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Kellen Clemens: Recapping Clemens's Week 8 Fantasy Performance

29 October 2013 | 10:04 am Clemens completed 15-of-31 passes for just 158 yards with no touchdowns and threw two interceptions during the Rams' loss to the Seahawks. He looked uncomfortable for most of the night, and while the Rams kept it close and nearly pulled off the upset, the night finished with Clemens misfiring on a fourth-and-goal from the Seattle one-yard line as time ran out. While Clemens may be in trouble if …

Seahawks' stand preserves 14-9 win over Rams

29 October 2013 | 8:29 am ST. LOUIS (AP) Russell Wilson threw two touchdown passes to Golden Tate, and the Seattle Seahawks made a dramatic goal-line stand in the final minute to beat the St. Louis Rams 14-9 on Monday night.

Rams' upset bid ends one yard short of the end zone

28 October 2013 | 11:57 pm They dominated in almost every way statistically, but the St. Louis Rams still came up one yard shor

You Had One Job, Kellen Clemens | Kissing Suzy Kolber

29 October 2013 | 4:09 am Seattle's offense mustered nothing except for a short field score and a long TD to Golden Tate that could have just as easily been an interception. Kellen Clemens and Kellen Clemens alone cost St. Louis at least nine points.

Bruce Irvin picks off Kellen Clemens (GIF) – FanSided – Sports News …

29 October 2013 | 1:35 am Seahawks defensive end Bruce Irvin picked off St. Louis Rams quarterback Kellen Clemens.

Kellen Clemens: Can St. Louis Rams Succeed With Him?

27 October 2013 | 1:17 pm St. Louis Rams' Kellen Clemens faces a tough opponent in the Seattle Seahawks in his first start. Can he take care of the ball?

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10 Responses to Kellen Clemens

    • Curator says:

      On that last series I would have run the ball four straight times.

      Kellen Clemens. What the heck do they see in him? He totally reminds me of former Niner QB J.T. O’Sullivan. He’d try hard, but the NFL game was too much to handle for him.

      EDIT: Richardson had a 4.9 yrd average per carry. I’d rather take my chances with him than my 36.8 QB rating, under 50% completion percentage, thrown 2 interceptions, against the best secondary in football greenhorn quarterback.

  • Holaitsjosh says:

    Cecil Shorts Or Jarett Boykin? Seatlle Or Chiefs Defense? Should I start Cecil Shorts or Jarett Boykin?

    Also Chiefs defense is playing against the browns

    Seattle is playing against Rams and kellen clemens. Who should I start at defense?

  • Federico says:

    Who Was The Most Successful QB Coming Out Of The 2006 NFL Draft? 1. Vince Young
    2. Matt Leinart
    3. Jay Cutler
    4. Kellen Clemens
    5. Tarvaris Jackson

    Who was a bust and who is legit? Why or why not?

    • Curator says:

      Jay Cutler. He is a good, not great quarterback, who has questionable leadership skills. Everyone else one that list has been terrible, though Young and Jackson have helped teams make it to the playoffs. Leinart is a total bust.

      Vince Young’s story is kinda sad was promising his first two years, but he suffered a mental breakdown and never recovered. I was hoping he could make a comeback but that looks pretty unlikely.

  • Federico says:

    Who Was The Most Successful QB Coming Out Of The 2006 NFL Draft? 1. Vince Young
    2. Matt Leinart
    3. Jay Cutler
    4. Kellen Clemens
    5. Tarvaris Jackson

    Who was a bust and who is legit? Why or why not?

    • Curator says:

      Jay cutler is easily the most successful. i had high hopes for vince young thought he’d be really good after that bcs championship(is he even in the league anymore?) matt leinart is a bust and career backup, clemens is a career backup. jackson had had some alright years in minnesota but basically a good backup. but really who knew cutler and to a lesser extent jackson would have the better careers out of this group considering all the college star power here.

  • Ryan says:

    Help! I Made A Script For A Sitcom And I Need To Know If Its Good? Ok so my uncle works at ABC and they want a new show and he knows i want to be a comedian when I grow up so he asked me to write a script and get it back to him. So this is what I got. Please share your honest thoughts i need to make this really good. Thank You!

    Conway East

    Concept: Ryan Conway, 15 year old high school football player and his family living in the suburbs of Connecticut, get new neighbors. The series starts with Ryan and his brother, Stephen getting a rocket in the mail from their grandparents. They then proceed to take the rocket and attempt to launch it while in Los Angelas for their Dad’s business trip. Little do they know on how to launch the rocket, they accidently launch it without knowing the proper procedure. Ryan’s Mom turns on the news a few seconds later and there is a news story that a famous persons house is on fire.

