May The Fourth Be With You

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May the Fourth be with you, and also these great 'Star Wars' parodies

5 May 2013 | 11:57 pm Early May? Check. "Star Wars" obsession? Check and re-check. That's right, it's the fourth day in May — which in recent years has come to be known as an unofficial "Star Wars" holiday, as in "May the Fourth be with you," a play on "May the Force be with you," the franchise's key tagline. There's a whole history as to how "force" became "fourth," and may or may not include Margaret Thatcher and …

Star Wars fans celebrate holiest day 'May the Fourth'

5 May 2013 | 5:27 pm New York, May 5 : 'Star Wars' fans celebrated their holiest day on their calendar on Saturday, better known as "May the Fourth Be With You."

May The 4th Be With You!

5 May 2013 | 1:47 am RICHLAND, Wash.- Saturday is May the 4 th or "May the fourth be with you".

May the 4th Be With You (Comic) – Beth Callaghan – Voices …

5 May 2013 | 1:39 am Here is the latest comic from our Joy of Tech friends at Geek Culture, Nitrozac and Snaggy. Joy of Tech appears three times a week in the Voices section of this site.

May the Fourth Be With You, Yo – Beth Callaghan – News – AllThingsD

4 May 2013 | 8:31 pm If the proliferation of May the fourth be with you tweets and status updates weren't enough of a clue, be aware that today is Star Wars Day and no matter how fans feel about Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm or its plans for

May the Fourth Be With You: 10 'Star Wars' GIFs to celebrate May 4 …

4 May 2013 | 6:35 pm carrie-fisher-star-wars-7-leia.jpg Saying "May the Fourth Be With You" on the fourth of May could be just a semi-clever inside joke "Star Wars" fans use to celebrate their special day. Except even pop culture dummies know the

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  • Kal12309 says:

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    There was a girl who went through a nasty relationship and that has ended…so i decided to take the move on her and ask her out, but she ended up saying : she still has some feelings for the other dude…so i told her whats the problem now ? I confessed and u rejected, dont think about it….she replied: I didnt reject but it can never happen…

    So i ignored the whole matter for almost a few weeks….then i have started to see that this girl started looking at me from across the office…like ALOT…she steals a look even behind my back (reported by other coworkers)…and she runs into me quite alot behind my back….some even told me more than once her eyes is like so tender and flirty when she looks behind my back…

    One more incident when she was on a field work for our company, she was away for almost a week, where i kept completely silent (no texting, IMs…phone calls…etc)…and the next thing on the fourth day she comes back to office after “swapping positions with a friend”…which leads me to think she came to see me…coz she didnt have any papers related to work in her hands that day !

    Besides, she started copying me in some of my moves !! Like really precisely she copies me exactly in some of my habits…i took that as a gesture she changed her mind and asked her again, and bam…another rejection (this one seems alittle less straightforward, just like the first).

    Now again, all the above continues, but i dont think i’ll ever run for a third time asking her out….please help ?? Why is she doing this ? I am certain i am occupying a significant portion of her mind…but why ??? Is she trying to tell me something for example? NOTE: she knows am an attention-to-details holic….and am so noticing to anything !

    Btw..she is now completely quite…no words whatsoever…just imitating me on certain blackberry messnger (display pic and status update punctuality) and thats it.

    Now….update: May 4th was holy saturday in her faith….and my birthday as well. I can almost swear she didnt forget my bd date…nevertheless she didnt wish me a happy bd ! Am i missing something again ?

    Am sorry for asking this again, but i didnt seem to get enough answers last time…plz help…why is she copying me and looking at me ? I can swear it happens a dozen at least a day…plz help…

    • Curator says:

      As a girl, I know that we are very confusing! Especially this girl! She is playing some sort of game but maybe you should confront her about it. That should stp it or make her give you an answer for her actions. Thanks for answering my question! Thanks! and I hope this helps! Good Lcuk!

