Jonathan Frid

Jonathan Frid: Star of 'Dark Shadows'

Fri, 20 Apr 2012 16:34:56 -0700 Jonathan Frid,who died yesterday of natural causes at the age of 87, was a Canadian actor best known for playing Barnabas Collins in the 1960s original vampire soap opera Dark Shadows.

Jonathan Frid, 'Dark Shadows' star, dies at 87

Fri, 20 Apr 2012 14:44:17 -0700 Johnny Depp said of Frid, "His elegance and grace was an inspiration then and will continue to remain one forever more." read more

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Jonathan Frid Dead: 'Dark Shadows' Actor Dies At 87

TORONTO Jonathan Frid, a Canadian actor best known for playing Barnabas Collins in the 1960s original vampire soap opera "Dark Shadows", has died. He was 87.

Jonathan Frid, original 'Dark Shadows' star, dies at 87 | Inside …

UPDATED: Johnny Depp comments below … Just a few weeks before his most famous character was to be reborn, the original Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows has died.


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14 Responses to Jonathan Frid

  • Anonymous says:

    Seniors – What Are Your Memories Of Jonathan Frid? The Yale University-trained Canadian actor who played “Barnabas Collins” on the “Dark Shadows” TV show from 1967 to 1971 and turned it into a cult classic died on Friday the Thirteen at age 87, it was announced yesterday.

    (This is a re-posting of the obviously very legitimate question I asked yesterday when the announcement of Frid’s death was made. But at that time someone was “reporting” every post I made. I have asked Yahoo to look into who reported this question. So if this is also “reported,” it ought to make Yahoo’s job easier.)

  • How Many Of You Boomers Raced Home From School To Watch Dark Shadows? 2nd Question? Who Was Your Favourite? I loved Grayson Hall, Lara Parker, Donald Briscoe, Jonathan Frid (a fellow Canadian) and John Karlen…

    Please share your favourite moments of that spook opera?
    ((L)) Your mum had good taste! Why not invite her on here to give her impressions about the show…. that would be really cool? What do you say…?

    • Curator says:

      Race home? Not us!

      We went to school in the downtown area, a few blocks from a major department store. We raced to Stillman’s, took the elevator to the 3rd floor (home furnishings), plopped our teenage butts on the display sofas, and watched the show.

      The only time we were interrupted was by the elevators directly behind us. The operators would stop at the floor as long as they could to watch a little of the show. Impatient people on other floors would buzz! buzz! buzz! if the operators didn’t respond fast enough.

      Thanks for a fun memory!

  • Jon67cj5 says:

    Barmabas Collins? Jonathan Frid was an icon to me. I wrote to him and he responded on his website. It was most kind of him and I wish him the best. He has other matters such as stage production, but to hear from him personally was something I will never forget. Just do a google or any search of my name and you will find the kind words he said about my narrative. A great person, a great actor and his comments do not do justice to his accomplishments. Anyone else appreciates “Dark Shadows”?
    if you do a search with my name, Jon Lioncourt, you will be directed to Jonathan Frid’s website. He was very kind to me and I was elated that he included my narrative to him.
    Correction: Barnabas Collins. I type so quickly sometimes. Thank you for the note.
    My bad for spelling. Barnabas has elated me many times on his website. Mr. Frid has many other accomplishments, but his fans remember him as Barnabas Collins. He is reluctant to recognize this, but understands it. I am fortunate to be one that he has addressed in his narratives.

    • Curator says:

      I do!!! I was only 7 years old when Dark Shadows came out on ABC television and oh how I remember racing up our long farm driveway off of the schoolbus to catch the last 20 minutes or so of the show each day. But I was a steadfast fan right from the start. You are 100% correct with Jonathan Frid being an icon. He is a wonderful and extremely talented actor and a man with a tremendos heart from what I have read on him. He could bring chills in my bones during the scenes that I thought were so scary yet my heart leapt out to him with him while seeking out his true love. You know that he is indeed one of those rare actors that is true to his craft, but also knows and appreciates and acknowledges his fans and their support of him during his careerspan. My warmest personal best to him also!

  • Jon Glade says:

    Twilight Fans: Remember Barnabas Collins? I’m just curious to know if any of you are aware of the Vampire Hearthrob from the late sixties and early seventies. Barnabas Collins, as played by Canadian actor Jonathan Frid, rescued the “gothic soap opera,” television’s “Dark Shadows,” from cancellation and became something of a multimedium sensation when he became the center of a cult composed of women, from ages twelve through eighty-eight, who just absolutely wanted Barnabas to suck their necks.

    My question is, do you see anything of the Twilight series in Barnabas or vice versa? And “is there something inherently romantic about male vampires?” Answer either or both parts of my question, whichever you want. There’s a link to an article on Barnabas directly below so you can get the skinny on the character, or you could ask your mother or grandmother.

    • Curator says:

      I guess I watched DS when I was in kindergarten although I can’t remember it well. I loved it when they remade it in the 80’s or 90’s.

      I haven’t seen or read Twilight but I’m a big fan of paranormal romances so I’m qualified to answer. There is something inherently romantic about vampires, regardless of how they are written. I see them as tragic figures. First there’s the whole getting vamped thing, then there’s the having lived for so darned long thing. That alone makes you feel sorry for the poor schmuck.

      But honestly, the biggest lure is how they’re written or portrayed. You never see a fugly guy playing a vamp unless he’s supposed to be a bad guy. And considering that all the vamp books I read are romances, of course they’re going to be hott.

      There’s probably also an appeal due to the whole bad boy thing. Even those of us who know better – perhaps especially us – may still harbor a secret longing for the guy who stirs your blood (before he whacks you upside the head and asks where the hell dinner is).

      I really don’t have a thing for vamps in spite of being heavy into paranormal romances. There’s nothing about bloodsucking, sharp teeth or any of the other stuff about them that appeals to me especially. I guess I just like the whole package as presented by the author/director/actor. Heck, if anything I would say I prefer shapeshifters because that at least lets you shed your everyday skin and become something else.

  • Friscogrrl says:

    List Of Vampire Series On TV? Just for the heck of it and because it’s one of my favorite categories of TV, movie, or book, I’m trying to remember TV series based on vampires. Not movies or one-offs, just series of any length. Of course, the first one that pops to mind is Buffy, then Angel. The first one I can remember being broadcast, oh so long ago, is Dark Shadows with Jonathan Frid…I guess the remake with Ben Cross can be counted seperately. My favorite of all times is Kindred: the Embraced, which was only 8 episodes long. And of course, Blade. Any others? (And I’m not including cartoons.)

    • Curator says:

      Old ones may include Dark Shadows or one of my favorite from around 1996 called Kindred: The Embraced. I couldnt believe they took it off. I was just heartbroken.

  • mcallen says:

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