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Joes Weather Blog: The Ides Of March

15 March 2014 | 7:17 pm On this date in 44 B.C. Julius Caesar was assassinated. It marked the turning point in Roman civilization and previously…

Beware The Ides Of March: The Assassination Of Julius Caesar, Full Moon And Trivia For March 15

15 March 2014 | 5:51 pm It all started with a prophecy from a soothsayer and the assassination of Julius Caesar. Beware the Ides of March may mark March 15, but there is more to the date than one death.

Today is the Ides of March– no need to beware

15 March 2014 | 5:42 pm Today is the Ides of March. But there's no need to be on guard.

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Extra Moments (Audio CD) tagged “ides of march” 2 times

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Playlist: The Very Best of Survivor (Audio CD) tagged “ides of march” 2 times

13 April 2010 | 3:55 am Playlist: The Very Best of Survivor Playlist: The Very Best of Survivor (Audio CD)By Survivor Buy new: $9.1539 used and new from $2.60 Customer Rating: 4.0 Customer tags: jim peterik(4), lifeforce(2), survivor(2), jimi jamison(2), 1980s(2), ides of march(2), lisa mcclowry, classic rock, arena rock, 80s rock, album-oriented rock, album-oriented rock aor

Ideology (Audio CD) tagged “ides of march” 2 times

25 March 2010 | 4:17 am Ideology Ideology (Audio CD)By Ides Of March Buy new: $28.9923 used and new from $12.00 Customer Rating: 4.0 Customer tags: classic rock(9), ides of march(2), jim peterik(2), garage rock

Ultimate Survivor (Audio CD) tagged “ides of march” 2 times

25 March 2010 | 4:17 am Ultimate Survivor Ultimate Survivor (Audio CD)By Survivor Buy new: $9.8546 used and new from $2.86 Customer Rating: 4.0 Customer tags: classic rock(10), survivor(10), album-oriented rock(7), 80s rock(6), album-oriented rock aor(6), jimi jamison(4), arena rock(3), classical album(2), 70s music(2), ides of march(2), jim peterik(2), 80s music(2)


15 March 2014 | 5:33 pm Here we are at the Ides of March already. It's time for another BATTLE OF THE BANDS, and what do ya know? I'm late to my own party. Not really surprised are you? I'll also freely admit that I'm not exactly prepared.

Ides of March Cy Twombly | Biblioklept

15 March 2014 | 5:10 pm One Comment to Ides of March Cy Twombly. ameliacarruthers · March 15, 2014 at 1:34 pm. I really love Cy Twombly, have a beautiful book of his at home too. Great! Reply

Beware the Ides of March! 10 Ways to Spot a Backstabber As Told …

15 March 2014 | 4:30 pm If you slept through your frosh year history classes like I did most of the time (sorry not sorry), you might've missed the memo that today marks the Ides of March. In 44 BC, Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back by a group of

Ryan Gosling Movie Actor The Ides of March & The Notebook 8×10 Glossy Photo

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The Ides of March (DVD, 2012) Starring Ryan Gossling *Geekstuph Movies!

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Ides of March Andrew Wyeth House Dog Hearth Fireplace Art Print Poster 38×26

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  • Meghan says:

    English Homework Help? I was in the hospital for 3 weeks for surgery and now im catching up and really lost. I guess this was something she tought outloud so its not in the textbook and we don’t have the julias ceaser books at my school so my teacher said just do my best and im supppper lost. please help???

    and please don’t say ‘its your homework figure it out” “or “its homework stop cheating” etc. I understand its my homework but I have a legit reason as to why im asking for the answers

    3. Why is Cassius so intent on convincing Brutus to join with the conspirators? (Points : 3)
    Brutus is a well-known assassin and can teach the conspirators how to do the job correctly.

    Brutus knows where Caesar lives and can help the conspirators to strike Caesar in his home.

    Brutus wants to be king, and Cassius knows that Brutus will do anything for power.

    Brutus is highly respected, and Cassius knows that joining with Brutus will give the conspirators credibility.

    Question 4. 4. What is the function of these events in the play: the Soothsayer’s warning, the strange sightings and the earthquake in Rome, and Calpurnia’s dream? (Points : 3)
    They provide comic relief from the conspirators’ violent plans.
    They demonstrate Caesar’s unnatural control over his empire.
    They allow the conspirators to intimidate Caesar.
    They serve as omens to alert the characters and the audience that terrible things will soon happen.

