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Proclamations of faith

29 March 2013 | 10:44 pm Maryanne McTonic, of Bethel, center, worships during a Good Friday service hosted by Mount Pleasant A.M.E. Zion Church on Rowan Street in Danbury, Conn., March 29, 2013 . A total of ten area churches participated in the noon service that explored Christ’s “Seven Last Words from the Cross.”


29 March 2013 | 10:44 pm Maryanne McTonic, of Bethel, center, worships during a Good Friday service hosted by Mount Pleasant A.M.E. Zion Church on Rowan Street in Danbury, Conn., March 29, 2013 . A total of ten area churches participated in the noon service that explored Christ’s “Seven Last Words from the Cross.”

Pope prays at Good Friday rite recalling Mideast

29 March 2013 | 9:44 pm (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini). A crowd gathers beneath the ancient Colosseum prior to the start of the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) torchlight procession which will be celebrated by Pope Francis, on Good Friday , in Rome, Friday , March 29, 2013 .

Catholics nailed to crosses on Good Friday in Philippines | WGN-TV

29 March 2013 | 7:00 pm In the Philippines, it's tradition on Good Friday for some is to actually suffer crucifixion. This year, nine devout Catholics had themselves nailed to crosses, duplicating the passion of Jesus Christ. Thousands of Filipinos flocked

23 Photos of Christians Graphically Depicting the Passion of Christ …

29 March 2013 | 6:12 pm Christians around the world gathered Friday to celebrate the Passion of Jesus Christ as part of their Holy Week. Pilgrims in Israel streamed through Jerusalem's Old City, walking a traditional Good Friday procession that

Avondale and Logan Square Crime Blotter: Happy Good Friday, 2013

29 March 2013 | 2:40 pm Good morning, everyone, it's 9:40am. Happy Good Friday to all, especially to my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. For those of you who are of the Catholic and Christian faiths, as you know, this is an important day in the

Toms Luis de Victoria: Music for Good Friday (2013)

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  • Why Doesn’t John Cena Be On Smackdown Whilst The Rock Does .. !? Ok .. Maybe He Doesn’t Be There Every Week But

    The Rock .. A Part Time Wrestler Has Been On Friday Night Smackdown More Times Than John Cena In 2013 ..

  • Grayson B. says:

    Will FGCU (15th Seed) Overthrow U. Of Florida (#3 Seed) – March 29 At Dallas Cowboys Stadium? On CBS tonight — Friday 3/29/2013

    YAHOO Sports Preview =
    Florida Gulf Coast (26-10) plays the SEC regular-season champion Gators (28-7), the No. 3 seed in the South, on Friday night. The improbable intrastate showdown is magnified even more at Cowboys Stadium, where the court is on a raised stage and below giant high-definition screens that had the players’ attention on Thursday.

    “Even if you make big plays, it’s hard to get a good angle on that TV, you have to stand right on the edge (of the court),” Eagles forward Chase Fieler said. “We’ll have to run more toward the sideline to see it.”

    This group doesn’t need one of the world’s largest HD displays to appear larger than life, though any highlight dunks sure will look good on the big screens.

    How about a few shots up there of their sun-soaked campus in Fort Myers, Fla., with its manmade lakes and a beach? The school’s first classes were held in August 1997, making FGCU younger than the players who have put it on a national stage.

  • MikeyB says:

    Friday Night SmackDown Ep.93 Presented By BVW. Is It Good? October 11, 2013:

    1.-Non Title Singles Match:
    World Champ Dolph Ziggler d. Santino Marella w/the Zig Zag

