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Everyone has been talking about Janet Mock lately. We thought we would add our own take on it.

Looking Out: Transgender advocate Janet Mock criticizes Piers Morgan over interview

6 February 2014 | 9:53 pm LGBT-related news and commentary from around the web LGBT-related news and commentary from around the web. http://baltimore.feedsportal.com/c/34255/f/623047/s/36cd6e07/sc/7/l/0L0Sbaltimoresun0N0Centertainment0Ctv0Cbs0Egm0Etransgender0Eadvocate0Ejanet0Emock0Ecriticizes0Epiers0Emorgan0Eover0Einterview0E20A140A20A60H0A0H250A63960Bstory0Dtrack0Frss/story01.htm

Op-ed: With Friends Like Piers Morgan, Who Needs Enemies?

6 February 2014 | 7:31 pm Piers Morgan spent a full day making offensive statements related to transgender advocate Janet Mock. Then he invited Mock back, talked over her, and hosted a panel from which she was excluded. Featured Image: read more http://www.advocate.com/commentary/2014/02/06/op-ed-friends-piers-morgan-who-needs-enemies

Piers Morgan and Transgender Guest Janet Mock Get Into Heated Exchange During Second Interview (Video)

6 February 2014 | 2:43 pm Transgender advocate Janet Mock returned to CNNs Piers Morgan Live on Wednesday to defend tweets she sent on Tuesday night that criticized the show for sensationalizing her story and prompted hundreds of followers to accuse host Piers Morgan of transphobia. At the start of the contentious segment (watch the full interview below), Morgan said that he invited Mock for her to explain why hed … http://za.omg.yahoo.com/news/piers-morgan-transgender-guest-janet-mock-heated-exchange-144344803.html

Trans Activist Janet Mock Outclasses Piers Morgan, Earns Herself …

6 February 2014 | 6:00 pm Yesterday, CNN's Piers Morgan lost his mind on Twitter. It happened after Janet Mock, who had appeared on his show in a segment the night before to discuss her work as a trans activist and her book, Redefining Realness,  http://flavorwire.com/437298/trans-activist-janet-mock-outclasses-piers-morgan-earns-herself-hero-status/

Piers Morgan and Transgender Guest Janet Mock Get Into Heated …

6 February 2014 | 2:43 pm Transgender advocate Janet Mock returned to CNN's Piers Morgan Live on Wednesday to defend tweets she sent on Tuesday night that criticized the show for sensationalizing her story and prompted hundreds of followers  http://www.thewrap.com/piers-morgan-transgender-guest-janet-mock-peeved-twitter-response-interview-cnn-video

Piers Morgan invites Janet Mock back to his show to demand – Zap2it

6 February 2014 | 7:00 am After his interview with transgender activist and author Janet Mock on "Piers Morgan Tonight" on Tuesday, in which he focused on her physical characteristics prior to her transition, the CNN anchor received a barrage of angry  http://blog.zap2it.com/pop2it/2014/02/piers-morgan-invites-janet-mock-back-to-his-show-to-demand-an-apology-over-reaction-to-his-ignorant.html

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4 Responses to Janet Mock

  • Greasy Tony says:

    Is The Minutemen Founder Chris Simcox The Type Of Right Wing Extremist That Janet Napalitano Warned Us About? The same report she put out that Republicans mocked and laughed at?

    Minutemen Co-Founder Chris Simcox Arrested for Child Molestation

    According to Phoenix’s ABC-15, Chris Simcox, co-founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, was arrested today in Phoenix for allegedly molesting three girls:

    Police spokesman Sgt. Tommy Thompson said Christopher Allen Simcox, 52, was arrested Wednesday near 48th Street and Thomas.

    Thompson said police developed probable cause to believe Simcox had sexual conduct with the girls, all under the age of ten…

    Read more: http://www.tucsonweekly.com/TheRange/archives/2013/06/19/minutemen-co-founder-chris-simcox-arrested-for-child-molestation

    • Curator says:

      There are social maladroits and extremists on both sides of ideological/philosophical/activist

      For examples: from the ultra left we have HARVARD University graduate Unabomber Ted Kaczynski; from the ultra right we have Iraqi War–U.S. Army veteran Tim McVeigh. These ideological extremists are some of the most notorious serial killers and mass murderers in recent U.S. history.