  • Olivia says:

    » How Possible Is It For Me To Be Pregnant? How possible is it for me to be pregnant?
    I am on the depo shot and was due for it on April 30th. I have still yet to get my follow up shot it would be my fourth shot. I had unprotected sex on May 4th. Could it be possible I could get pregnant? Also how soon could I figure out if I am or not.
    1 day ago

  • Megan says:

    *UK* Do You Think Child Benefit Should Only Be Given To The First X Amount Of Children? For example, if child benefit could only be claimed for 3 children. I think it makes sense now as it should reduce the number of children that some families have – some of which totally rely on benefits. It may also combat the idea that having children is a free pass into social housing and a free lifestyle.

    Not saying the idea is perfect, but what’s your view?

    • Curator says:

      I think neither the economy nor the population should grow, and I have thought about what you propose here. Yes, child benefits are the wrong kind of incentive, but there’s nothing wrong with supporting families in another way. A way that doesn’t say you get morer for your fourth than for your third child.

      The problem is how to implement your idea. Paternity can be hard to determin, and not all parents stay together. Giving benefits to just the 3 first children of a woman would mean some men would be “allowed” to have 4 children or more (provided he has them with more than one woman), but a woman would not.

      I don’t believe in your “free lifestyle”. Surviving on benefits is hard work.
      I don’t think there’s people living on benefits “because they have children”. People are without a job because in capitalism, you have to compete to get one, and innovations mean people become “redundant”.
      What should be done is redistribute the work that’s left, preferably combined with instating an unconditional basic income ( )

  • HIV LAB MADE says:

    President Obama Victim Of Outrageous And Despicable Racism. Agree? Happy Hour Roundup: New report confirms GOP obstructionism is unprecedented

    Posted by Jonathan Bernstein on May 3, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    “The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service has released an important new report that details Barack Obama’s record on nominating judges during his first term. It’s no surprise: Republican obstruction against his selections was unprecedented. For example:

    President Obama is the only one of the five most recent Presidents for whom, during his first term, both the average and median waiting time from nomination to confirmation for circuit and district court nominees was greater than half a calendar year (i.e., more than 182 days).

    A quick look at the report’s summary confirms that Obama’s nominees have been treated more roughly than those of Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and the other Bush.

    That’s only half the story. George H.W. Bush had to deal with an opposition party Senate for his entire first term, and Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had that during about half of their first terms. It’s at least plausibly legitimate for opposite party Senators, when they have the majority, to argue that they should have a larger role in filling judicial vacancies, and to act accordingly. At the very least, if they simply oppose some of those nominees, they will defeat them in “up or down” votes.

    But Obama, like Ronald Reagan, had a same-party Senate majority during his first term. He should have had among the best results over any recent president, all things being equal.

    What changed when Obama took office, however, was the extension of the filibuster to cover every single nominee. Republicans didn’t always vote against cloture (or even demand cloture votes), but they did demand 60 votes for every nominee. That’s brand new. It’s true that Democrats filibustered selected judicial nominations during the George W. Bush presidency, but only at the circuit court level, and not every single one.

    That meant that despite solid Democratic majorities and solid support from those Democrats, Obama’s judicial approval statistics are basically the worse of any of the recent presidents. He doesn’t show up last on every measure — for example, George H.W. Bush had a lower percentage of district court nominees confirmed — but he’s fourth or fifth out of five of these presidents on almost every way that CRS slices the numbers, and it adds up to by far the most obstruction faced by any recent president.

    And remember: the losers here aren’t just the president and liberals who want to see his judges on the bench. Ordinary people who just want to get their legal matters taken care of promptly have suffered because of all the vacancies on federal courts.

    It’s really a disgrace. Especially those picks that were delayed for months, only to wind up getting confirmed by unanimous votes. Especially the foot-dragging on district court nominees. Just a disgrace.”

  • Alicia says:

    Could I Possibly Be Pregnant? The average length of my period is twenty six days, and twenty six days was on thursday may second. its now may fourth and my period hasnt arrived. i have had cramps for the past week, like my period was going to start but it didnt. i took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came back negative. actually i took two different tests at the same time. both negative. I wanna know if im pregnant. i dont think i am, but i could be. Please let me know your opinion. thank you.

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