    Post Match: Dolph props his title up on a ringpost. He says, “Power to the people.” He says that they have the power to choose what match he and Randy go to war in. BREAK DOWN THE WALLS. Chris Jericho makes his way down to the ring. He says that he is sorry to interrupt the champ but he couldn’t help but notice Dolph’s facade. Dolph looks calm and collected, focused on his match with Randy, but inside he’s sweating. He’s nervous. Dolph steals Chris’ catchphrase, “Will you please shut the hell up!” The crowd pops. Chris smiles smugly. Dolph says if Chris thinks he’s nervous about anything he is wrong. He is perfection, he is always ready, and if he is ready for their title match right now. Before Chris can answer Randy Orton’s music hits and he walks down to the ring. Randy drops Chris Jericho with the RKO to boos. He stares down with Dolph and leaves to boos. Randy stands tall at the top of the ramp but Mark Henry runs out and drops him with a huge clotheslines. Mark runs down to the ring and brawls with Dolph. Mark eventually gets the upperhand and drops Dolph with the WSS.

    2.-Non Title Tag Team Match:
    Tag Champs the Briscoes d. Yoshi Tatsu/Jamie Noble w/the Spike Jay Driller

    Post Match: Mark grabs a mic. He says that everyone just saw Mark Henry lay waste to Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler, simple math tells them that the rest of his crew is here tonight. He wants a fight with those punks Xavier Woods and Shelton Benjamin right now. The crowd pops. They wait, no one comes out. They leave in anger

    Interview with Randy Orton: Josh Matthews asks him how feels after the Henry attack. Randy ignores him, Josh then asks him why he attacked Chris Jericho. Randy says that he was doing everyone a favor. The last thing anyone wants to hear is Chris runs his mouth, Dolph wasn’t going to do anything so he took initiative and put an end to the bore. Randy says that he is all for what Mark is preaching but he needs to stay out of Randy’s way. Randy will make his life a living hell. Teddy Long approaches Randy and says that he is glad to hear that. He is going to team with World Champ Dolph Ziggler to wrestle Mark Henry and WWE Champ Bobby Lashley tonight in the main event. Randy is steaming as the segment ends.

    3.-Non Title Singles Match:
    IC Champ Christian d. Sin Cara w/the KillSwitch

    Post Match: Cody walks down the ramp talking on the mic. He calls Christian pathetic, Cody says that the title belongs around his waist. Christian says that he thought he was moving on to “bigger things?” Cody says that he needs to beat Christian. MVP interrupts them as Cody gets to the ring. MVP says that he won’t say that he deserves the title shot because that is entirely the people’s decision. Taboo Tuesday is the fan’s PPV and he is the fan favorite. GM Teddy Long interrupts MVP. He agrees with MVP, Taboo Tuesday belongs to the fans and they can choose Christian’s opponent. Sin Cara, MVP, or Cody Rhodes. The crowd pops as the segment ends.

    The Reckoning(Drew McIntyre, Nigel McGuinness, The Hart Dynasty) make their way down to the ring. Nigel said that a couple weeks ago they challenged the Rock and the Undertaker to a match. Drew says that since, they have only made a couple of shows. Tyson calls them part time performers, has beens. DH Smith says that at the Royal Rumble they will embarrass the old men. This fire burns! Kane, Drew’s opponent, makes his way down to the ring to finish the segment.

    4.-Singles Match:
    Kane d. Drew McIntyre w/the Chokeslam

    Post Match: Drew’s group jumps in the ring and looks to attack Kane. The lights go out, Rock’s music hits. Neither man comes out, but the Reckoning is distracted. Kane capitalizes. He tosses Kidd and Nigel out of the ring. He lays McIntyre and Smith with a Double Chokeslam. Kane stands tall as the segment ends.

    5.-Tag Team Match:
    WWE Champ Bobby Lashley/Mark Henry d. World Champ Dolph Ziggler/Randy Orton after a Codebreaker* and WSS on Orton
    *Chris Jericho interfered in the match and attacked Orton

    Post Match: Chris slowly slinks away up the ramp to boos. Dolph is left alone as Mark and Bobby surround him. Bobby with a hard right and Mark drops him the WSS. Shelton Benjamin and Xavier Woods run out now and catch Chris and toss him back into the ring. Bobby lays him out with a Spear. Woods, Benjamin, Henry and Bobby stand tall as the show closes.

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