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Watch: Gone Girl debuts first trailer

15 April 2014 | 7:38 am David Fincher's upcoming movie Gone Girl has debuted its first trailer. http://www.rte.ie/ten/news/2014/0415/608936-watch-gone-girl-debuts-first-trailer/

Watch the Full Trailer For Gone Girl!

15 April 2014 | 3:41 am The first trailer for Gone Girl is finally here, and not only does David Fincher's adaptation of Gillian Flynn's bestselling book look incredible, but it'll forever change how you feel about the song "She." Set to the hauntingly romantic tune, we see footage of the film, which is about a woman, Amy (Rosamund Pike) who goes missing and leaves her husband, Nick ( Ben Affleck ), behind as the main … http://www.popsugar.com.au/celebrity/Gone-Girl-Movie-Trailer-Australian-Release-Date-34584456

Gone Girl Releases Teaser Trailer Starring Ben Affleck [Video]

15 April 2014 | 2:39 am For anyone that has read the book, and for some that havent, Gone Girl is one of the most anticipated films of the year. The film will be another intense thriller for Ben Affleck, and features a mysterious tale about http://www.webpronews.com/gone-girl-releases-teaser-trailer-starring-ben-affleck-video-2014-04

Gone Girl Releases Teaser Trailer Starring Ben Affleck [Video …

15 April 2014 | 2:15 am For anyone that has read the book, and for some that haven't, Gone Girl is one of the most anticipated films of the year. The film will be another intense thriller for Ben Affleck, and features a mysterious tale about his wife going … http://www.webpronews.com/gone-girl-releases-teaser-trailer-starring-ben-affleck-video-2014-04

[WATCH] 'Gone Girl' Trailer: Ben Affleck Claims He Didn't Murder His …

15 April 2014 | 2:02 am Ben Affleck proclaims his innocence in the first official trailer for the highly anticipated screen adaptation of Gillian Flynn's bestselling thriller Gone Girl, but the case is far from closed. Watch the 41-year-old Oscar winner hunt … http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/04/14/gone-girl-trailer-ben-affleck-david-fincher/

Trailer for David Fincher's Mystery Thriller GONE GIRL GeekTyrant

15 April 2014 | 1:51 am The first trailer for David Fincher's Gone Girl is here, and it looks like a fantastic film. I'm a huge fan of Fincher's work. He's great at telling these kinds of stories, and I love the style and tone that he brings to this one. It even … http://geektyrant.com/news/trailer-for-david-finchers-mystery-thriller-gone-girl

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  • Aaron says:

    Can You Leave Base If You Live In Dorms? Air Force, not AIT or BMT but your first assignment. Can you leave base to go into town, like to Walmart or stores and restaurants in town? Can i stay in a hotel with my family while they visit? Can you dip tobacco in dorms? Smoke outside? Have things like computers, ps4, cell phones? What’s life like in air force dorms?

    • Curator says:




      Sooo Aaron,

      How many times you going to ask a slight variation of the same question?

      Once you are PCS’d to your duty station, what you do in your free time is your business. There may be some ‘off limits’ businesses and areas of town, or businesses you are not supposed to cater to – so keep that in mind, otherwise, you are free to go where you want ON YOUR TIME. This is also on YOUR DIME. Don’t think you are going to ‘check out’ a military vehicle and drive to wal mart. Get or rent your own car. Some bases MAY have a shuttle bus from time to time, or, the local (civilian) bus company might have a route where you can catch the bus, but don’t count on it. You’re a big boy by this point and momma ain’t there to take you by the hand. But going to Wal Mart and area restaurants is fine.

      To answer your other question (across all 3 questions here):

      Yes, you can stay in a hotel with your family off base if you want. You MIGHT be able to rent Space-A billeting on base and put them there…unofficially (you would technically be the ‘occupant’). Play it safe, let THEM rent a hotel nearby and you can go visit them. You don’t have to check in or check out with someone (unless you were ordered to stay in the dorms for some reason), so long as you do not miss your duty.

