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Grown Ups 2 (2013)

12 July 2013 | 12:12 pm The most popular movies among readers.

Movie Review: Grown Ups 2

12 July 2013 | 8:09 am Its just a tad better than the original, which stunk.

'Grown Ups 2' no easier to watch than No.1

12 July 2013 | 7:18 am Now playing: Bellevue 8, Green Hills 16, Hollywood 27, Indian Lake 16, Malco Smyrna, Opry Mills 20, Premiere 6, Providence 14, Stardust Drive-In, Thoroughbred 20, Wynnsong 16 Rated: PG-13 for crude and suggestive content, language and some male rear nudity.

Monique Coleman: '<b>Grown Ups 2</b> Premiere <b>…</b> – Just Jared Jr.

12 July 2013 | 3:30 pm Monique Coleman is all smiles as she hits the red carpet at the premiere of Grown Ups 2 held at …

'<b>Grown Ups 2</b>': Really, who asked for this sequel? The Marquee <b>…</b>

11 July 2013 | 9:31 pm When a movie is as critically reviled as "Grown Ups 2," the reviews can wind up being more entertaining than the movie. The comedy sequel "Grown Ups 2," starring a returning Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock and …

<b>Grown Ups 2</b> Still 0% on RottenTomatoes – FilmDrunk – Uproxx

11 July 2013 | 5:32 pm With only 10 critics reporting, Grown Ups 2 is still pitching a perfect Bucky Larson on RottenTomatoes with zero positive reviews. It's strange, you'd think critics would love a movie with a deer peeing on Adam Sandler's face in …


12 July 2013 | 4:21 pm $9.99 (0 Bids)
End Date: Saturday Jul-13-2013 9:21:15 PDT
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12 July 2013 | 4:20 pm $19.99 (0 Bids)
End Date: Saturday Jul-13-2013 9:20:32 PDT
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12 July 2013 | 5:55 am $21.99
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12 July 2013 | 3:50 am $4.99 (0 Bids)
End Date: Thursday Jul-18-2013 20:50:37 PDT
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JLA World Without Grown-ups 1,2 Dezago Humberto Ramos McKone signed by McKenna

12 July 2013 | 2:33 am $6.00
End Date: Thursday Jul-18-2013 19:32:50 PDT
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5 Responses to Grown Ups 2

  • El says:

    Should I Get An Expensive Phone? Help!!? So for my birthday I have a choice to choose a gift since im turning 16. So I was thinking about getting the S4, but im kinda doubting myself. It all started when I was coming home from Canada and I forgot my 5220 Blackberry curve that was with me for almost 3 years because I was really sick and the furthest thing from my mind was to get my old phone. Of course I got some heat from my parents. 2 weeks into school my Ipad got stollen from one of my class mates while I was in the toilet in the last 3 mins of the last class of the week, unlucky I know, so whoever took it dropped it at home and never came back with it. Of course this angered my parents alot and they never let me forget it. Now I convinced my dad to get me the S4 as my birthday gift and I will pay half of it from what I got from my other family members for my birthday. However, during the time since my Ipad was stollen my parens grew this uncertainty in me, where I’m not sure if I can handle and be repsonsible enough of such an expensive phone (where I’m at it costs 714 $, alot more than its orignial price in the US) so its pretty expensive, I feel as though Im gonna lose it the second I touch it. I really dont know what to do :/

    I’m not spoiled, since I was young my parents have raised me to work for my things, while everyone had a beach buggy I had a bike, I asked my parents if i could get one and they said no, which was the right decision of course, it gave me a better body when I grew up. And the first “real” phone with real capabilities I got when I was 13 and was the blackberry that I lost in Canada. I maintain mostly good grades and do sports.