      Ergo, according to Janet Napolitano’s model, it would appear that all HARVARD students and all U.S. Army veterans must be potential terrorists eagerly waiting for the opportunity to kill and maim scores of people.

      Although I agree with Janet Napolitano’s irrevocable right (supposedly irrevocable) to engage in free speech, I think such comments are both ignorant and simple-minded. In my opinion, she is pathetically wrong and probably not the kind of person we should have in charge of our national security.

      As for judgment on minuteman Chris Simcox, I will patiently wait for the outcome of any court proceedings before rendering a verdict on the allegations for which he has been charged.

      As a repeated target of false criminal allegations myself, I know very well how often false accusations are lodged at persons who engage in political activism. I remember how some persons involved in a failed piracy of the Minuteman Project years ago publicly accused me of embezzlement, fraud, and a litany of bogus criminal activities simply for the purpose of destroying my good name and my organization. They even recruited a journalist from a major local newspaper to help them in the charade.

      Frank Mickadeit, a second-rate writer for the Orange County (Ca.) Register, was more than cooperative in helping spread the misinformation by writing about six or seven commentaries insinuating that I was using the Minuteman Project to engage in criminal activities. All of Frank Mickadeit’s demented doodling (disguised as legitimate commentary) went viral and I had to spend several years explaining the untruths being spread by Mickadeit and his collaborators.

      Beware of “dirty” journalists writing “dirty journalism.” Alas, this is the 21st century news industry. And, most unfortunately, the first casualty of propaganda is always the truth.

      So, before we start lynching Mr. Simcox, or all the HARVARD students, or all the U.S. Army veterans from the nearest tree, let’s see what the real truth is relative to his arrest on charges of child molestation. Those truths will present themselves in the outcome of any trial Simcox will face.

      Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project
      –a multiethnic pro-immigration law enforcement advocacy group–

  • Alexis says:

    Hrt Help Me (crying)? Help )=

    I need someone to give me some support – no one knows what i’ve been doing! My body hurts so bad. I have one breast that won’t stop leaking. It literally looks and feels like a golf ball is under the nipple part – I can move it around. The other one hurts so bad – but only has a small ball. But the nipple seems really really tight – is that normal?

    Next, I’m so arroused. I have no way to stop it. I can’t have sex as my stuff doesn’t work now…..like legit – its dead! I’m young, and was very feminine already so the rapid changes don’t surprise me – but I don’t know what i’m suppose to do. I will not go in person to anyone – its just not going to happen. I can’t stop crying. I am so happy to see the changes (I weigh less than most girls I know, yet i’ve gained a few points under my stomach but above my privates) it’s sexy looking! (I like girls, I just want to be one).

    I’m just freaking out. I’m scared I can’t do this – and I know I can’t live without doing it. I really just don’t know
    The breast leakage is apparently normal ]= it is incredibly painful though. Everythings just so fast its scary. But I promise I wont do anything dumb or life threatening. I just need a big ass hug and a friend who can relate )= where i live – thats not possible
    Please – if you’ve been thru this, tell me about it? Walk me thru what is going to happen. Does it get easier? How are you doing now?
    Mrs. Clone, you don’t seem very nice. As far s self medicating – yes I am. But I can’t afford a doctor, nor am I in an area where I could find one. Next, I am alone with this, and I have been hurt too many times by people. At least by asking on here I can hide my face and not be chastized. I know self medicating is dangerous – but I would continue to fade away without it. I can’t go into details but only can say – either way damage was being done. I’m sorry i’ve upset you, As for ladies going thru the same thing – I understand and applaud them. I also want to remind others though – that they had support of school, friends and family – it is “normal” for them. I’m alone

    • Curator says:

      You said: “I will not go in person to anyone – its just not going to happen.”

      How can we help you if you won’t help yourself?

      Maybe now you know why we usually transition with the help of a gender therapist?

      Not to mention the risks you’re taking if you’re self-medicating. :shakes head:

      This place has a crisis/suicide chat room and hotline:


      Or just participate in the forum in general.

      And something to blow your mind: You’re not going through anything a couple BILLION other women haven’t already been through.

      edit: You don’t have to be alone; ask for help. Janet Mock says the same thing:


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