May The Fourth Be With You

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May the Fourth Be with You: History of 'Star Wars' on the Internet

4 May 2014 | 4:15 pm As anyone with a Boba Fett action figure already knows, May 4 is Star Wars Day, as in, "May the Fourth be with you. (Yeah, its kind of a stretch). It has become so big that even NASA celebrates it.

May the Fourth be with you: It's "Star Wars Day"

4 May 2014 | 3:46 pm Fans of the film franchise the world over have started celebrating the epic saga every May 4

May the 4th Be With You: A Brief History of Star Wars Day

4 May 2014 | 3:15 pm Get out your Princess Leia costumes and lightsabers and get ready to party

May the Fourth Be With You | chappelltemple

4 May 2014 | 1:43 pm Now I mention all of this because today, just in case you don't know it, is Star Wars Day within the popular culture. Why? Because it's the fourth of May, of course. And as Star Wars fans are quick to say, May the Fourth Be With …

May the fourth be with you (or not). | Celeb Gossip, Celeb News and …

4 May 2014 | 12:42 pm Today, May 4th, is the day to let your geek flag fly! This is the day that we all remember 'Star Wars.' Lego has an adorable (and very accurate) summary of the first three 'Star Wars' movies (Episodes 4 -6). Yet not everyone …

Sunday Lightside Links: May The Fourth Be With You – St. Louis …

4 May 2014 | 12:00 pm It's a stupid pun, but every day should be Star Wars Day anyway!

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8 Responses to May The Fourth Be With You

  • Alieee says:

    Will I Get A Clear Or Plastic Retainer? So, I get my braces off on the 28th May after having them for 1.5 years. I am wondering whether I will get the Essix (clear) retainer or the Hawley (metal) retainer. My friend recently got her braces off and she got the Essix one, whereas when my brother had his braces removed around 2 years ago, he was given a Hawley retainer.

    So, does it depend on your orthodontist or just what suits you best?

    Thanks! 🙂
    May the Fourth be with you! xd

  • Xcaramel says:

    Tragic Romantic Oneshots? I really like tear jerking romantic oneshots but it has to be tragic like the main character dies or something like that…. Please no yaoi or yuri or smut or anything like that I want shoujo…I like something like Natsu no Kakera… Something like a love that is painful but beautiful

    • Curator says:

      Babel no Tegami (really sad and heart-breaking to me more than Natsu no Kakera to me. i think you may love it)
      Even after all these years, you’re still the only one I think of… I’ll put all of my feelings into this letter for you.

      A story of a one-track love, desperately wanting to reach its destination.

      12-ji no Kane ga Naru (this one is definitely a counterexample and a perfect example of what you want. you may or may not enjoy it. I love how weird it is. here love is really painful in other means.)

      In this story, we’re treated to a twisted, gothic-horror remix of the classic Cinderella story (as re-imagined by a shounen author for a shoujo audience), where we find, in the end, that nothing comes free, and if it sounds too good to be true, well, there’s usually a catch. You’ve never seen Cinderella like this!

      Fairytale of Winter (this was sad like the original little mermaid)
      A story about a snow princess created by humans.

      Good-bye, My 19 year Old Self
      Jin-Pyo is in love… but with his brother’s girlfriend. Sadness and tragedy will come out of it.

      Until You Fall Asleep (it is not romantic but the family love is painful and the cause of…)
      Irene is very happy when she finds out that her mother is getting remarried and will have an older sister to play with. Laura, on the other hand, is not so happy to see her father getting remarried after so little time since her mother’s death. While the girls start to settle their differences and become more friendly towards each other a dark secret starts to reveal itself.

      The Girl’s Winter (again this is not romantic but the relationship between the main girl and the guy is very deep and heartbreaking. it’s also meaningful. I highly recommend this)
      She thought of dying, but never of the consequences on others…

      Shisei (YOKOBABA Ryo) (bittersweet and unexpected)
      A love story between two souls separated by their stations in life, in the form of a tattoo.
      “Even if we stopped seeing each other, my soul would always be with you.”
      A man visits a certain tatoo artist. A vivid love story of surreptitious, yet intense longing of two souls.

      See You Again (IKE Junko) (I read this yesterday. it is bittersweet)
      Yoshino’s family moves frequently due to his parent’s job transfers. He’s finally made his first true friend, but has to move again. Before he leaves, he makes a promise to come back and visit her—before she gets married.

      One day a young woman sees the man of her dreams.

      Nageku Shinigami (cute and heartwarming)
      Rondo is a death god who must retrieve the souls of dying people with a kiss. However, when he meets his next target, he finds himself distracted from his task by her sunny personality.

      Mugen Dokei
      In a world where time consists of two kinds of clocks, the Clock of Eternity, which indicates the life span of the universe, and the Silver Clock, which indicates the life span of a person, lived Mu, a carefree girl who despises the contradiction between eternity and the Clocks. Then she meets a boy who’s Silver Clock runs faster than any other person she’s met…

      Bride (Aivan) (I really cried alot)
      A beautiful tale about a 20 year old divorcee who cannot bear children and her second marriage to the 16 year old, fourth son of a prestigious family. The son who was ill since childhood became forsaken by his family. But in order to prevent his spirit from haunting the family after his death they forced him to marry Sou.

      Visukiisu no Akai Ningyou (dark abut beautiful)
      Mary is hired as a laundress at castle inhabited by a mad Earl who is obsessed with making her become his doll.

      Without the Sun
      The heartbreaking story of a vampire and a blind girl falling in love, both wishing to see the sun and trying to find happiness while at it.

      Akazukin to Yasashii Ookami (again this is not really romance. you can intrepret it as that. I cried so much for this. too sad)
      A young girl who leads a hard life finds refuge in her friendship with a tall black being from the local forest.
      A short, textless oneshot with a grim take on Little Red Riding Hood.

  • Destani says:

    How Am I Supposed To Count A Month Correctly? I don’t know whether to count a month by the same number as the last month or by the actual day.

    For example, would a month from Wednesday April 16, 2014 be on Friday May 16, 2014, or would it be the fourth Wednesday from April 16? I know if you’re counting the weeks, the next Wednesday would make one week.

    Please help! I am confused! Thank you!

  • Jamie says:

    Anxiety, Or More? Well, I’m a 22 male and have been going back and fourth between doctors because these past few months have been hell. I first went to the E.R. because my heart rate was up and so was my blood pressure. They did blood work, EKG and a chest x-ray. It all came back normal and the doctor said it was nothing more than a case of anxiety. He set me up to wear a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours and all of that came back normal.

    About two weeks later, I had chest pains and went to the E.R. again. They, again, did an EKG and it came back normal. I then went to the doctor, whom listened to my heart for about five minutes and he said it sounded normal. Mind you, I have also been having palpitations during this time. So he sent me for a Cardiac CT Scan. He also assumes its anxiety.

    So, two days ago I went and did my CT Scan. I don’t have the results back yet, but I have been nervous ever since this all started. I was just out with some friends and it felt like my heart stopped and I had this hot flush come over me. I checked for a pulse and couldn’t find one in my chest or neck. It lasted for about five seconds and then it started back up again. I am so nervous now and thinking about going to the E.R. again…. Someone please give me an opinion and help. 🙁

    • Curator says:

      Most palpitations are harmless and anxiety can make them worse. I would expect if you were having a definite problem your EKG would have been abnormal.

      How much coffee or energy drinks or Red Bulls are you drinking a day? Check the caffeine in what ever drinks you buy. Your anxiety and palpitations may be related to the amount of caffeine you are drinking.

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