    Question 5. 5. Although Caesar wisely acknowledges that his life may be threatened, he also (Points : 3)
    trusts Cassius and Brutus to protect him.
    prefers to wait and see what may happen rather than to act.
    ignores warnings about danger in his quest for power.
    requests that Brutus stay away from the conspirators.

    Question 6. 6. One conflict that Brutus faces and that Cassius does not is that (Points : 3)
    Brutus does not know whether he can trust Casca, while Cassius trusts Casca easily.
    Brutus cannot convince himself that he acted for the good of Rome, while Cassius knows that he acted for selfish reasons.
    Brutus disagrees with Antony after Caesar’s murder, while Cassius and Antony are friends after the murder.
    Brutus disagrees with Caesar’s wife, Calpurnia, while Antony and Calpurnia eventually marry.

    Question 7. 7. Which line does Shakespeare have Caesar say to show that he did not expect Brutus’s treachery? (Points : 3)
    Et tu, Brute?
    Veni, vidi, vici.
    Beware the Ides of March.
    This was the noblest Roman of them all.

    Question 8. 8. Marc Antony’s ability to speak skillfully at the funeral, as when he repeatedly calls Brutus an “honorable man,” (Points : 3)
    causes the crowd to distrust his words.
    rouses the crowd’s fear of Caesar’s thirst for power.
    reassures the crowd that Caesar’s death is nothing to worry about.
    provokes in the crowd compassion for Caesar and fury at the conspirators.

    Question 9. 9. Brutus urges Cassius and the others to engage Antony and Octavius’s forces at Philippi because (Points : 3)
    he hopes to expose Cassius as afraid to attack and thus unfit to lead.
    he thinks, incorrectly, that his forces will be caught and overwhelmed at Sardis otherwise.
    he dreads, without cause, the possibility that Caesar’s ghost may appear at Sardis.
    he intends to betray Cassius at Philippi.

    Question 10. 10. One of the central conflicts in the play centers around the future leadership of Rome. This conflict is resolved when (Points : 3)
    Antony decides to march to Sardis to face Brutus and Cassius.

    Brutus gives his speech at Caesar’s funeral.

    Brutus accuses Cassius of being corrupt.

    Brutus and Cassius are defeated at Philippi.

    Question 11. 11. Brutus decides to commit suicide at Philippi because (Points : 3)

    Cassius unites his army with Antony and Octavius’s forces and turns against Brutus.

    Caesar’s ghost commands him to do it, and he is too frightened to refuse.

    Antony and Octavius force Brutus to kill himself so that his army will be leaderless.

    Brutus’s inner conflict is resolved, and he acts honorably by killing himself to avoid defeat and capture.

    Question 12.. Why does Antony describe Brutus as the noblest Roman of them all? (Points : 3)
    Brutus came from a very aristocratic and wealthy family.

    Brutus was a traitor and a criminal. Antony’s words are sarcastic.

    Antony was once Brutus’s best friend.

    Brutus is the only conspirator who acted for the good of Rome, rather than out of jealousy, bitterness, or a thirst for power.

  • SydtheSquid says:

    What Was Your Favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman Performance? In honor of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who I believe was probably the greatest actor of his generation, I made a list of my 10 favorite performances he gave (a list of his top 10 films would be different). Even though he is gone too soon, he had a body of work that could rival most working actors in Hollywood right now. I still can’t believe that we won’t be getting 20 more years of his amazing performances. Here are my favorites:

    1. Synecdoche, New York
    2. The Master
    3. Boogie Nights
    4. Doubt
    5. Magnolia
    6. Charlie Wilson’s War
    7. Almost Famous
    8. Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
    9. Mission Impossible 3
    10. The Savages

    Honorable Mentions: The Big Lebowski, Moneyball, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Punch Drunk Love, The 25th Hour, Along Came Polly, The Ides of March, Flawless.
    I have not seen Capote, I somehow missed it but I will fix that mistake as soon as possible!

    • Curator says:

      My favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman role is most definitely the character of Reverend Veasy in Cold Mountain. He’s such an incredible actor in this. I love his other role’s in other films but the way he got into this southern, alcoholic, lost man of faith is really impressive. Many actors deliver good parts to the movie’s they’re in but it takes true talent to Define that role and make it real to the audience.

