James Beard Awards

2012 James Beard Foundation Awards Winners Announced

Mon, 07 May 2012 18:45:00 -0700 NEW YORK, May 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Winners were announced this evening at the annual 2012 James Beard Foundation Awards, the nation's most prestigious recognition program honoring professionals in … http://finance.yahoo.com/news/2012-james-beard-foundation-awards-014500127.html

2012 James Beard restaurant and chef award winners

Mon, 07 May 2012 18:31:42 -0700 The winners of the 2012 James Beard Foundation restaurant and chef awards announced Monday are: http://news.yahoo.com/2012-james-beard-restaurant-chef-award-winners-013145016.html

New Orleans nominees shut out of James Beard Chef & Restaurant Awards

Mon, 07 May 2012 18:46:37 -0700 Justin Devillier, John Harris, Tory McPhail and Alon Shaya wee all nominated for Best Chef: South. http://www.nola.com/dining/index.ssf/2012/05/seven_new_orleans_nominees_up.html

Live-Tweeting the James Beard Awards – NYTimes.com

Melissa Clark, a columnist for the Dining section, will be tweeting tonight from this year's James Beard Foundation Awards ceremony in New York. http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/05/07/live-tweeting-the-james-beard-awards/

James Beard Awards Winners 2012 – Eatocracy – CNN.com Blogs

Since 1990, the not-for-profit James Beard Foundation named after "the father of American cuisine," has been honoring the outstanding names in the food and beverage industry. http://eatocracy.cnn.com/2012/05/07/2012-james-beard-awards-chefs-and-restaurants-winners/

Tonight's James Beard Awards Are The Food World's Oscars

The James Beard awards might not have registered as an event in the mainstream media a few years back, but thanks to the confluence of social media (making. http://www.inquisitr.com/231382/tonights-james-beard-awards-are-the-food-worlds-oscars/


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Cookbook Lot Emeril Lagasse Paul Prudhomme James Beard Award Winning Chefs EUC

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Burt Wolf’s Table 1994 Cookbook From James Beard Award

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6 Responses to James Beard Awards

  • Anonymous says:

    Why Do Men Dominate Many Of The Stereotypical Women’s Professions, Such As Hairdressing And Cooking? Having recently had a discussion with some female friends on this matter, I’m keen to learn of other people’s opinions. I am a final year male Computer Science student and therefore try and see nearly everything in the world using a logical approach backed with hard scientific evidence.

    I found it ironic that many of the professions that society associates with being female orientated are dominated by men.

    Top UK hair stylists include:
    -Trevor Sorbie
    -Charles Worthington
    -Guy Kremer
    In fact 12 out of the 13 “UK Top Hair Stylists” were men (UK Hairdressers, 2009).

    2011 James Beard Awards: Chefs and restaurants finalists:
    -Jose Andres
    -Gary Danko
    -Suzanne Goin
    -Paul Kahan
    -Charles Phan
    (Eatocracy, 2011).
    80% of award winners are male.

    The response I received from my female friends was that ‘it’s a man’s world, and therefore it is more difficult for women to be at the top of a profession’.

    In my eyes, the fact that we had a female prime minister over 30 years ago that ruled for 11 years is a clear display that if a woman can obtain what may be the highest employment position in the country for over a decade, then surely there is the *possibly* for any woman to obtain any role? Especially, as gender equality has been improving over the last 30 years (Review of equality statistics, 2008).

    So basically my question is:

    Are the effects of inequality in women in the workplace a strong enough factor to prevent women from obtaining the highest job positions in an industry / job sector, or are men simply slightly more capable at these top level positions, as voted for by a mixed gender panel of judges?

    p.s. I am a firm believer of the best person for the job, regardless of gender or race etc.


    2009. UK Top Hair Stylists, Top Stylists,[online] available at: < http://www.ukhairdressers.com/featured_stylist/stylist_index.asp> [Accessed 10 March 2012].

    LeTrent, S. , 2011. 2011 James Beard Awards: Chefs and restaurants finalists, eatocracy, [online] Available at: < http://eatocracy.cnn.com/2011/03/21/2011-james-beard-awards-chefs-and-restaurants-finalists/> [Accessed 10 March 2012].

    Walby, S., Armstrong, J. and Humphreys, L., 2008. Review of equality statistics. [PDF] Lancaster University. Available through: Equality and Human Rights Commission < http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/uploaded_files/research/1__review_of_equality_statistics_241008.pdf> [Accessed 10 March 2012].

    • Curator says:

      You forgot fashion, the best designers are male!

      To this day men dominate the high ends of pretty much every profession, pretty good for a group that makes up 47.3% of the worlds population!

    • Curator says:

      It is for American Restaurants, it doesn’t matter the nationality of the chefs.
      There is a list here of the winners and I think some are non Americans, but I don’t recognise any that I know for sure if they are foreign.

  • Anonymous says:

    Would You Be Nervous Cooking For President Barack Obama And His Family? Alan Wong seems calm and collected, despite some very important visitors he is expecting at his award-winning Honolulu restaurant(s).

    Wong, a James Beard recipient (which is like an Academy Award to chefs) operates Alan Wong’s on King Street and the Pineapple Room and the first family frequents his restaurants.

    “It’s all pretty surreal,” he told CNN’s Ed Henry.

    We can only imagine. We have a hard enough time cooking eggs for family on Christmas morning, let alone President Barack Obama and his family.

    The Obamas spend many a vacation in the president’s native Hawaii and Wong claims they’re quite the foodies.

    “They’re adventurous. They once ordered the tasting menu,” he said.

    Would you be nervous cooking for President Barack Obama and his Family?

    I would.

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