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Beyonce and Jay-Z Sing Coldplay's "Yellow" To Each Other in Sweet HBO Documentary Moment

17 February 2013 | 6:30 pm They know all the words! Beyonce and husband Jay-Z shared a rare glimpse into their private lives in Beyonce's documentary Life is But a Dream on Saturday, Feb. 16, and one of the most touching moments in the HBO film came during a quiet dinner for just the two of them. http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/beyonce-and-jay-z-sing-coldplays-yellow-to-each-other-in-sweet-hbo-documentary-moment–2013172

Jay-Z to host 500,000 BRIT Awards after-party in London

17 February 2013 | 5:02 pm Kylie Minogue, Rita Ora, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce expected to attend Roc Nation party http://rss.feedsportal.com/c/32495/f/479227/s/28a826e2/l/0L0Snme0N0Cnews0Cjay0Ez0C68754/story01.htm

Beyonc Supports Jay-Z on Her Big Premiere Night

17 February 2013 | 3:35 pm Beyonc Knowles wore a white pantsuit to attend the Two Kings dinner thrown by her husband Jay-Z last night in her hometown of Houston, TX. The couple were joined by Jay-Z's co-host Lebron James for the annual event, which began in 2007. Diddy and Drake both also attended. It was a special day for Beyonc, as her documentary, Life Is But a Dream premiered on HBO as well. The couple celebrated … http://www.popsugar.com/Beyonce-Knowles-Jay-Z-Two-Kings-Dinner-2013-28113210

Otis [Explicit] (MP3 Music) tagged "jay z" 3 times

18 October 2012 | 6:53 pm Otis [Explicit] Otis [Explicit] (MP3 Music)By Jay Z Buy new: $0.99 Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: jay z(3), 2 chainz http://www.amazon.com/Otis-Explicit/dp/B005GRUU3E

The Black Album (Audio CD) tagged "jay z" 5 times

4 September 2012 | 11:57 pm The Black Album The Black Album (Audio CD)By Jay-Z Buy new: $10.0099 used and new from $0.97 Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: hip hop(38), jay-z(30), rap(14), music(10), kanye west(9), east coast(9), 2003(9), jay z(5), 9th wonder(5), definitive 200(3), cd(3), add to the 100 greatest rap albums http://www.amazon.com/The-Black-Album-Jay-Z/dp/B0000DZFL0

Ni**as In Paris [Explicit] (MP3 Music) tagged "jay z" 8 times

9 April 2012 | 5:35 pm Ni**as In Paris [Explicit] Ni**as In Paris [Explicit] (MP3 Music)By Jay Z Buy new: $0.99 Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: jay z(8), mp3 http://www.amazon.com/Ni-as-In-Paris-Explicit/dp/B005GRUTRG

A Gangsters Melody (A Gangster’s Melody) (Kindle Edition) tagged "jay z" 2 times

2 February 2012 | 1:55 pm A Gangsters Melody (A Gangster's Melody) A Gangsters Melody (A Gangster’s Melody) (Kindle Edition)By Sean A. Wright Buy new: $2.99 Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: hood(13), urban(10), urban life(7), novel(5), ashley jaquavis(4), k wan(4), urban fiction(3), kevin hart(2), jay z(2), blake karrington, a gangsters melody, david weaver http://www.amazon.com/Gangsters-Melody-ebook/dp/B004I6D79I

AFTER (Kindle Edition) tagged "jay z" 5 times

27 January 2012 | 1:06 pm AFTER AFTER (Kindle Edition)By Neil Ostroff Buy new: $1.992 used and new from $1.79 Customer Rating: 3.7 Customer tags: alien creatures(118), books for teens(115), monsters(114), fantasy books(113), science fiction books(111), books for tweens(109), new releases(107), bestseller(106), reading(102), boo(92), supernatural(21), stephen king(15) http://www.amazon.com/AFTER-ebook/dp/B0050Q8D8U

Beyonce And Jay-Z's Tender 'Yellow' Moment (VIDEO) – Celebuzz

17 February 2013 | 10:04 pm Before Blue Ivy Carter was born, Beyonce and JayZ were smitten with yellow. As in, the Coldplay song of the same name. During Beyonce's HBO documentary. http://www.celebuzz.com/2013-02-17/beyonce-and-jay-zs-tender-yellow-moment-video/

