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Jeff Gordon ‘s test – drive viral video for Pepsi is fake

15 March 2013 | 11:44 am That funny little ad that featured Jeff Gordon taking an unsuspecting car salesman for a terrifying test drive ? The one that went viral this week? It seemed obvious that it took some liberties with reality, but upon further review, it’s about as real as Manti Te’o’s girlfriend. Read full article

Watch the ‘ Jeff Gordon ‘ test drive that fooled almost everyone

14 March 2013 | 5:31 pm Turns out the prank, which went viral Wednesday, was all a set-up. Turns out the prank, which went viral Wednesday, was all a set-up.,0,1250991.story?track=rss

Jeff Gordon s test drive prank may be fake, but is nonetheless fantastic

14 March 2013 | 3:10 pm If you were going to pick the NASCAR driver most likely to dive headfirst into 21st-century media, Jeff Gordon who won his first Sprint Cup championship while current champ Brad Keselowski was still in middle school might not Continue reading–nascar.html

Jeff Gordon Test Drive Video FakeNo, Really

14 March 2013 | 10:10 pm A friend mentioned the Jeff Gordon test drive video earlier today and when Tony Kornheiser closed PTI with a reference, I remembered to take a.

Jeff Gordon's Pepsi Max Test Drive Prank Fools the Internet …

14 March 2013 | 4:22 pm A disguised Jeff Gordon tests drives a Chevy Camaro the only way a NASCAR driver knows how.

Jeff Gordon's Test Drive – The Awesomer

14 March 2013 | 3:00 pm We wish it were a tad more "authentic," but it's still enjoyable to watch Jeff Gordon get all bearded up and kick ass behind the wheel of a used Camaro, terrified car saleman in tow.

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12 Responses to Jeff Gordon Test Drive

  • Ghost says:

    Cant Find Nascar On GT5? Hi, I really like nascar and its a reason i got GT5 but i cant find how to play it anywhere, ive been to arcade but it only lets me choose between jeff gordon or dale earnhardt jr. and it doesnt even race against nascars. Any help on how to get the full nascar experience with all the cars racing??

    • Curator says:

      1) In the Main Menu Screen, to the left of License Tests (cones picture), click on Special (Gran Turismo Logo)
      2) Click on the second tab that says “NASCAR School)
      Here is where you can practice NASCAR before you play it in future courses. You must be at LV 2 though to participate in it. You can increase your LV’s by either going through the driving tests, or A-Spec/B-Spec races and gaining experience points.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why Does Jimmie Johnson Win Every Year? I don’t follow Nascar except for the basis headlines. This guy just dominates this sport. Is there a certain reason, or does everyone else just suck?

    I’d like a serious answer from a smart Nascar follower. I mean, the guy is possibly going to win his fifth straight. That is just ridiculous. I find it hard to believe that someone is just that good of a driver, that no one else can beat him.

    • Curator says:

      Johnson’s team is like all NASCAR teams in that they have basically the same equipment, same competencies, and same abilities. By same equipment I mean the 48 car doesn’t have an advantage like the Penske cars did in 1993(?) when Roger Penske found a loophole in the rules and crushed the competiton. By same competencies I mean they’re doing the same preparation, testing, and development as everyone else. And by same ability I mean the gap between Johnson and the rest of NASCAR is smaller than between Manny Pacquiao and all other lightweights.

      So why does he win do much? How does one team out of 43 win 4 titles in a row and be in striking distance of a 5th?

      Maybe he’s cheating, but I doubt it. NASCAR tests its cars pretty thoroughly, so if he were doing something illegal, it would be discovered quickly. Also, since his car is owned by Jeff Gordon, his boss would find out and also use it himself. The 24 car has performed well, but not great in recent years.

      I think it’s two things. First, Johnson consistently shows no weaknesses. His driving is steady, his starts are solid, and his pit stops rarely make mistakes. Little mistakes are very costly at the top of the standings. Competitors pounce upon them and they’re really hard to make up for. And since Johnson’s usually in the lead pack, more likely to be ahead of “the big one”, a huge crash that collects many cars.

      Second, I think crew chief Chad Knaus gets the most out of his team. They never seem too high or too low. They all seem very focused on what they have to do in the upcoming week of preparation or race. Above all others, their organization seems more, well, organized. They know what they’re doing and they’re in a good groove. That said, they’re unafraid to tweak things, like they did mid-season this year when Jimmie struggled a bit. I think they’ve become addicted to success, not their methods, and are willing to do what it takes to get to the winner’s circle. I also think Johnson also deserves credit for relaying to Knaus what the car is doing and coming up with corrections. Granted, things are going well for them so their corrections are relatively minor, but minor problems can become catastrophic really quickly.

      Hope that helps!

  • Big A says:

    Do You Remember Who Won The 2001…? Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 500?

    I imagine you do, so I will give you some bonus material to chew on, and respond to. I have always said , even though I like Kevin Harvick, that for the remainder of the 2001 season the Goodwrench car should have been given to Dave Marcus to drive. Dave was one of Earnhardt’s best pal’s around the track. So much so, that RCR used Marcus as a test driver to shake down Dale’s new cars at test tracks, because the feel he and Dale expected from a race car were so close. Not to mention Dale made sure that RCR was more than willing to lend Dave a hand at the track when he was in need.

