Fred Willard

Fred Willard Denies Lewd Conduct Allegations: 'It Did Not Happen'

Thu, 19 Jul 2012 16:41:39 -0700 "It's a difference of opinion," the actor says of the police who arrested him after allegedly being caught with his pants down at an L.A. theater. read more

Fred Willard Backlash: Fired from PBS' 'Market Warriors'

Thu, 19 Jul 2012 17:10:17 -0700 His alleged yanking got him literally yanked off the show.

Fred Willard Fired By PBS After Lewd Conduct Arrest

Thu, 19 Jul 2012 14:12:57 -0700 His lawyer says the actor, who allegedly was caught with his pants down in an L.A. theater less than 24 hours earlier, will fight the charges. read more

I’ll Believe You (DVD) tagged “fred willard” 6 times

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Fred Willard Arrested for Lewd Conduct |

Fred Willard was arrested for lewd conduct last night in Hollywood when police allegedly caught him with his pants down in an adult movie theater … TMZ

Fred Willard: 'It Didn't Happen' |

Fred Willard says his lewd conduct arrest at an adult movie theater last night was a "big misunderstanding" and says flat out, "It didn't happen."The

Fred Willard — Fired from PBS |

It only took a few hours for the fallout to hit Fred Willard after being arrested for lewd conduct … because PBS just gave him the heave ho. TMZ

Best In Show DVD Movie 2001 Comedy Rated PG-13 Jennifer Coolidge Fred Willard EC

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EPIC MOVIE . . . ( DVD – Unrated ) 2007 – Carmen Elektra, Fred Willard – PARODY

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11 Responses to Fred Willard

  • Anonymous says:

    Why Do People Get Arrested For ”lewd Conduct” At Adult Theaters (e.g., Fred Willard) But Not At Bathhouses? Aren’t they both adults-only private businesses? Thus, why would law enforcement intervene in one but not the other?

  • Anonymous says:

    Willard Mitt Romney From The Friendly Website Free Republic, Enjoy? Free Republic

    Why Romney Sucks

    Posted on Thursday, June 02, 2012 3:42:06 AM by True Republican

    The fact is that Mitt Romney is an unprincipled chameleon with ZERO core beliefs… a synthetic, calculated opportunism has taken their place.

    Meanwhile, most of what he actually has said and done betrays a Big-Government social liberal.

    Other fun facts regarding this ‘conservative’ fraud’s past actions, positions, and failures:

    He refused to endorse the 1994 GOP “Contract with America”

    Mitt distanced himself from the Reagan legacy: “I was an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush”

    Romney lost GOP House seats in both Massachusetts elections of his tenure, 2004/2006 (leaving
    Republicans with the least # of seats there since the Civil War)

    He strongly supported gay rights until it was time to run for president in 2007

    Romney helped raise money for Planned Parenthood
    Mitt passed over GOP lawyers for three-quarters (75%) of the 36 judicial vacancies he has faced as Governor, instead tapping registered Democrats or independents – including two gay lawyers who have supported expanded same-sex rights

    Romney sold RomneyCare as a “conservative idea” even as it inflicted an unconstitutional mandate on Massachusetts residents and created a vast new bureaucracy

    Romney claims he didn’t raise taxes are based on deception: he had called them “fees” instead- and inflicted over 100 of them

    He increased annual state fees by $500 million as governor and proposed two corporate tax increases totaling close to $400 million a year.

    Under Romney, Massachusetts manufacturing jobs declined at -14% -double the national average- while government employment jumped +7.2% and state spending increased +20.7%

    Mitt spoke repeatedly of his support for “strong gun laws” that “protect us”

    Although not at all required to do so, Romney proclaimed a Massachusetts “Youth Gay Pride Day”

    When challenged by Fred Thompson in debate, Romney said he “likes mandates” and “on the national level”

    RomneyCare had clearly failed, an unmitigated disaster that was rapidly bankrupting Massachusetts… same as ObamaCare .

