8 Responses to Johnny Manziel

    • Curator says:

      Because either Houston or Jacksonville will draft Bridgewater.

      However, I’d also pick Carr before Manziel.

      Manziel is the third or fourth best quarterback this draft.

      But if both Houston and Jacksonville pick quarterbacks, a gamble is the best the Browns are going to get when it comes to quarterback.

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    When did you grow out of this phase? What is a socially acceptable age to be over this stage in your opinion?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Kaushik says:

    Should The Lions Trade Stafford/fire Jim Schwartz? This is crazy, but should the lions fire Schwartz and hire Kubiak, Gruden, lovie smith, etc

    Next, should the lions trade stafford and a 1st/2nd round pick for johnny manziel.
    I concur. But i Johnny manziel is the last qb to be a bust, He’s a traditional Qb unlike winston, bridgewater, etc.
    Alright if Manziel isn’t a good idea, then how bot jordyn lynch in the 3rd of 4th round
    I’m one of teh few whoe thinks staffford is overrated. He gets so many yards because ouf passing offense i elite. 2nd best passing o-line, best reciever, best redzone te, Tallest recievers tes’s, Best receiving rb’s (joique bell, and Bush). All stafford has is yards. that’s it. besides that he’s average. His playign this year is awful. Put manziel, etc under lion’s center, andhe will do much better
    Lonesome Rhodes: I wonder who seewped the Bears. It think their nams is the DETROIT LIONS.

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