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World Cup: Vancouver Whitecaps defender Steven Beitashour doesn't play in Iran's 0-0 draw vs. Nigeria

16 June 2014 | 10:09 pm Vancouver Whitecaps right back Steven Beitashour was born in San Jose, Calif., but when it came time to declare his allegiance to a national team, his dream of playing in the World Cup led him to the country where his parents were born, Iran.

Iran vs Nigeria LIVE: World Cup 2014 action from the Group F match

16 June 2014 | 9:11 pm Now lets move on with our lives, as we're not getting that last couple of hours back and no-one's getting any younger. Onwards and upwards, as it's USA vs Ghana kicking off in an hour or so, which should be MUCH better than that last game.

World Cup – Bore draw does nothing for Iran or Nigeria

16 June 2014 | 8:51 pm Iran and Nigeria were responsible for the first bad game of the 2014 World Cup as they played out a 0-0 draw in Curitiba.–sow.html

Footballorgin : FIFA World Cup 2014: Iran v Nigeria Watch Online …

16 June 2014 | 10:08 pm 16.06.2014, bbc match of the day, extended, fifa, FIFA World Cup 2014 – Brazil, full match, Highlights, Watch free Football, watch online, world cup, iran, nigeria,

Nigeria vs. Iran: Final score 0-0, Super Eagles held in dire stalemate …

16 June 2014 | 8:52 pm The two most defensive teams at the World Cup astonishingly failed to produce a thriller for the ages as Nigeria and Iran played out a goalless stalemate, the first draw of the tournament.

Popworldcupjustice: Iran vs Nigeria – Popjustice

16 June 2014 | 7:00 pm I could easily imagine the judges on The Voice Iran hitting that red button right when they hear Omid Keshmiri's voice: it's big and masculine with a bassy timbre (if you're into that sort of thing) and really does surprise you at …

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7 Responses to Iran Vs Nigeria

    • Curator says:

      I don’t trust Nigeria for some reason, they choke. Iran isn’t very good, but they’re here for a reason.
      I say first tie of the tournament right here 2-2.

  • SFS World Cup Predictor, Fixtures Set 2? Well here’s the second set, thanks to all who played the first set. Good luck!

    Thursday 19th

    Columbia vs Ivory Coast (5pm) Group C
    Japan vs Greece (11pm) Group C
    Uruguay vs England (8pm) Group D

    Friday 20th

    Italy vs Costa Rica (5pm) Group D
    Switzerland vs France (8pm) Group E
    Honduras vs Ecuador (11pm) Group E

    Saturday 21st

    Argentina vs Iran (5pm) Group F
    Nigeria vs Bos-Herce (11pm) Group F
    Germany vs Ghana (8pm) Group G

    Sunday 22nd

    USA vs Portugal (11pm) Group G
    Belgium vs Russia (5pm) Group H
    S.Korea vs Algeria (8pm) Group H

  • Full World Cup Predictions? No need to add scores just winners for each group/knockout. I have added the bracket. Pay careful attention to the numbering/lettering next to the knockout games.

    My prediction:

    Group A:

    Group B:

    Group C:
    Ivory coast

    Group D(very difficult to predict):
    Costa rica

    Group E:

    Group F:

    Group G:

    Group H:
    South Korea


    Brazil vs Netherlands – Brazil
    Columbia vs Uruguay – Uruguay
    Spain vs Croatia – Spain
    Italy vs Ivory coast – Italy
    France vs Nigeria – France
    Germany vs Russia – Germany
    Argentina vs Switzerland – Argentina
    Belgium vs Portugal – Belgium


    Brazil vs Uruguay – Brazil
    Spain vs Italy – Spain
    France vs Germany – Germany
    Argentina vs Belgium – Argentina


    Brazil vs Spain – Brazil
    Germany vs Argentina – Germany

    3rd place:

    Spain vs Argentina – Spain


    Germany vs Brazil – Germany

  • Wonder World Cup?: What Are Your Predictions For The First Round Of World Cup Games…? Fixtures from the 12th June to the 17th June.

    If anyone wants to participate you obviously can, I’m just bored.

    3 points for correct score. eg. If you say Brazil 4-1 Italy and that is the result, you get 3 points.
    1 point for correct result. eg. If you say Brazil 4-1 Italy but it finishes 2-1 to Brazil, you get 1 point.

    There will be 3 match of the weeks to make it more competitive.

    Winners gets a false sense of achievement.

    Brazil vs Croatia (MOTW 1)
    Mexico vs Cameroon
    Spain vs Netherlands (MOTW 2)
    Chile vs Australia
    Colombia vs Greece
    Ivory Coast vs Japan
    Uruguay vs Costa Rica
    England vs Italy (MOTW 3)
    Switzerland vs Ecuador
    France vs Honduras
    Argentina vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Iran vs Nigeria
    Germany vs Portugal
    Ghana vs United States
    Belgium vs Algeria
    Russia vsSouth Korea

    Thanks for all your answers.

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