    So given the joyous celebration that fell out when a young kid like Harvick won at Atlanta that day, driving Dale’s car. Just weeks after his death. How many times could we have multiplied that emotional outburst if Dave Marcus would have been driving that 29 car in a duel with Jeff Gordon to the finish line?
    How can I argue with a ” Furture” F1 driver. LOL
    Yep, gotta love the wing tips.

    • Curator says:

      Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I do remember that race. That wasn’t a good year period. Anyway, Dave Marcus is someone who my husband will tell stories about; especially the shoe story (the wing tip shoes)!


    • Curator says:

      I remember him very well.. The coffee wars of the mid eighties..
      Tim was a really good driver, and for a short while looked unbeatable..
      He still has one of the best finishing records in NASCAR history..
      Some of the stories in Days of Thunder were based on things he did,
      as well as the general description of the main character, Cole Trickle..
      Tim began missing races in ’87, and nobody seemed to know why..
      There was a rumor about pneumonia, and some talk about his wild lifestyle..
      When Tim came back he didn’t look well, and people speculated about drugs..
      This resulted in his competition license being suspended, after NASCAR decided on a new rule..
      The rule simply stated that if a competitor, or official suspected such a problem with another competitor, he couldn’t drive until a drug screen was done..
      Richmond refused the test.. He later agreed, and was told he had failed..
      After some more rumors, it was learned the reason he had failed was an over the counter cold medication.. He returned for a short time, and the rumors about AIDs began.. When he finally admitted the truth, he was becoming too weak to drive, and quit racing.. Tim passed away in August of ’89 of the disease.. Many fans blamed NASCAR for the way things happened, but it could have been avoided if Tim had been more forthright about his problem.. Nobody blamed him for wanting to keep it quiet, but it could have been avoided with some honesty..
      Women loved Tim.. They screamed in the stands during driver introductions.. Because of that most of the men didn’t like him..
      The situation became an embarrassment to NASCAR, and Rick Hendrick was not their favorite owner for a very long time, after that.. He had brought a driver into their “family” that had AIDs, may have been gay (he wasn’t.. I believe he infected a few women), and that made them look like gay bashers, as well as persecutors of a sick man..
      I’m sure it affected people’s reaction to Jeff Gordon when he came along..
      Edit: Some say the Dale wouldn’t have had seven titles had Tim lived.. Dale won the Championship, in both of Tim’s best Cup years..

  • 2009: Pick For… ? Bringing back the accuracy test again, and I will try to make the pick for threads again every week.

    Most Wins:
    Most Poles:
    Most DNFs:
    First-time Winners:
    Rookie of the Year (Speed or Logano are the only ones I know of):
    First Driver Fired:
    # of Different Winners:
    Dark Horses (3; had to have finished worse than 14th in last year’s points):
    Breakout Driver of the Season:
    Slump (3; must have been inside the top 20 in last year’s points):

    My picks:

    Title – Carl Edwards
    Wins – Carl Edwards (8)
    Poles – Jeff Gordon (6, mainly for being owner’s point leader during rainouts)
    DNFs – Whoever drives the 96
    First-time Winners – David Ragan, Travis Kvapil, David Reutimann, Paul Menard (RP track)
    RotY – Joey Logano
    First Fired – David Gilliland
    # Different Winners: 16
    Dark Horses – Marcos Ambrose, Casey Mears, Jamie McMurray
    Breakout Driver of the Season – Jamie McMurray
    Comeback – Casey Mears
    Slump – Martin Truex, Jr., Greg Biffle, Tony Stewart
    Sorry, this is a little outdated so my picks are old and irrelevant.
    Zach, read the additional details I added. I didn’t know who was driving the 96 when I wrote this.

    • Curator says:

      Title: Jeff Gordon
      Most Wins: Jimmie Johnson(7) Gordon(6)
      Most Poles: Jeff Gordon, 8
      Most DNFs: Marcos Ambrose
      First-time Winners: Joey Logano
      Rookie of the Year: Joey Logano
      First Driver Fired: Dave Blaney
      # of Different Winners: 12
      Dark Horses: Casey Mears, Bobby Labonte and Reed Sorenson
      Breakout Driver of the Season: Jeff Gordon will get back on track
      Comeback: Jeff Gordon
      Slump : Dale Jr, Matt Kenseth, Jeff Burton

  • Who Is Arguably The Best Driver Jeff Gordon Or Jimmie Johnson?
    Not now not then just overall. Let’s see the true colors of Nascar Nation. You have to chose one

    Mine would be Jeff.

    • Curator says:

      Jimmie Johnson has been the best driver the last few years but Jeff Gordon has been the best driver way longer than that. I really don’t think you can say Jimmie is better overall because I don’t think Jeff has had a crew chief that he’s worked well with since Robbie Loomis left. In 2007 Latarte got lucky because HMS was ahead on testing. This year other teams have stepped it up and HMS is trying to play catch-up. Chad Knaus and Jimmie Johnson has adapted. Steve Latarte and Jeff hasn’t. I don’t think that is the fault of Jeff. Jeff has proven a long time ago that he can drive a car. Latarte on the other hand hasn’t proven himself.

      I think Jeff Knows a few more racing tricks than Jimmie. I’ve seen him pull some pretty tricky moves at times. I still don’t think it’s possible to compare the two. One has years more experience and wins and the other has a great combination of a good crew chief and a driver that works well together. I would like to see them swap crew chiefs and see if they still perform the same. If Jeff had Chad as a crew chief I think you’d see Jeff having a better season.

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