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  • Phatlayces05 says:

    Basketball: What If Jordan Never Came Out Of Retirement The First Time…? Okay, just to recap the history if you don’t know. Michael Jordan and the Bulls had won his first 3 titles between 90-93. He announced his retirement because of his father’s murder and his desire to play the game. He took off to play minor league baseball for the Birmingham Barons. He did not return to basketball until a year in a half. Chicago lost to the Orlando Magic in 6 games of EC semi- finals in 1995. Then Michael led the Bulls to the 72-10 season where they won the first of three championships to Seattle. “The shot” happened in game 6 of the 08 Finals against Utah. Michael retired again, then in 2001 he returned as an owner/ player for the Washington Wizards. The rest is history.

    Now, the questions…
    Would MJ still have been considered GOAT just winning only 3 titles?
    Would there still be talks of the Air apparent ( Stackhouse, Grant Hill, Kobe, Lebron so on & on )? Would Scottie Pippen or Rodman have the same stellar career without his comeback?
    From the list, who would have benefited the most from MJ standing down and not coming back?

    Sorry very long but this needs to be debated, great thought into answers will be appreciated!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thoughts On Tonight’s Starting Line-up For The Lakers? Ramon Sessions (Seven Deep)
    Steve Blake (Little Feisty)
    Christian Eyenga (Skyenga)
    Josh McRoberts (McLobs)
    Jordan Hill (Predator)

    BQ: Does Jordan Hill have a nickname?

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