      Tobacco products are not allowed in the dorms and smoking is allowed only in authorized areas, so just going ‘outside’ is not enough. If you want my advice: QUIT BOTH. Not worth it. To this girl, there is not a bigger turn OFF than a guy who smokes, DIPS, or has tattoos. Not going to impress the kind of girls you want to take home to mom….unless mom also has ink, DIPS, and smokes. PLUS: the trend in the military is to not sell tobacco products on base, and if I were to guess, not being allowed to smoke on base at ALL isn’t too far down the corner, and smokers/dippers won’t be allowed to enlist or re-enlist. That is my GUESS, but I think I will see that in my Army career. So stop both of those. Makes you stink and does nothing more but tell everyone you aren’t far removed from the trailer park.

      Computers and cell phones are ON YOU. Life in the dorms is what you make of it and your accommodations will vary by base. If you think it will su-ck, you aren’t likely to be disappointed. The air force is mostly a private room / private bath with shared common area (kitchenette, sink, ‘living room’) or private room with fridge / kitchenette / shared bath setup, but I have heard some people still have roommates (lower ranking people) – so chances are you will have a room of your own, but you could (at least initially) share a room – but that is going to vary BY BASE.

      How nice are the dorms? Think typical college dorm room. “Nice” is going to vary based on your definition of the word. Is it the Hilton – NO! Is it a resort? NO! is it like a typical hotel room? Iffy. Is it like a MOTEL 6? That’s probably closer. No frills. But does it beat a TENT? Most of the time.

      If you are an E-1, you’ll be living in the dorms. You are also NOT LIKELY to get permission to live off post because E1’s don’t get paid much and to live off base once you figure in deposits, rent, lease, utilities, FOOD, etc – you’ll likely be facing a financial hardship and not managing your finances will get you right out of the Air Force! Now can you GHOST? Meaning live off-base without permission? I suppose what your chain does not know won’t hurt them, but I wouldn’t. WHY ask for trouble? Keep in mind – if you are allowed to Ghost, you must still keep your room in inspection order, you still have to be present for all dorm activities, meetings, GI parties, etc; you do NOT get out of ‘bay orderly’ or other dorm activities. You may or may not get BAS. I have heard this goes both ways. Some people get BAS because the DFAC will charge you for your meals. Generally if you live in the dorms, you do NOT get BAS and your meals at the DFAC are free. Also keep this in mind: IF you get permission to Ghost (live off base – NOT LIKELY), you will NOT get a housing allowance! The only time you will be considered for a housing allowance and allowed to move out of the dorms (if you are single) is when you make E5 or up, and/or the dorms are a certain percentage of full (I have heard that number is high – like 95% full). E4’s are iffy. If you are E5, you can ask for and usually get BAH (of course, that varies too). If you are below E5, you can ASK for BAH, but you are not likely to see it unless the dorms are virtually full, and then you have everyone else that outranks you that will be ahead of you in line to get it. You can BET the dorm occupancy rate will fall below 95% (or whatever that number is) LONG BEFORE they get down to E1’s and E2’s!

      In short, COUNT on living in the dorms.

      Overnight guests in the dorms? This is tricky. I don’t know what the air force policy is on this. if you want to take a girl to your private room and bang her like a broken screen door, I supposed that is OK, if it is a private room. But she can’t LIVE there. I am not sure what AF policy is on that.