    Ryan Conway- Ryan Conway

    Stephen Conway- Stephen Conway

    Jennifer Lopez- Maggie Conway

    Brendan Conway- Adam Sandler

    Selena Gomez- Selena Gomez

    -Starts in hotel room with Ryan and Steve-

    TV: The Jets are still trying to figure out who their starting quarterback will be
    Steve: You know what I say? I say cut both of them and have McElroy start
    Ryan: I don’t even know why they cover Jets they suck either way
    Steve: Jets have two AFC championship games in the last four years
    Ryan: Hey wanna hear a joke?
    Steve: Uh sure? But I thought we were talking about
    Ryan: The Jets that’s a joke
    Steve haha funny. You just come up with that one on the spot
    Ryan (mouth full of chips): Mark Sanchez took a rape awareness class at USC. This was to prepare him for playing for the Jets. Mark Sanchez threw 12 touchdown passes compared to 20 interceptions and 10 fumbles.
    Steve: You done?
    Ryan: Almost
    -Mom walks in the room-
    Mom: What are you guys arguing about?
    Ryan: Mark Sanchez won the starting QB job over Kellen Clemens during pre-season. It was like watching gay porn. A lot of sucking and if you are watching you must be a Jets fan.
    Mom: RYAN!
    Ryan: Well I mean it’s true
    Mom: You want to be smacked?
    Ryan: No ma’am
    Mom: Then apologize
    Ryan (mumbles): Sorry Stephen
    Steve: What I-I didn’t hear that
    Ryan: Mark Sanchez is a pedophile
    Mom: RYAN
    Ryan: Sorry
    Mom: Okay anyway you guys got In the mail this rocket thing from grandma and grandpa
    Steve: Sweet (Mom slaps his hands as he tries to grab it)
    Mom: You don’t Open it until your father gets back. I’m going shopping, I’ll be back in an hour –leaves hotel room-
    Ryan: Alright let’s open this baby up.
    Steve: What are you doing? Mom said not to. It be wrong
    Ryan: Did you just hear yourself?
    Steve: Your right open that thing

    -Steve and Ryan walking through the lobby-

    Manager: Where you guys going with that?
    Ryan: Outside
    Manager: Your mom gave me strict instructions to not let you come down with that rocket
    Steve: But-
    Ryan: Mr. Jane, we’re only in L.A for another day, how on earth will she find out? You know what happens in California stays in California
    Mr. Jane: That’s Vegas
    Ryan: You still live your mom shut up.
    Mr. Jane: So do you
    Ryan: I’m 15
    Mr. Jane: Fine you can launch it IF you let me come with you
    Steve: Sure lets go


    -Ryan setting up Rocket-
    Mr. Jane: What are you writing dow on the pink slip?
    Ryan: It is gonna say “if your hot call me 2033136778
    Mr. Jane: -shakes head- Okay so how do we do this
    Steve: I don’t know
    Mr. Jane: Well are there instructions?
    Ryan: There were
    M.J: What do you mean there were
    Ryan: Instructions just slow you down and get you confused
    M.J: So What you do to the instructions?
    Ryan: Don’t know
    M.J: Okay is your room open
    Steve: Yup
    M.J: Okay I’ll check for the instructions don’t do anything
    -MJ leaves-
    Steve: Yo. Check out those hot girls over there
    Ryan: Wow, how old do you think they are?
    Steve: I’d say 17 and 16
    Ryan: I can pass for 18, I’m going in.
    Steve: Yeah. Ok
    -Ryan walks and by mistake causes rocket to launch-
    -Steve watches mouth open-
    Ryan: (looks for a second at the sky, then walks towards girls) Hey I’m Ryan how you doing
    Steve: Dude what are you doing, you just freakin put off a bottle rocket
    Ryan: You see in these situations I think it’s just best to walk away
    Steve: So your just going to act like you didn’t just make a rocket go off?
    Ryan: Yup pretty much

    Once again thank you this means so much to me. This is just part of it and a rough draft

    • Curator says:

      Hmm well it was kind of boring reading it… Umm dident really see any sort of witty jokes or clever twist’s. Good idea for a short story however and i would read that, something exiting and something that draws you in from the start. Try starting with something big start in the middle of the accident and make it really clever and how it brings the characters together for the first episode. Make it so the rocket affects all these different people or something. But your ok and you will make a great writer if you keep at it.

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