10 Responses to Johnny Manziel

  • Stephen says:

    Lol Why Do People Want To Watch Johnny Manziel’s Pro Day? Pro Days Are Absolutely USELESS?
    @reynaldo They are useless. No defense. It’s like a shootaround in basketball only football pro days get wayyyy more hype. You remember Jamarcus Russell? He had one of the best pro days ever…

  • Pablo says:

    If You Were A HS Coach What Type Or QB Would You Rather Have? Would you rather have a Johnny manziel/ Russell Wilson/ Aaron Rodgers type of QB someone who scrambles in the pocket to throw or a Michael Vick/ Colin Kaepernick/ RG3 Someone who just takes off when no ones open?.
    The reason I ask this is because I plan on playing QB next season in freshman football and I just found out a kid at my school wants to be the QB also. He’s faster and has a bigger arm with more zip on the ball basically more athletic than me an he falls in the Michael Vick category while I’m more of a pocket passer but have the scrambling ability of manziel or Russell Wilson and I’m more accurate and and have good touch on the ball and I have pretty good football IQ. I’m just worried that the HC next season will choose him over me because he’s more athletic while I’m more of a less athletic QB with very good pocket movement and escapability ability. Also because I’m salvadorian and the kid im competing is black.
    So if you had to choose what type of QB to go with would you go with the guy who is super athletic who runs just to run or the guy who isn’t as athletic but can make pretty much every throw although my deep pass need a little work while the other dude has cannon arm an all he does is take shots down field but if no ones open he just takes off almost every time. He only goes deep and runs and has amazing speed while I make every throw and scramble to find open receiver but I don’t have the amazing speed and arm strength he has
    I just hope I win the QB competition.

    • Curator says:

      I would want a player that would come to me for advice instead of asking complete strangers on Yahoo Answers if he should play quarterback or not….. Good luck…..

  • True Or False – Johnny Manziel Is A Franchise Type QB And Will Be Successful In The NFL? Some people say he has a similar playing style to the likes of Brett Farve or Steve Young.
    Others say he is the next Tim Tebow, bad decision making and is reckless…. more of a talented back-up type QB.

    What do you think? Future pro-bowler and possibly Hall of Famer? Or Bust?

    Here is an interesting video from some ESPN analyst on Manziel

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