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  • ITunes Library Problem? Yesterday I downloaded Stone Temple Pilots “Interstate Love Song” and it did take the charge. However, it never appeared in the iTunes library. I went back to the iTunes store and it did show that I purchased the song. Is there anyway to get the song into the library or get my money back?

  • Adam says:

    Why Does My Itunes Take So Long To Import A Cd? My iTunes seems to take a very long time to import a small song and when it does import the song is all fuzzy and you can’t hear it. My iTunes is up to date and my library is small but some CDs import properly and others don’t. Is there anyway I can import this CD to get the songs on my iPhone?

  • Hira says:

    My Ipod Touch 4th Generation Is Not Charging Or Turning On. What To Do? I was working on my ipod when suddenly it turned off and now it wont charge or turn on. I tried pressing the home button and power button together for seconds but the apple logo didn’t appear. Can anyone tell ne another way of turning it on? And I connected it with my computer and it appeared in itunes but still didnt turn on. Would updating software in my ipod solve this problem? PLEASE HELP. :'(

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