    THanks for your answer 🙂

  • Halim says:

    Please,i Need Some One Who Is So Influent At English To Proofread And Correct Mistakes In My English Short St? Please,i need some one who is so influent at english to proofread and correct mistakes in my English short stories?
    1……………………..In one week………….
    When I just started to decipher letters,my father bought me a book entitled ”How To Learn Praying In One Week” . I read the book.. a week passed, but I didn’t learn how to pray.
    And when I joined school,I adored languages,I gathered few Dirhams ,and I bought a book entitled ”How To Control Five languages In One Week?”.I controlled myself ,I abandoned playing I grew up over my friends,I stuck to the book. The week have passed and I didn’t control the languages. And I was back to playing,till they have expelled me ,and when they expelled me ,I didn’t become angry much ,I gathered few more Dirhams ,and I bought another book entitled “How To Become A Millionaire In One Week?”.I memorized the book ,a week passed and I didn’t become a Millionaire.
    One question kept strangling me “what do they mean by one week?”,do they have their week and we have ours?
    I asked my friend ,is there a book entitled “how to commit a suicide in one week? .
    he laughed and said: suicide doesn’t need a week , suicide needs a minute or two.
    suicide is courage ,decision, and execution.
    I encouraged, decided but I couldn’t execute .
    A minute passed ,two minutes passed ..and I declared in joy and ecstasy,”my week has become like theirs .and tomorrow I’ll learn praying and languages and become a millionaire and commit a suicide in one week”.
    2……..Redundant phrase………..
    he put down the text accompanied with its questions on the bored in more than one place blackboard ,the class is class of composition .It was requested from the pupils to strike off any redundant phrase.
    He was surprised by the laziest pupil in the class coming forward the bored blackboard in more than one place ,he took the small brown eraser ,he stepped back two steps ,came forward the blackboard again ,pointed with his index finger to the question : stroke off every redundant phrase ,and without uttering one letter ,he erased the date ,dropped the small brown eraser , and left the class ,while applause rose .

    3………Yassine and Valley……………….
    The old man gathered his grandsons ,and to them he related the tale which begins by ;once upon a time ,and its end ; and my tale went along with the valley.
    Yasin his grandson the…..haired,went to the valley in silence tracing the tale ,with the naivety of a child he wondered ; the valley is still in its place ,and surely the tale is still here .
    He dived in the valley in search for the tale , he didn’t find except smooth rocks ,frogs and water weeds.
    Yasin decided not to comeback from the valley except with the tale, imagining that he’ll please his grandfather .
    But his grandfather who’s eyes were in tears and became white from sadness ,retired storytelling , from that day he only tell one story to his grandchildren quot;Yasin and the valley.
    4—-The lesson of love-………………
    the young boy entered the class intoxicated ,he stared at the lady teacher very well ,and said : I love you.
    the children laughed and Hanan remained looking at him .
    The teacher ran to the headmaster’s office ,the headmaster had phoned the police ,the news ran through the town ….an intoxicated child told his teacher, I love you.
    When the police officer arrived ,the child has grown ,and before they approach him ,he said: I don’t love her anymore .
    The smell of the wine still coming from his mouth ,and he looked taller than all of them ,while the minister had decided to change the curriculum ,and that children should not study except the lesson of love .
    And Hanan whispered in the child’s ears ;I became in love with the minister

  • Cool says:

    Why Do I Not Like Boys My Own Age? I’m a 14 yr old girl. I’ve been in a few relationships with guys my age and a few that weren’t. Idk why but I’m just never attracted to the ones my age both physically and personality wise. The ones my age always end up liking me, but I lose interest very soon and usually make the decision to be friends. I think they’re naive… The relationships weren’t those typical 2 week middle school relationships either. They lasted quite long. But I never truly found them enjoyable. I kind of just saw it as a burden. It sucks. I always feel like I have to change myself to like a guy my age. Most of them are skinnier than me because I am very curvy but also somewhat slim. I developed early so I kind of have that grown up body… I’ve always been more attracted to older guys bc they are more developed and more mature. Everyone says I’m really mature and they say that if I line older guys then go for them. But I know that’s not right since I’m underage… Can someone explain why I only like older guys? What am I seeing in them that I don’t see with people my age? Thanks.
    Not that much older… I mean like 15,16,17. I’ve been attracted to an 18 yr old guy before but he looked a lot younger than he was. My family situation was troubled but is now good

  • My Uncle Is A Child Molester? Ok so here are the facts

    -Uncle was arrested in the 80’s for molesting two little boys
    -He served 6 months in Jail
    -He is not on the sex offenders list (his offense was before it was created)
    -His wife stayed with him they have 2 daughters (both grown and married/starting families)
    -He loves power and control/being better than everyone

