Hard Knocks

Miami Dolphins on Hard Knocks: A viewers guide

Tue, 29 May 2012 11:33:05 -0700 HBO needed darn near forever to find a team to feature on this years version of Hard Knocks , the annual documentary that takes viewers inside a franchise as it preps for the NFL season. http://nfl.si.com/2012/05/29/miami-dolphins-on-hard-knocks-a-viewers-guide/?section=si_latest

10 reasons the Dolphins actually make sense for 2012's 'Hard Knocks'

Tue, 29 May 2012 12:33:59 -0700 The Dolphins are doing Hard Knocks on HBO in 2012. That inspired plenty of jokes on Twitter, but it's actually a smart move for both HBO and the Fins. Here are 10 reasons why. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/blog/eye-on-football/19194158/reasons-the-dolphins-actually-make-sense-for-2012s-hard-knocks/rss

Hyde5: This isn't the year for Dolphins, Hard Knocks

Wed, 30 May 2012 05:38:58 -0700 1. I enjoy "Hard Knocks" as a viewer. It's fun. It's entertaining. It takes you behind the curtain in a controlled way and provides insight or laughs, like when Jets coach Rex Ryan told his players at the end of a fiery speech, "Let's get some gosh-darn snacks." http://sunsentinel.feedsportal.com/c/34258/f/623315/s/1fd854dc/l/0L0Ssun0Esentinel0N0Csports0Csfl0Ehydeblog29b0H0A0H16395520Bstorylink0Dtrack0Frss/story01.htm

HBO's 'Hard Knocks' Series — Miami Dolphins Answer

HBO will return for a seventh season of its NFL training camp series Hard Knocks on August 7 featuring the Miami Dolphins, a year after the network scrappe. http://www.deadline.com/2012/05/hard-knocks-miami-dolphins-hbo-season-premiere-august-7/

Miami Dolphins Land HBO's Hard Knocks, Colts Miss Golden …

The Colts will not be profiled on Hard Knocks in 2012. http://www.stampedeblue.com/2012/5/29/3050638/miami-dolphins-land-hbos-hard-knocks

'Hard Knocks' Is Going to Miami | Kissing Suzy Kolber

Earlier today, HBO announced that the Miami Dolphins would follow in the footsteps of their AFC rivals, the New York Jets, and be featured in this season's. http://kissingsuzykolber.uproxx.com/2012/05/hard-knocks-is-going-to-miami.html


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8 Responses to Hard Knocks

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    Problems At Horse Shows With My Horse? My horse will be perfect at home. Saturday he was collecting, using his hind quarters, and rounding his back.
    Then Sunday, we go to the show grounds (the only ones we’ve been at for 3 years that he used to live almost across the street from.) and we warm up and he crow hopped a bit, which I expected. He was a doll for my mom, they got a 2nd and 1st place in a green rider class. (w/t) Then once my class comes around he wouldn’t put his head down, collect or move forward, he spooked at nothing took off in the arena, then bucked in hunter u/s. We ended up 5th which is basically like not placing at all because it doesn’t even give you points? Then I ended up 2nd in the Eq class. We could’ve done so much better and I felt so bad all I could do was try to hold the tears back (didn’t work left the arena and broke down) I trained him, so I felt like a total failure, considering he was so perfect the day before!
    Then in hunter o/f he was gonna duck out from the jump but I pushed him over and he was too slow and it was a bad jump. He ended up deer hopping then popping me out of the saddle and I fell really hard onto the ground (Tailbone, left ribcage, chin, collar bone, and above my right hip is bruised and sore), got the wind knocked out of me. Then didn’t even place in EQ O/F. ( it was awful.)
    It was just a miserable time at the show. Mum said I was being too hard on myself & my horse. But I disagree. I’m just tired of just showing up and adding numbers to a class. I want to enter the ring and other riders know I’m a force to be reckoned with. But anything and everything goes wrong.

    Do you guys react like I do when you place poorly? I’m trying to be a good sport but I’m just disappointed.
    Also what advice can you give me on any of this?
    I have video’s of the fall & eq o/f I’ll post if you guys want but they’re actually pathetic.
    If he’s good and we don’t place- Oh well I could care less either.
    I don’t want to make excuses for him but for the over fences he was nervous, but I wasn’t.
    EQ I’ll admit my confidence was shaken since I had just fallen on thursday aswell. I never fall so much :S All of it is just so discouraging.
    Just follow the titles. I know they’re awful so no worries.