MissInfo.tv LeBron James, Jay-Z, Beyonc, Diddy & Drake Attend …

17 February 2013 | 7:44 pm One of the highlight events occurred on Saturday night as LeBron James and JayZ co-hosted their 6th annual Two Kings dinner, sponsored by Sprite. Held at RDG + Bar Annie, some big names in entertainment, media, and http://www.missinfo.tv/index.php/lebron-james-jay-z-beyonce-diddy-drake-attend-annual-two-kings-dinner/

Beyonce and Jay-Z Sing Coldplay's "Yellow" To Each Other in …

17 February 2013 | 6:21 pm The musical couple are famously shy about PDA, but couldn't resist showing their love for each other in the candid moment. http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/beyonce-and-jay-z-sing-coldplays-yellow-to-each-other-in-sweet-hbo-documentary-moment–2013172

The Blueprint [PA] [ECD] by Jay-Z (CD, Sep-2001, Roc-A-Fella (USA))

17 February 2013 | 11:34 pm $3.00
End Date: Tuesday Mar-19-2013 16:39:28 PDT
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Collision Course [Edited] [ECD/CD & DVD] by Jay-Z (CD, Nov-2004, Warner Bros.)

17 February 2013 | 11:32 pm $1.99
End Date: Tuesday Mar-19-2013 16:32:43 PDT
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Jay-Z, Reasonable Doubt Audio CD

17 February 2013 | 11:07 pm $10.82
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The Black Album [PA] by Jay-Z (CD, Nov-2003, Def Jam (USA))

17 February 2013 | 10:59 pm $4.49
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Unfinished Business [Clean] [Edited] by Jay-Z (CD, Oct-2004, Def Jam (USA))

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7 Responses to Jay Z

  • Andrew says:

    Why Is Popular Music So Shit? 2 Chainz
    50 Cent
    Bruno Mars
    Carrie Underwood
    Chris Brown
    David Guetta
    Ed Sheeran
    Ellie Goulding
    Frank Ocean
    Glee Cast
    Imagine Dragons
    Justin Bieber
    Justin Timberlake
    Kanye West
    Kendrick Lamar
    Lady Gaga
    Li’l’ Wayne
    Maroon 5
    Nicki Minaj
    Of Monsters And Men
    One Direction
    One Republic
    Owl City
    Quiet Riot
    R. Kelly
    Swedish House Mafia
    Taylor swift
    The Black Keys
    The Lumineers
    The Weeknd
    The Xx
    Wiz Khalifa
    Young Jeezy

    The only good popular musicians I can think of have to be Coldplay and Gotye. And even his hit song ‘somebody that i used to know’ is overrated, but still good.

    Now, I’m young. turning 18 in April. I’m not going to sit here and say that todays music is crap, or that I was born in the wrong generation, because I was not. Most of my favorite musicians are from the 90s, 00s, and 10s. just why is popular music so bad? All these musicians in this list can suck the big one.

    To be fair, i also checked out the chart toppers from the 80s and 70s, and guess what? They also suck! If I had any faith in humanity, I would be losing it right now. Faith is stupid.

  • What Is The Difference Between Content And Form. In Media Studies.? I understand that content is what is presented, and form is the type it is in.
    However, I don’t understand where

    Audio, video and text would fall under. (content or form) ??

    Television, radio and computer, (content or form) ??

    Jay z, The dark knight rises, Pink Floyd
    (Content or form) ???

    If you could just tell me which is which.

    10 points

    Thanks 🙂

  • RHH: Biting Versus Paying Homage? So remember when everyone was concerned about biting? Cam’ron was calling Jay-Z out for being a biter, everyone was calling out Lil Wayne for being a biter and when all that hype died down nobody really talked about it anymore. Some rappers still recycle lyrics from old school artists, but is it really biting? When rappers cover whole songs, people don’t call it biting. Is recycling lyrics just paying homage too? Is biting even a real problem?

