticket online or something & pick it up at the store …I just thought you go up to the store & get one from the person working there…But I know its goign to be a line ..eveyone is saying “im going to finish line/foot locker on sunday to get me a ticket for the jordans’ & ALSO how does a ticket insure that you get a pair of jordans or how does the ticket give you a better chance o getting them?? PLs explain to me how they do it…Cause ive read so much different stuff..Like how they pull your name & you get a pair…& i’ve read that you dont have to come really early if you have one…Just explain to me how it works..

  • Mikayla says:

    A Movie About A Girl That Gets Kidnapped And Uses A Walkie Talkie To Call For Help? I’m looking for a movie. I can’t remember for the life of me what it’s called. I don’t know if it’s necessarily about a girl getting kidnapped. The parts I remember are that she gets kidnapped by this guy. He wants something from her. I don’t remember what. But in one scene, he takes her to her school and looks through her locker. While he’s not looking she uses a walkie talkie to call her friend for help. But she has to use her feet because her hands are tied. In the end, I think, she gets away by hitting him over the head while he’s driving, causing him to crash. I think her friend also helps find her. I feel like it’s one of those disney/nickelodeon/kid movies. It’s not set up super dramatic like a regular kidnapping movie. Any ideas?

  • Dale says:

    Does She Like Me Of So How Much? So this girl and I found out that we both liked each other sence second grade. Now we r into our second year of highschool. Well over the summer apperantly she “stoped” liking me… So when school started up again this year things seemed different she didn’t talk to me that much. But about a month in school she seemed way to attached to me. Way more then befor, and so it is really confusing me.. So me and her have started this nudging thing she would nudge me when she sees me or I do the same back to her. Well today I wasn’t having a. Sry good day,,,, (just a Monday). And so I really didn’t talk to her at all. Then around fourth hour today she came up to me and nudged me. I really didn’t expect her to do that considering the fact we really didn’t talk today. So I was susprieed and so after sixth hour she came to my locker and we started “talking” for say. And then I was zipping up my backpack and for some reason she grabed the other zipper and helped me zip it up when I was able to zip my back pack up just fine. So then I walked with her to her locker and started talking to her and so on. Now it almost seems as tho she won’t talk to me through kik, or snapchat, for the sake of matters she won’t even read the messages so that’s the confusing part. Now she is also always comparing my hand size to hers. Now I don’t KNOW if that means anything or not. And she also is taking pics of mine and her foot to make it look like there together or somthing….. I honestly don’t know plz help. If this helps any we are going into our second year of highschool.

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