  • I Accidentally Knocked Out My Sister? I was in the fridge, she startled me from behind and i elbowed her really hard in the face. She was passed out for an hour and now we are not on speaking terms. How can i make this up to her? It was really just an accident.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why Does My Mom Shout At Me? Well you see my mom is always shouting at me for no reason, a couple of days ago my friends asked me if a wanted to go to the pool with them at school and i said sure, so that day they came to knock on my door and said that they were all ready and and i asked my mom of i could go and she said no for no reason, i was like mom please and she said that she needed me home that day and a had to stay and turn my friends, the next day they invited me to starbucks in the morning to pick up some coffee, and they all agreed, and i was like you guys know that i cant and one of my friends man you really have no life do ya and i just sat there looking all dumb, i told my mom mom please i need some freedom in m teenage years and she said you think i had freedom and i was like i dont know and she slapted me across the face so hard that it cracked my neck, i went to my room with tears on my face and a mad/sad look on my face and she said “if you dont take that look of your face ima beat the sh1t out of you” and there was nothing i could do about it. and after that she asked me again you think i had freedom and i just sat there and she said “no a had to work my ass of to safe my dads life” my grandpa died of a heartattck. when she saw me listening to young wild free from wiz khalifa and snoop dog she came and took my ipod away. one day i went to my uncles house and i asked him if he could take my to work that weekend and he said sure and since my uncle was there my mom agreed and so the weekend came and when my uncle was gonna pick me up at my house she told him that i was sick and she told my brother to go so he coukd get the money because i was listening to wiz khalifa, after school she was waiting for me at the bustop and and she saw me talking to a black guy and when i went inside the car she was like “why are you talking to nigg3rs and i was like mom dont be racist please and she said that her excuse for being racist is that all the black people smoke weed and i just got out the car and left that night she slapetd me and said if i doit again she will kick me out the house, by the way im 15 years old and shes my real mom (i got to go my mom here)

    • Curator says:

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      This is a list, read through it. You might find some of these things that apply to you.

      Does your mom:

      Embarrass you with put-downs?
      Look at you or act in ways that scare you?
      Control what you do, who you see or talk to or where you go?
      Stop you from seeing your friends or family members?
      Take your money or make you ask for money or refuse to give you money?
      Make all of the decisions?
      Tell you that you’re a bad son and you don’t deserve the life you have?
      Prevent you from working or attending school?
      Act like the abuse is no big deal, it’s your fault, or even deny doing it?
      Destroy your personal items, or take them away?
      Intimidate you with guns, knives or other weapons?
      Shove you, slap you, choke you, or hit you?
      Threaten to commit suicide?
      Threaten to kill you

      If you have noticed that your mom does a lot of these things, then you are being abused by your mom. I’m really sorry, and I have some numbers that you can call from your house phone when your mom is not around.

      National Abuse Hotline: 1−800−799−7233. This number will give you support and advice on how to handle things with your mom.

      Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868. This is for if you live in Canada, it is a phone for kids or teens to call and talk to someone about any problem at all.

      Also, please talk to a teacher or counselor at your school about this. I talked too a teacher at my school about my problems with my mom, and she really helped me 🙂 Don’t be afraid to say certain things. I was really scared too, but after I told my teacher that my mom would hurt me sometimes physically, everything worked out in the end. I hope it does for you, too.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m Tired Of Being A “step” Mom… I Want To Be A MOM? I’ve been with my husband for 8 years now. We were still young when we got together (I was only 18). We had secret crushes on one another in high school for 3 years prior to getting together, but we both chickened out of admitting it when we had the chance. He’s a couple years older than me and didn’t have a phone or anything back then, so he graduated high school and I thought I’d never see him again. So fate brought us back together 3 years later… 2 months after he accidentally knocked up a very bad girl he was messing around with for 1 month. Good thing I didn’t know then how hard it was going to be to watch him become a father while I stood on the sidelines. I was young and not ready to be any kind of “parent” in the first couple years… so I didn’t wish for a baby. I love my stepdaughter more than anyone in this world. She’s now 7, and she is the only person that can’t help but bring a smile to my face no matter what. The situation that she was born in was horrible, and couldn’t have been more disastrous than it ended up being (her mom is a schizophrenic, bipolar sociopath, and is selfish, mean spirited, immature, neglectful, irresponsible, etc)… however, one glance at my stepdaughter makes it all worth it. I’m 26 now, and for the past 2 years I’ve been starting to get very depressed about being nothing but a “step” mom. I watch my husband grow as a father, I watch my stepdaughter grow into a young lady… I get sad that she is too big for me to pick up anymore and think I wish I had my baby again, then I realize I never had one. She has a mother and it isn’t me. My husband has been a parent the entire time we’ve been together and I’m still playing house with other people’s kids. We’ve talked about having kids in the future so much that it’s beginning to feel like we never will. To make it worse, his little brother who is 2 years younger than I am just had baby #2. I am absolutely crazy about children… loving a child that isn’t mine comes so naturally to me, so I’m desperate to have one of my own. I was scared and not ready with my step daughter, but her best interest has always been my primary concern since long before her birth. I changed her diapers, I potty trained her, I taught her so many things, so it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that I’m technically childless. My husband is about to get a large pay increase that will set us up with more than enough to have a baby, but I can’t help but feel like I will never have a child. I’m worried that I can’t have children because we’ve gone without protection so many times over many years… it also eats away at me that my step daughter’s mom got pregnant only 2-3 WEEKS after MEETING my husband. They literally weren’t even dating, they were just both single, dumb, and horny. It also annoys me that 8 years later, that woman is STILL not ready to be a mom. She parties hard, drinks all the time, waitresses, sleeps around, lets her mom parent her daughter, throws violent raging fits in front of my step daughter (punching holes in walls, screaming what a “bitch” her grandma is) etc… I don’t even really know what I’m trying to ask, but if anyone has any advice on the way I’m feeling. It also doesn’t help that every time I look at the news stand, some celebrity is pregnant. I feel left out and like it’s never going to happen…
    D K- sorry, just sort of scrambled through my thoughts… but just a suggestion, if you don’t want to answer, I wasn’t twisting your arm- comments like that don’t help anyone. If you want points, go to the games section and answer short surveys.