    Some examples people cited as biting:
    Rakim – “Thinking of a master plan/ Cause ain’t nothing but sweat inside my hand” (Paid In Full)

    Lil Wayne – “OK I’m thinkin’ of a master plan/ Nah, I’m lyin’, shorty on my mind/ Shorty like a fryin’, pan, and I ain’t got/ Nothin’ but sweat inside my hands” (Girls Around The World by Lloyd, the beat used the same sampled used in Rakim’s Paid in Full)
    B.I.G. – “Your reign on top was short like leprechauns” (Kick In The Door)

    Jay-Z – “Your reign on top was short like leprechauns” (The Ruler’s Back, though Biggie was addressing Nas with this line as well on his song; “Y’all don’t know about my Biggie wars/ Who you thought ‘Kick in the Door’ was for?” – Nas on Last Real N*gga Alive)
    Busta Rhymes – Rah, rah. Like a dungeon dragon (Scenario & Pass The Courvoisier)

    Nick Minaj – “Raah, raah, like a dungeon dragon” (Roman’s Revenge, and throughout the whole song with no apparent allusion to Busta Rhymes.)

  • What Would You Name These Kids? Based on youuuu.
    Feel free to change the spellings an add ages and personalities… Whatever you like(:

    1 – Girl
    FN: Favorite season
    Winter- Wynter
    Spring- Ellen
    Summer- Summer
    Autumn- Autumn

    MN:Favorite Drink
    Dr. Pepper- Janelle
    Rootbeer- Jane
    Sprite- Elizabeth
    Coke: Nicole

    2&3 – Boy Twins

    FN: Day of the week
    Sunday- Noah & Paul
    Monday- Henry & Harold
    Tuesday- Ian & Liam
    Wednesday- Preston & Jackson
    Thursday- Kyle & Kylar
    Friday- Jace & Joshua
    Saturday- Matthew & Nathaniel

    MN: Age
    1-15: Jason & Jacob
    16-30: Timothy & Lewis
    31-45: Mason & Owen
    46-60: Anthony & Zayden
    61+: Damien & Don

    4 – Boy
    FN: Pick.

    MN: Your first name:
    A-F- Bryce
    G-L- Kole
    M-R- Michael
    S-Z- Zaviel

    5 Girl
    FN: A variation of your name(or feminine version of your name)
    Ex, Allison- Alyson
    Brandon- Brandy

    MN: Feminine version of your dads name.

    678- Girl, Girl, Boy triplets
    FN: Your birth month:
    Jan- Jenna, Jessa, & Jole
    Feb- Cayleigh, Hayleigh, & Martiegh
    Mar- Gwen, Nevaeh , & Harry
    Apr- Kyla, Kayla, & Keegan
    May- Sierra, Sophia, Simon
    Jun- Breah, Leah, & Nick
    Jul- Brittany, Courtney, & David
    Aug- Alexandria, Danielle, & Jesse
    Sept- Johannah, Mary-Beth, & Joshua
    Oct- Linda, Lydia, & Larry
    Nov- Allianna, Julianna, & Samuel
    Dec, Arianna, Callianna, & Elli

    MN: Birthdate:
    1-5- Kay, Lou, & Lewis
    6-10- Elizabeth, Jo, & William
    11-15- Makenzie, Mariah, & Maddox
    16-20- Anne, Jay, & Noel
    21-25- Hope, Faith, Nathan
    26-31- Penelope, Praisley, & Parker

    Summer Jane
    Jace Timothy
    Joshua Lewis
    Hayden Kole
    Kyelah Kenna
    Allianna Hope
    Julianna Faith
    Samuel Nathan

    ~~Summer, JT, Josh, Hayden, Kye, Alli, Juli & Sam~~

    ENJOY 😀
    BQ: Favorite Name you got? Least Favorite? Your favorite name in general?

  • Carl says:

    Best Rappers? Opinions? So, in your opinion, Who is the best male And Fenale rappers? i’d have to say Eminem and Azealia Banks or Jay Z and Nicki Minaj.
    No hate:)

  • Looking For Good JAY-Z Songs? I wanna know what are some good from JAY-Z do download. any good ideas? i want songs when he starts rapping all badazz. like the song impire state of mind. THANKS if you guys have any more artist that have rap in them like eminem biggie smalls snoop dogg 2pac etc old school rap. please write them down as well. THANKS

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