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  • What Do You Guys Think About Giuliana Rancic Not Wanting Her Gestational Carrier To Drink Soda? On the last episode of Giuliana and Bill, she was very concerned about her gestational carrier eating fried chicken or drinking soda. As you can see, Giuliana probably doesn’t eat a lot. She is very underweight, which is not “fit” or healthy (she runs a site called “fit and fun”). She goes on to describe how important dieting is to her. I was disappointed (as I really admire her) that she would even be concerned about this. I know there’s nothing like experiencing a pregnancy when you can do it yourself, but to try to control your carrier’s diet is a bit out of line, in my opinion. Having an occassional soda or some “trans fat” will not do any harm to a fetus/baby. I understand that there are drug screenings for surrogates, but definitely no testing for a strict healthy diet! She should certainly let this issue go and be happy of the fact that she can potentially have a baby!
    No judging here – it’s an opinion. I do admire her tons, and hate the fact she’s going through cancer treatment, but when it comes down to it, it’s not her body – do you feel it’s completely fair to the carrier?
    I’m not trying to start debates, just saying a coke a week “ain’t going hurt nothing.”
    I love Giuliana to death, but she should take my opinion to heart and maybe eat a little trans fat to gain about 20-25 pounds.

    • Curator says:

      I really feel awful for her, having 2 kids of my own was easy for me though I got a late start in life.
      However, while I see how she might be really cocnerned with food and health issues given her struggles, I do think its a bit over the top.
      Frankly, being paid 20k or 30k is a pittance in my opinion given what your body goes through carrying a child and the emotional toll it would take to go through that and hand the baby over, even though its giving someone else a huge gift.
      I am overall pretty healthy and a vegetarian, never smoked drank, avoided excess caffeine when pregnant. But, that occassional soda or junk food is sometimes they key to my sanity during pregnancy. I agree she should probably dial it back a little bit. Perhaps reality tv is trying to trump up some extra drama.

    • Curator says:

      If U want, U may help her by posting this to her email and show Ur real love, affection and concern for her.

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  • What Is Giuliana Rancic’s Job? I know she hosts E! News and also attends all the award shows and interviews/describes the celebrities in attendance, but what exactly would you call her job? Is she a news broadcaster? A talk show host? Same with Ryan Seacrest. I am interested in pursuing a career like their and would like to know what to call it haha and what i should major/minor in in university for this. Thanks 🙂

  • What Determines If A Woman Will Survive From Breast Cancer And Fully Recover? I have a teacher who just told us she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She mentioned to us that her prognosis was “very good” but the news of course startled her. I have known girls whose mothers have passed away from breast cancer. There have been famous women like Christina Applegate and Giuliana Rancic who have beaten and survived the cancer.

    My question is what determines whether or not a woman will come out of it fine? My teacher is in her late 40’s or early 50’s, white woman, higher educational (doctorate) and socioeconomic level. I’m guessing she has yearly physicals if that can help with “early detection.”

    Should I be very concerned or do you think her outcome is actually “very good”? I don’t know too much about stage 1, stage 4, etc…but I do know Elizabeth Edwards succumbed to cancer, while a large majority of women have beaten it. Please educate a bit on prognosis.
    Tarkarri God bless you. Thanks for the answer I appreciate it.

    • Curator says:

      Depending on how advanced her cancer is, it is most likely to be very treatable and she will be fine. There are 4 stages and 3 grades possible. Some types respond to hormone therapy and others don’t. I was stage 3, grade 3, and 4 years later am doing fine! I had chemo, radiation, several surgeries, and hormone therapy.

      Elizabeth Edwards was an odd case. Hers was stage 2, treated, then came back and was stage 4 because it had spread so much. Some cases are unlucky like that.

      Be strong for your teacher! Breast cancer isn’t necessarily a death sentence any more, and being positive, upbeat, strong, and laughing a lot go a long way toward doing well.

  • What Are Things You Are Thankful For And What Is The Most Important One Thing You Want Out Of Your Life ? Happy new year everybody!
    We hear a lot of people complaining how bad life is for them and some people have a tough life but I would like you to come up with at least 3 to 5 things you are thankful for in your life…and I also would like to know what is the most important thing you want to do or what is the most important thing in your life for the future…(what do you want to achieve or do in your lifetime)?

    OK I start with myself

    1. I am thankful to be able to breathe and that each breath fills my lungs because in 2002 I was for
    six months barely able to breathe and every breath was labored and I was aware of every forced
    breath I took which still was not filling my lungs…so I don’t take breathing for granted since this
    and I am grateful for the air I breathe.

    2. I am grateful for the one great friend I have whom I have known since I was 9 years old and she
    was 7. I don’t believe we have to pity the person who has one true friend, I believe we have to pity
    the person who has instead 100 acquaintances and no friend who is genuine and there to raise
    one up, listening to problems, trusting you, respecting you and vice versa of course because
    friendship is a two way street.

    3. I am grateful that my parents who are elderly and live on another continent are alright.

    4. I am grateful for my lovely male cat who has been my companion and ”friend” for 18.5 years so far

    5. I am grateful for some great pals on Yahoo answers who even wished me ”Happy New year”

    6. I am grateful for nature and the beauty of it and for the animals in nature.

    7. I am grateful that I can laugh

    8. I am grateful for books because I just love to read

    9 . I am grateful for people who ask great questions, mine are always dumb but I have some nice
    pals who star my question anyhow.
    10. I am grateful to hear and see and have all 5 senses working and for music.

    11. I am glad when people who have cancer..anybody ..not just celebs but any person who beats
    cancer and is a survior I am thankful and glad for them because it could be anyone of us.


    What is most important for me is to be the best ”me” I can be. I feel empowered and inspired by some things I always put off in the past and let it slide and then I got inspired…even if it’s just tiny things such as having finally gotten to exercise and change my lifestyle eating habits and to have dropped 26 pounds in weight.
    I want to feel I care about other people and never turn a blind eye if I can help and I do want to feel needed.

    Now let me know please what makes you thankful and what is most important for you to do or to achieve or to be perceived as in your living years which I hope will be long and happy and healthy ones for each and everyone of you…
    x Thanks. x

    • Curator says:

      Thankful God gave me good health, good friends, good job, good life, friends and family that I can turn to when prayer is needed.

      I want people everywhere to be happy

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