  • Anonymous says:

    What Was Wrong With My Sister? Last night was an awful night. A week or two ago, my 15-year-old sister Robin told she was seeing and hearing things that my mother and I couldn’t see or hear. She told me she was scared. I thought it was a prank and didn’t pay her any mind. She screamed and cried when I left her room. I was a bit worried, but was still a bit unsure of it. Afterwards, I would find her hiding in a corner, rocking back and forth with her eyes shut tightly. She always wanted to sleep in my bed because she kept telling me she was scared. Then last night, the worst happened. She was in the kitchen, screaming like it was the end of the world. My mother kept screaming at her to stop. The harder Mom yelled, the louder Robin screamed. My mom tried to grab my sister for some reason and Robin quickly grabbed a knife from the knife holder and held it to her throat. She said, “Come closer. I dare you!” My mom tried to get closer but Robin held the knife to her. “Get back!”, she said. My mother ran down the hallway to find a phone to call the cops. Robin pushed past me and I followed her to the bathroom. She opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed some pills. I knocked the container out of her hand before she could open it. She screamed and tried to smack me. I pushed her away. She fell onto the bathroom floor and kept on screaming and waving her hands as if to smack bugs away from her. Shortly after, the cops arrived and held Robin at gunpoint. She screamed louder and began to cry. She kept yelling No! No! I’m sorry! They took her away and I was too in shock to follow behind the cops that got hold of her. What the hell could be wrong with her? She wasn’t like this just about a year ago and I’m really worried.

  • I Want To Build My Boyfriends Confidence Up, But Mines Low Too? So me and my boyfriend have been going out for 9 months now 🙂 its going great and hes my first proper relationship, im now 17 🙂
    but the thing is since about 12 ive had no proper confidence due to bullying about my hair colour… (natural red head) obviously it knocked my confidence, cause the bullying was also physical.. i ended up dying my hair and still have it brown now.. but i still feel ugly and down, my anxiety is pretty bad but i try and act confident, even though without being around my mum who lives on her own, or close friends or my dad or my boyfrined, i find it really hard to talk…
    i have pills to take when it gets too bad, and in the last year i have had times where ive cut because ive felt so upset and lonely and worthless..
    but my boyfriend tonight, after me going on about how he makes me feel stupid and boring when he doesnt even text me for like 4 hours (i overthink and think hes not thinking about me) hes confessed hes got no confidence and finds it hard to talk to people/. its made me in a way feel bad but then also angry becuse he said ‘you find it so easy to talk to people’ at hsi house he leaves me alone with his mum and stepdad and sister and i wouldnt of dream of doing that to him. buty i guess he thinnks im confident.. hes such a sweet guy but i wish he would give more emotion to my problems lkike i do to his… i always tell the good things about him,. that hes even beatiful inside and out.. i wish sometimes hed do that to me. without me asking…
    anyways all im saying is how can i try and make him feel more confident about himself, even though i dont feel cofident about myself?

    also im going on a second holiday with him and his family for a week and i feel so fat and ugly.. compared to his sister. i really dont wana go, i have a few marks on my stomache from cutting. he knows ive done it on my wrist but he never really asks about it. i feel like people dont take me seriously sometimes… hes the only person who knows. i hate to relalise that i actually self harm/.. but its something that kind of helps..

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