Ios 7 Release Date

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iOS 7 Release Date and What to Expect from iOS 7 – GottaBeMobile

9 September 2013 | 4:11 pm The iOS 7 release date is on track for late September. Check out the new iOS 7 features you can expect, and what devices will run iOS 7.

iOS 7 GM Release Expected Immediately After iPhone Event

9 September 2013 | 2:59 pm The iOS 7 GM download should arrive soon after Apple's special iPhone 5S and iOS 7 event, delivering the last beta ahead of a public iOS 7 release date.

iOS 7 public release will shock at first Phone Reviews

9 September 2013 | 8:09 am iOS 7 is in beta at the moment but this will all change tomorrow when Apple announces its release date for the public to install, for some this new operating system worked from the ground up will shock a few at first because it

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4 Responses to Ios 7 Release Date

  • Jane says:

    Do You Have Update IOS 7 On The Day That It Is Released? I know that the release date for iOS 7 is september 10th. I just bought a new charger for my iPhone 5 dosn’t come in till the 16th. I don’t want to update my phone before I back it up on my computer which I cant do till the charger comes in. Will I be able to wait till septmber 16th to update to iOS 7?

    • Curator says:

      According to Apple they will be introducing iOS 7 on their new devices, in two days, but the ACTUAL Roll-out will be later in September, 2013.

      So, it really doesn’t matter when you choose to Upgrade, or why. It will be Upgradeable for at least 6 months, and maybe, up to a year.

      And, here’s a free tip:

      Wait for at least 3 months for all of the iOS 7 bugs to be worked out. iOS 6.1.3 is good enough for now.

  • Lewis says:

    When Does IOS 7 Come Out Officially? I’ve got it on my iPhone but I want it on my iPad, it will be so good on iOS chats why, does anyone know the release date for it?

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