  • Jenny says:

    What’s The Name Of This Movie? It has Fred Willard in it.
    and he’s like, in a singing group with a bunch of other guys.
    its a funny movie i believe. and i think at one point he punches someone.
    please help me asap
    i DO NOT know the title. :l so asking me is pointless

    • Curator says:

      I think you might be thinking of the break-up with vince vaughn and jennifer anniston. the guy in the singing group is John Michael Higgins. look him up on

    • Curator says:

      I’ve always been all over his dry, tongue in cheek,
      straight face deadpan approach to the dark and
      delicate subtleties that humor has to offer from
      within our humanity.

      He and Charlie Grodin have something real special
      that so few have so down.

      I like Fred especially in the “Best In Show” kind of movies
      with the Christopher Guest entourage–vis a vis “Waiting
      For Guffman,” “For Your Consideration,” “A Mighty Wind,”
      and, notably, “This Is Spinal Tap”.

  • Boy Name Survey ~ This Or That #3? This is a follow-up to others I have posted today; I may be posting more later, so keep your eyes peeled! Just like my other surveys, please choose one name from each PAIR of names. Comments, etc, are more than welcome, but please be respectful; even if you don’t like a name, don’t be mean about it. This is just for FUN.
    Thank You 🙂

    Boniface ~or~ Wallace
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    Bryce ~or~ Pryce
    Chance ~or~ Lance
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    Lawrence ~or~ Reece
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    Vance ~or~ Vince

    Brock ~or~ Zack
    Cedrick ~or~ Chadwick
    Frederick ~or~ Patrick
    Jack ~or~ Mack
    Maverick ~or~ Roderick

    Franco ~or~ Marco
    Rico ~or~ Rocco

    Alfred ~or~ Gerard
    Arnold ~or~ Bernard
    Brad ~or~ Chad
    Clifford ~or~ Edward
    Conrad ~or~ Oswald
    David ~or~ Jared
    Desmond ~or~ Edmund
    Donald ~or~ Gerald
    Floyd ~or~ Lloyd
    Fred ~or~ Jed
    Harold ~or~ Howard
    Judd ~or~ Todd
    Leland ~or~ Ryland
    Leonard ~or~ Richard
    Raymond ~or~ Reginald
    Reid ~or~ Ted
    Roland ~or~ Ronald
    Shad ~or~ Tad
    Winfred ~or~ Willard

    • Curator says:

      Boniface ~or~ Wallace: Wallace
      Boyce ~or~ Royce: Royce
      Bruce ~or~ Horace: Bruce
      Bryce ~or~ Pryce: Bryce
      Chance ~or~ Lance: Chance
      Clarence ~or~ Terrance: Terrance
      Justice ~or~ Valence: Valence
      Kierce ~or~ Pierce: Pierce
      Lawrence ~or~ Reece: Reece
      Maurice ~or~ Tyreece: Maurice
      Vance ~or~ Vince: Vance

      Brock ~or~ Zack: Zack
      Cedrick ~or~ Chadwick: Cedrick
      Frederick ~or~ Patrick: Patrick
      Jack ~or~ Mack: Jack
      Maverick ~or~ Roderick: Roderick

      Franco ~or~ Marco: Franco
      Rico ~or~ Rocco: Rocco

      Alfred ~or~ Gerard: Gerard
      Arnold ~or~ Bernard: Arnold
      Brad ~or~ Chad: Brad
      Clifford ~or~ Edward: Clifford
      Conrad ~or~ Oswald: Conrad
      David ~or~ Jared: Jared
      Desmond ~or~ Edmund: Edmund
      Donald ~or~ Gerald: Donald
      Floyd ~or~ Lloyd: Lloyd
      Fred ~or~ Jed: Fred
      Harold ~or~ Howard: Howard
      Judd ~or~ Todd: Todd
      Leland ~or~ Ryland: Leland
      Leonard ~or~ Richard: Leonard
      Raymond ~or~ Reginald: Raymond
      Reid ~or~ Ted: Reid
      Roland ~or~ Ronald: Roland
      Shad ~or~ Tad: Tad
      Winfred ~or~ Willard: Willard

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