Kevin Love

Timberwolves' Kevin Love won't play rest of season

Sun, 22 Apr 2012 16:18:12 -0700 Kevin Love has done more than his share of work for the Timberwolves this season, so the club decided to give him the final two games off.

Kevin Love loses the beard and mustache, looks like a kid

Sun, 22 Apr 2012 19:31:22 -0700 On Thursday, our Dan Devine noted the new mustache of Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Kevin Love . While Dan was more concerned with whether or not his own mustache could stack up to Love's, he also noted that the power forward's 'stache deserved our attention. For a player with a throwback game, it was a good facial hair fit. The mustache was short-lived, though, as Love has now decided to go …

Kevin Love Turning Heads in Minnesota, This Time Because His …

No, the Minnesota Timberwolves aren't accepting walk-ons — that's just Kevin Love hanging out over there. The man who spent the better part of the season in the MVP discussion has shaved his beard and mustache, leaving …

Kevin Love Will Have Concussion Tests On Wednesday CBS …

Kevin Love has finally turned a corner in his recovery from a recent concussion, and the Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star says he's ready to take the necessary tests to return to the court.


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4 Responses to Kevin Love

  • Anonymous says:

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    1. Zachary Kevin “Zachary”
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  • Paul says:

    Found Out That My Old Mistress Is Sleeping With My Son And Giving Him Money? I’m a 67 year old black man and I’m fed up with my son’s bullshit. I have three daughters but Kevin is my only son. He’s 41 years old. Still, I’m just waiting IMPATIENTLY for Kevin to grow up and be the man I done tried to raise him to be. I may be aggressive and vulgar at times, but I’ve been a great father to him. Not perfect. But great. He was the apple of my wife’s eye and he could do no wrong in her life. Don’t get me wrong I love my son too but if it was up to me I would have put him out on the streets the minute he turned 18. My wife passed away in 2010. Kevin NEVER left home. He has a 19 year old daughter from his ex-girlfriend that he never did anything for unless my wife and I encouraged him. We have been supporting him his whole life.

    I had an affair that lasted on and off for twenty-some odd years with a woman named Bea but I dropped her for good when my wife first got sick. I will live with this for the rest of my life but I’m a man, something Kevin will NEVER be at the damn rate he’s going.

    That’s why what happened last night really angered me. I heard from one of my friends that Kevin was at Bea’s house . Little did Kevin know, my friend’s sister lives in the same apartment building that Bea lives in. So, I drove bus up there and waited for him for 3 hours. I wanted to talk to that whore but she was too scared to face me. I’ve been asking Kevin about my mortgage money for a long time and now I know where he’s getting it from. Bea must be dipping into her dead husband’s pension. She rather ruin my damn life and destroy my family again instead of making sure HER children and grandchildren is taken care of. So Kevin finally came outside and I went off on him. Yelling and cussing and punching him in the street. He tried to walk away from me so I kicked him in the back. Then he had the nerve to put me in the headlock and broke my eyeglasses. His own father! So, when I got too tired to keep fighting, I let him walk away and I screamed that’s all the man he’ll EVER be. Now, that I’m home alone with time to think. My behavior last night was very shameful for a man my age. I had an open heart surgery last year so I can’t risk my health. I took care of him for so long why stop now. I promised my wife that I would look after him no matter what. How could I solve all these problems without putting him out? My daughters(his sisters) all have husbands and kids of their own so they won’t take him in. What should I do?

    • Curator says:

      Forgive yourself for being imperfect. And forgive your son for being imperfect as well.

      Then give your son 30 days notice, or whatever you think is reasonable.

      You are not doing anyone any favors enabling his irresponsibility.

      You owe it to yourself and all those you love to not subject yourself to the stress of your son.

      Welcome him (but not to live with you) when he comes back responsible and respectful, if you want.

      You have to live in the present. Sometimes that means letting go of promises you made in the past that are counterproductive.

      I agree with the small business owner from Texas. Kicking your son in the back from behind negates any problem I would have had with him breaking your glasses. He only put you in a headlock when he could have done much worse to you. He showed restraint and you ought to be grateful for that.

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