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Some applicants find financial aid calculator inexact

Tue, 17 Apr 2012 21:44:43 -0700 Some incoming freshmen expected to receive financial aid because of the calculators estimate, but were surprised to see they didnt. ADMIT SERIES: Part 1 ADMIT SERIES: Part 2

COLLEGE COUNSELOR: UC Admission Standards Tough To Reach

Sun, 22 Apr 2012 16:43:11 -0700 The UC freshman admissions numbers just released for this fall, and the competitiveness is evident at every campus except UCSD, whose admit rate stayed about the same. But dont treat these numbers at Caters to Excel Junkies With Catalog of Options

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Some applicants find financial aid calculator inexact |

If you don't want to read through the whole post, you can find a GPA calculator that I created at this is specific to my school, and may not be accurate for you. During the holidays, I wanted to …

Some applicants find financial aid calculator inexact | ComTech Zone

Other pages on the Web site offer free scholarship searches, definitions of financial aid terms, advice on selecting a college, an online GPA calculator, and help for students seeking athletic scholarships. Other pages on the …

Some applicants find financial aid calculator inexact | News …

Whether fr business r private , th site offers bounty f useful nd nl one f t kind templates, including worker performance review forms, society GPA calculator templates, extra finance payment calculators nd. Whether fr business …

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  • Anonymous says:

    Is It Likely For Me To Get Into Law School? I started out strong with a high GPA as I worked through my associates degree in paralegal studies, However, this past year was my junior year and I have been making steady Bs, I even made one C+!! That said my GPA is down around 3.5, and I do not expect to improve it by much, if at all this last year. I am also scheduled to take the LSAT in June; I plan to start preparing for that next week and study pretty hard over the next 5 weeks until the exam. I practiced on the one that I got in my LSAT super prep book and got a pathetic 144 raw score, but I have never studied the exam at all so I suspect I can improve that before I take the test. That said, is it realistic to expect to get into a good law school at this point? I have attended what is more or less a glorified community college that offers a limited amount of bachelor degree programs, and has open admissions. My associate is in Paralegal as I mentioned and my Bachelor’s will be in homeland security. I am a white male, and I am doubtful that anyone overly impressive will be writing a recommendation for me. I am a former marine if that would help at all, but I also was once arrested for domestic violence BUT WAS NOT CONVICTED. I know this will still hurt my chances though. I am hopeful to gain admission into University of Ky, or University of Louisville, I am also open to Northern Ky, and have considered Southern Illinois in Carbondale as well. Would I be competitive at any of these schools, I have looked through the probability calculator but I am not overly confident in the accuracy of them.

  • Ashley says:

    About To Graduate College: What Do I Do If I Fail? Alright, here’s the situation.

    I was planning on double majoring and then getting a minor. I realized the double major wasn’t for me, but I procrastinated for dropping it. As a result, I was unwittingly midadvising myself @_@ So basically what this means is I took way more geneds my final semester than I needed. I have more than enough hours in literally every single way, and it turns out I could have taken one class this semester and graduated, because that is the only one necessary for my *actual* major. This is relevant because I had severe depression at the beginning of the semester and screwed myself over with grades because I was freaking out.

    OKAY. So. All of my classes, pretty much on the edge with. I am pretty sure I managed to get a passing grade in my essential class (knock on wood, crossing my fingers, etc etc) and now that I’ve gotten that over with… I kinda just want to stop trying and let the last week go and stop stressing. I’m so on the line in all of my other classes that I would need to try way harder than ever before, and last minute no less

    Main question here: Would I be penalized by my university for having a final semester with a couple of fails, and a couple of D’s? For the record, I have enough credit hours so that doesn’t matter, and I only need to officially pass this one course to complete my degree. The rest of the classes turned out to be worthless overall. Also important is that my current GPA is 2.8, and according to a nifty gpa calculator, even if I got all F’s and a single D, my GPA would not go any lower than about 2.18 I think, and 2.0 is the minimum to get a degree from my university.

    So, strangers, I need to know: Based on the information above, can I theoretically slack off and pretty much just get piss-poor grades and still graduate? Or do universities penalize you for a poor semester even if you technically pass the only class that matters in order to graduate?
    I saw a counselor last week and he didn’t tell me either way, mostly because no one wants to answer a question like “hey, can I just get all F’s and a D and be cool?” because it would look like they are condoning bad academic behavior. I’m just being realistic. He talked like his concern was the toll it would take on my final GPA, and the toll it would take if I failed the entire semester, neither of which are going to be issues.

    Do any universities have those sorts of policies regarding final semesters, even? I mean, they only want a 2.0 average out of me… I don’t know how they can have high standards for my final semester.

    • Curator says:

      You get a diploma when you have received credits for all the required courses for your major plus enough credits for electives to meet the required threshold which is usually 120 at most schools. The number of courses you took to get those required credits is not relevant. How many you fail does not matter.

      All those fails mean is that your GPA may be too low to get into grad school.

  • Anonymous says:

    I Got A 24 On The ACT And I Didn’t Use A Calculator, Is This Good Enough? Kind self explanatory, but I’m not sure how good this score is for me. My GPA is only a 2.8, I’m a Junior in high-school enrolled in Honors and college classes. But do you think I could get into any of the following schools if I, hypothetically, were to apply today? And how high would I have to score on the next ACT if this score isn’t high enough?

    -Moody Bible institute
    -University of Northern Iowa
    -University of Iowa

    • Curator says:

      It should be fine for the U of IA or UNI, as they’re public state universities, but don’t expect any scholarships. I don’t know Moody Bible Institute’s requirements.

    • Curator says:

      It’s a program where you plug in all the information you would need in order to calculate your GPA and it tells you what your GPA is.

      I think you’re better off understanding how GPA’s are calculated so that you can figure this out for yourself — then you can do other things like figure out how many credits you will need in a semester or what semester GPA you’ll need in order to meet a given goal. But I use calculators for other things when I’d probably be better off understanding them well enough to do the math myself, so I can certainly understand why some people would rather use a GPA calculator.

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