    His kids have no idea he is a child molester. His wife knows (My aunt) but stayed with him because they believe he was saved by jesus an they could pray this away (literally that is what they believe)

    A few years ago I was around them and he said something about my little male cousin (he got pajamas for xmas, and said try them on right here) Only myself and a few other people heard him which makes me believe he is obviously still having thoughts about molestation. (my cousin and him are not close, the PJ’s were not from him)

    I am worried that his daughters will have children and he will do something to them. (the mother refuses to say anything to them) Should I tell them so they can protect their future children?

    It would ruin my mothers relationship with her sister and destroy a lot of the family, but I feel they have the right to know just in case. I would feel horrible if something happened to their child and I didn’t speak up (i am the only one with guts to do it) It is inappropriate for him to make that comment about my cousin considering his past.

    They may end up hating their father but should i tell? I feel like if it were my father I would want to know to protect my child. This cannot be prayed away or just go away. Those type of people never change or get better. What would you do?
    No they honestly do not know. I have talked to my aunt about this and she said she never will tell them and never has.
    Actually I know every detail of what he did, where he did it, what exactly was done to the boys etc.
    His kids do not know I know that for a fact, I do have an anti Christian attitude because that is not my religion and that is ok (it is ok for other people to have different religions you know) you cannot pray this away molesters never change, get the facts. Looks like the last answer person supports molesters. Clearly they are a coward.

  • Evie says:

    Help To Name Some Characters? Hi! Writing a story and I really need some help naming some characters! All characters kind of have names they’re branded by, like a girl in high school can be branded as a “slut” or a guy a “jock”, kind of like that.

    1. The Orphan. She grew up in the orphanage of the poor in the town (there’s another orphanage for children from rich families). The nuns there were very strict to the children and had them study a lot because coming from that particular orphanage goes against you in life. Like no matter how high your grades are or how capable you are most employers don’t want to hire you if they know you grew up there, not because it’s a bad orphanage, but because of a stigma. Because of the nuns strictness she’s very intelligent. She’s the most well read and her mind is fast and she’s good at math. Also because she grew up with nuns she’s very innocent. She blushes around boys and she won’t say bad words or talk about things such as sex. She’s got red hair, a hear formed face, doe eyes and she’s short for her age.

    2. The Whore. She’s not really a whore, in fact she’s got no interest in dating, but it’s a name that’s followed her from her home town where she was bashed. She’s angry but patient and she’s very strong. She has no mercy and enjoys the act of killing people, but only people she has to kill, she never hurts innocents. She likes to fight and takes orders from only a few people. She’s long and well trained with short, brown hair and scars all over her body.

    3. The Silent One, a.k.a. The One With The Secret. He’s silent, hence the nickname, but the main character (character 5) likes to call him the one with the secret since she can’t figure out what his deal is. His father died when he was young and his mother is dying in the hospital. His older brother has three jobs trying to pay for the hospital bills and feed his family, but their mother is dying and The Silent One is desperate to save her. He’s fast and skilled but not as strong as the others. He’s slim and blond and always wears a cap that he liked to pull over his eyes.

    4. The Spoiled. He’s spoiled from a rich family but he’s also very kind and loyal. He doesn’t like being told what to do and often just wants to go off and do his thing on his own since he’s confident he can do whatever he wants, but he’s not completely stupid and he knows when he should ask for help. He’s strong but brute and he’s not very skilled when it comes to tactics and such. He’s tall, muscular and has dark hair but light eyes.

    5. The Caretaker/The Mother/The Reader/The Writer. The narrator of the story. She takes care of everyone else, which is why she’s called The Caretaker and The Mother. She’s kind of the unofficial leader and everyone listens to her even though they never admit to it. They listen to her more than they do their own parents and their supervisors. She comes from a broken family with an abusive dad. She’s called The Reader because she’s very good at reading people’s expressions and telling what they’re thinking/feeling. She thinks of herself as The Writer since she’s the one writing the story. There isn’t a very good physical description of her in the story since it’s first person point of view and she doesn’t think of herself that much.

    I would really appreciate help!

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