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Box Office: 'Hangover Part III' Grosses $3.1M at Late Night Showings

23 May 2013 | 3:05 pm Debauchery paid off in a big way for "The Hangover Part III," as the latest installment in the black-out franchise generated $3.1 million in late night screenings on Wednesday, according to studio estimates. http://za.omg.yahoo.com/news/box-office-hangover-part-iii-grosses-3-1m-143357926.html

'The Hangover 3' Reviews Are in, and They Make for a Mountain of Pans

23 May 2013 | 2:57 pm You didn't really expectThe Hangover: Part IIIto get good reviews, did you? The "epic conclusionto the trilogy of mayhem and bad decisions" featurescruelty to animals (a decapitated giraffe makes frequent appearances in several trailers), and it focuses heavily on Ken Jeong and Zach Galifianakis at their most bizarre, and it apparently just isn't that funny, with plot driven by action … http://news.yahoo.com/hangover-3-reviews-mountain-pans-145713954.html

The Hangover 3 Reviews Are InCritics Are Drunk With Scorn for Sequel

23 May 2013 | 2:47 pm Based on the overwhelmingly negative critical reaction to their latest bro-tastic adventure, it seems the Wolfpack have lost their comedic bite. The Hangover Part III is now in… http://www.eonline.com/news/422190/the-hangover-3-reviews-are-in-critics-are-drunk-with-scorn-for-sequel?cmpid=rss-000000-rssfeed-365-movienews&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=rssfeeds&utm_campaign=rss_movienews

Roundup: Horrific London Attack, Fast &amp; Furious 6 and <b>Hangover III</b> <b>…</b>

23 May 2013 | 12:10 pm Alice Eve, the GIF – JIF debate and the Thunder visit tornado victims. http://www.thebiglead.com/index.php/2013/05/23/london-attack-fast-furious-6-hangover-3-roy-hibbert-speaks/

<b>Hangover</b> Part <b>III</b> A Sobering Experience CBS St. Louis

23 May 2013 | 1:24 am harry star 2stars Hangover Part III A Sobering Experience. The best thing about The Hangover Part III is that it marks the end of this lame film franchise. I hope. At least that's what its director Todd Phillips, insists. Hang 1 http://stlouis.cbslocal.com/2013/05/22/hangover-part-iii-a-sobering-experience/

Bradley Cooper: '<b>Hangover</b> Part <b>III</b>' UK Premiere <b>…</b> – Just Jared

22 May 2013 | 7:50 pm Bradley Cooper is all suited up for The Hangover Park III UK film premiere on Wednesday (May 22) held at The Empire Cinema in London, England. The 38-year-old actor rocked a head-to-toe custom made Ferragamo suit. http://www.justjared.com/2013/05/22/bradley-cooper-hangover-part-iii-uk-premiere/

PROJECT X -w/ HANGOVER 3 $ (Blu-ray 2-Disc #xtendedcut 2 Break of Dawn, Yo!)

23 May 2013 | 3:26 pm $16.55
End Date: Saturday Jun-22-2013 8:25:07 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $16.55
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23 May 2013 | 12:44 pm $15.99
End Date: Wednesday May-29-2013 17:44:07 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $15.99
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Hangover Part 3-Large Movie Mylar 5.25 Inches X 25 Inches

23 May 2013 | 5:52 am $0.99 (0 Bids)
End Date: Monday May-27-2013 22:52:29 PDT
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22 May 2013 | 11:13 pm $85.00
End Date: Friday Jun-21-2013 16:18:45 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $85.00
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22 May 2013 | 11:13 pm $85.00
End Date: Friday Jun-21-2013 16:18:31 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $85.00
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5 Responses to Hangover 3

  • Jeffrey says:

    Can We See An MA 15+ Movie? Me and my friends want to watch Hangover 3 this weekend but we are not sure if we can. I’m 15 years old and my friends are turning 15 in a month or two. Can we watch an MA 15+ movie?

  • D B says:

    In Your Opinion, What Are Top 5 Most Overrated Movies Of All Time? Mine are

    1. The Matrix
    2. Training Day
    3. Lord of the Rings
    4. Top Gun
    5. The Hangover

    What about y’all?

  • ❤ Mimi says:

    What Kinds Of Alcohol Can You Get For $5? That’s NOT Beer? Yes I know about 40’s, but I’m not much of a beer drinker..
    summer is FINALLY here sooo ready for my drink!! lol…

    • Curator says:

      Most liquors come in 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, and 375ml bottles. The smallest bottles can typically be found for $0.99 for cheap liquors, $1.99 for mid-shelf liquors, and up to $5.99 for very expensive liquors. If being drunk is your only goal and your $5 price limit is non-negotiable, you should be able to find 375 ml bottles of VERY cheap liquor (Popov, Burton’s, Old Crow) for about that much. Keep in mind that you get a better deal for your money as you go up in size. Where I live, Sobieski vodka is the best bang for your buck (it won’t cause bad hangovers) and is $10 for a 1L bottle, or $17 for a 1.75L.

      Wine is fairly easy to find for under $5. Again, you can find plenty of high-alcohol wines for very cheap, or you can buy a slightly nicer one that you will enjoy more. “Bum wine” like Thunderbird, MD 20/20, and Night Train are usually about $3 for 750ml, and 19% ABV. Extremely cheap fortified wines (port, sherry, maderia) can be found in grocery stores for about $5/750ml, but are usually intended for cooking, not drinking. Plenty of regular wines are available in just about every varietal, and range from $1.99 to $5.

  • Miles says:

    I Really Want To Date Her But Her Best Friend Keeps Getting In The Way? I just started talking to this girl. I keep trying to set times to go on dates but she always tells me she already has plans with her best friend, who is a guy. They see each other way too much in my opinion. We all work together and she sees him every day. Why do they need to hang out constantly. If I ever ask her to meet up at the spur of the moment, she is either busy with him or asks if its cool if he comes since he is already with her and she doesn’t want to ditch him. Granted I like him and he’s cool but I feel like the third wheel when we do go out. I am trying to get to know her but he already knows her so they talk about other stuff and have a lot of inside jokes. I even asked if she wanted to see hangover 3, which she agreed to 2 weeks ago. Bow all of a sudden she and him are going to see it and i was invited to tag along… Is it weird that they must do everything together? Am getting kind of frustrated..

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