  • Bill says:

    I Need World War II Questions! Please Help!? I need questions on World War II for my project and it has to 10 questions for each of these categories:

    – Social
    – Political
    – Economic
    – Cultural
    – Technological
    – Religious
    – Environmental
    – Military

    I would really appreciate it if I could get some good questions. Thanks!

    • Curator says:

      1.Who was the leader in Italy during WWII?

      2.Who was the leader in Germany during WWII?

      3.Who was the leader in Great Britain during WWII?

      4.Who was the leader of the Soviet Union during WWII?

      5.Who was the leader in the United States during WWII?

      6.What political system extends functions and power of central state, demands total loyalty and commitment of citizens, uses modern mass propaganda, and rejects liberal ides?

      7.Who lead the National Socialist German Workers Party?

      8.Who wrote Mein Kampf?

      9.What set of German laws were consider Anti Semitic?

      10.Who strengthened party bureaucracy in the Soviet Union in the 1930s?

      11.What type of extremism took over in Japan during the great depression?

      12.What country sent troops into the Rhineland on March 7th, 1936?

      13.What country invaded Ethiopia in October of 1935?

      14.Who was the general during the Spanish Civil War of 1936?

      15.What city-state did Germany demand control of in March 1939?

      16.What country did Germany invade on September 1st, 1939?

      17.Which two countries declared war on Germany on September 2nd, 1939?

      18.What region of Asia did Japan seize in September 1931?

      19.Who condemned Japan’s actions in September 1931?

      20.What country was trying to avoid conflict with Japan in the mid-1930s?

      21.Who threatened to cut off oil and scrap iron after Japan demanded airfields in French Indochina?

      22.What country designed the “Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere”?

      23.What was the “lightning war” that caused Germany and USSR to split Poland?

      24.What two northern European countries did Germany invade on April 9th, 1940?

      25.During what battle did Germany conduct air raid bombings over Great Britain?

      26.Who seized Yugoslavia and Greece in April 1941?

      27.Who took control of the Ukraine in November 1941?

      28.On December 7th, 1941, who did the United States declare war on?

      29.On December 11th, 1941, who declare war on the United States?

      30.Who were the top three members of the Axis Power?

      31.Who were the top three members of the Allied Powers?

      32.While the United States was neutral in the war, what act allowed them to trade with Allied Powers?

      33.What battle during WWII is still considered the bloodiest battle in modern history?

      34.What United States victory shifted power in the Pacific to the United States on June 4th, 1942?

      35.What was the United States counter-offensive strategy in the Pacific of overlapping island bases and air control?

      36.What major European city fell to the Allied Powers on June 4th, 1944?

      37.Who led the Allied Forces during the D-Day invasion on June 6th, 1944?

      38.With defeat on the horizon, who committed suicide on April 30th, 1945?

      39.On which two cities in Japan did the United States drop atomic bombs?

      40.What country offered an unconditional surrender on August 14th, 1945?

      41.What group of people was placed in internment camps in the United States?

      42.What did both sides in the war do to break the moral of civilians?

      43.Who was the United States trying to intimidate by dropping the atomic bomb on Japan? (hint: it was not Japan)

      44.What organization was ineffective at doing its job of prevent a second world war?

      45.What agreement did Germany and the USSR sign before WWII in which they both agree to remain neutral towards each other if one of them were be involved in a war?

      46.What was the greatest atrocity that Japan conducted in China?

      47.What was the high point of appeasement?

      48.What country was secretly divided under the Nazi-Soviet Pact?

      49.What led the German air attacks on the English during the Battle of Britain?

      50.What was the key to the Allied Powers victories in Europe and Asia?

      51.What locate in the Pacific did Japan attack in order to establish a defensive perimeter in the Pacific?

      52.What country used the slogan “Asia for Asians”?

      53.What military tactic did the Japanese introduce at the Battle of Okinawa?

      54.What was the largest Nazi concentration camp during the war?

      55.What was the name of the United States’ plan was containing communism?

      56.What was the name of the United States’ plan to financially rebuild Europe and prevent Soviet expansion?

      57.What was the Soviets counter plan for the United States’ plan in #59?

      58.What group was formed to be a regional military alliance against the USSR?

      59.What world organization was officially established by fifty nations in San Francisco in 1945?

      60.What organization did the Vichy government collaborate with?

      If you need more:


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