  • Anonymous says:

    Title Suggestions For Movie Trailer? I’m suppose to make a movie trailer as a project for class. an its about a girl who goes to a new school. an automatically she is harassed,bullied,etc. so everyday she hides in areas of the school. Soon then students gave her the nickname shadow. one night she discovers she has a super power. she has the power of controlling fire. so she have fire come out of her,set things on fire, etc.
    that is all I have for now. but I was going to call the trailer: “Shadow” or “The Girl Called Shadow”
    but it doesn’t feel there yet. I was wondering anyone out who has any advice our suggestions? thanks c:

  • I Don’t Know Who To Cast For My Wattpad Story. Opinions Please? My story is about two depressed teenagers who fall in love and make each other’s world complete. I want actors and actresses who have that sort of gloomy, mysterious vibe, but are super hot. I don’t know if i want India Eisley and Joshua Anthony Brand. Or India Eisley and Logan Lerman. Or Logan Lerman and Lilly Collins, since they’ve actually been in a movie together, and it would be easy to make a trailer, with them. Or if I want Lilly Collins and Joshua Anthony Brand. Originally I was going to put India Eisley and Logan Lerman together and Joshua Anthony Brand as the girl’s younger brother. But then I thought about it, the more I looked at Joshua Anthony Brand and India Eisley together, the more i thought ‘Oh they look so cute together’, but that would be sort of incest. Plus it’s a little wierd for me because Joshua is taller than Logan and Logan is kind of mor appropriate for India Eisley’s younger brother. But he doesnt have the same eye color as India. Then I just thought why dont I just Logan Lerman and Lilly collins together! They’re super cute in Stuck In Love, so why not? And then I thought, hold up … what about Lilly collins and Joshua Anthony Brand? And now I’m just confused, stressed and I neeeeddd help, please.
    ok fine not depressed. The girls parents died, and her little 12 year old sister is in the hospital paralyzed, sitting in a wheel chair, staring out the window, because her family got in a bad car accident. She feels guilty because her and her brother were the least damaged. She’s is extremely sad. The boy’s dad was shot right in front of him, and he felt guilty because their last conversation was an argument. WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU EXPECT THEM TO BE? HAPPY WITH OVERMOUNTING JOY?!?

    • Curator says:

      I don't know about all of the characters, but Lily Cole (she played the Siren on "the curse of the black spot", an episode of Doctor Who) is soooo beautiful in a mysterious way. I think she would be perfect.

  • Reece says:

    What Is The Name Of This Movie And Where Can I Find It? I’ve been looking for this movie that I saw a trailer for in the cinema a couple of years ago and cannot find it anywhere. It’s a conspiracy kind of movie – something about a guy meeting a girl and then he goes and meets her again or something but some sort of illuminati type organisation that controls everything gets involved because he wasn’t supposed to see her again or something. I think it was set mainly in an American city. I remember from the trailer a scene where the protagonist is backing away from the bad guys and one of them sort of makes this hand gesture and a bit of the floor comes up and trips him over. It couldn’t have been that good because I can’t find it anywhere and I’ve been looking for ages. Something about a group of people that control everything and then they go after him because he goes against their plans or something. If you got any ideas please tell me because it’s driving me nuts. Thanks!
    Thank you so very much

  • Ready To Call It Quits For This Job…? I’ve been at this security job for 9 months now and I’m just to the point where I’m fed up with work. Here’s a quick summary. I’m ready to just call it quits even though I have nothing else lined up because this job is unbearable. Everyone I work with is messy. Its only you and one other gaurd. The guy I work with has one job and its to sit in a shack while I do all the work since I’m the supervisor out of the two of us. He never sits in the shack which is outside since its a construction site and every time I pass by he’s sitting inside and anyone just drives into this site and i do my best to keep an eye on the gate too. I’ve reported him but thet won’t do a thing about him then I get in trouble. Not to mention he takes off an hr early.Then when it’s time for me to go every night, the girl that’s my relief shows up 15-30 minutes late. So that’s extra time I have to document and I’m getting tired of this unplanned overtime, I’ve had to stay over til 3am twice because she pulled a no call, no show. Your supposed to get fired if you don’t show up for work. We have a guy that works here whose homeless or something and he shows up to work 4 hrs early and sleeps on the floor in the trailer. This job is driving me mad and its not worth the $10/hr working with such ignorant people and when you report this stuff no action gets taken. I’m the only one that tries to do most of the procedures we’re supposed to do and I show up on time. Should I just quit?

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