Kliff Kingsbury

Everyone has been talking about Kliff Kingsbury lately. We thought we would add our own take on it.

Kliff Kingsbury hits recruiting trail after Red Raiders' win against TCU …

13 September 2013 | 6:58 pm Less than 18 hours after defeating No. 24 TCU, Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury was pictured with Cedar Hill High School head coach Joey McGuire presumably in McGuire's office. McGuire tweeted out a picture of  http://collegesportsblog.dallasnews.com/2013/09/kliff-kingsbury-hits-high-school-trail-after-red-raiders-win-against-tcu.html/

Kliff Kingsbury Looks Like Ryan Gosling [Photos] – Business Insider

13 September 2013 | 4:56 pm New Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury played his first nationally televised ESPN game last night, and the Internet immediately fell in love with him. Kingsbury, who's insanely young for a head coach at 34, played  http://www.businessinsider.com/kliff-kingsbury-looks-like-ryan-gosling-photos-2013-9

Five thoughts: Kliff Kingsbury calls Texas Tech defensive …

13 September 2013 | 7:12 am The Horned Frogs (1-2, 0-1) dominated time of possession 35 minutes and 36 seconds to 24 minutes and 14 seconds which allowed them to actually outgain Texas Tech 401 yards to 336 yards. However, TCU only managed  http://collegesportsblog.dallasnews.com/2013/09/five-thoughts-kliff-kingsbury-calls-texas-tech-defensive-performance-the-best-hes-been-a-part-of.html/


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12 Responses to Kliff Kingsbury

    • Curator says:

      If I had public access to your Q&A’s, I can probably find it.

      That wasn’t the question I was referring to.

      It’s funny how you didn’t seem to care when DK said Barkley will be a bust. Whatever happened to saying “give people a chance?” You don’t think it’s fair to give Barkley a chance?

      edit: There’s nothing gimmicky about the offense Barkley came from (West Coast offense). On the other hand, there are serious concerns about the offense Geno came from (Air raid offense).

      Honestly, I think you’re slow in the head if you can’t process this piece of information. Again, you’re taking stats at face value, something AC Stylin warned you about.

      Before responding to me, look up the college stats of these three QB’s: Kliff Kingsbury, Case Keenum, and Graham Harrell. They’re all disciples of the Air Raid offense, and they all put up amazing college numbers. What do they have in common? None of them did anything in the NFL.

      I’m not trying to be mean, but you seriously don’t have the mental capacity to hold a logical argument.

      Jake and I have gotten in ugly arguments before, but he dealt with logic. You, Timmy, do not.

      If you don’t think the Air Raid offense is gimmicky, I can’t continue to have a conversation with you.

      I’ll repeat this for the final time: I’m not saying Geno will be a bust. I’m not saying that at all. All I’m saying is that I’m seriously concerned about whether he can translate to the NFL, considering he wasn’t trained how to read defenses and coverages.

  • RIVERKID says:

    Do You Think Johnny Manziel Will Be Affected Tonight By Not Having Klingsbury Calling The Plays? For those who don’t know…Kliff Kingsbury was the offensive coordinator for Texas A & M all year, until he took the head coaching job at Texas Tech.

  • Will says:

    Kingsbury And Goseling? I’m a high school senior and will be going to texas tech next fall. my brother told me that kliff kingsbury isn’t the new coach? that it is actually ryan goseling?? is this true? does ryan goseling even know any football? if coach goseling is the coach then we will probably be bad and i might as well go to baylor. also on a different note, what should i major in? i can’t make up my mind. I like CSI so i was thinking about forensics or something like that but my brother told me i’m not very perseptive. i told him to suck it.

    • Curator says:

      Actually, your chances of playing college football depend on your performance in football during your senior year of high school. If you performed very well in football this season, you will greatly improve your chances of getting recruited to play for a college football program, such as Texas Tech or Baylor, next season.

      If given a choice between these schools, my best advice for you is to go to Baylor, and major in political science 🙂

  • BREAKING NEWS:TOM BRADY TO GO TO THE JETS!!!!? Lol yeah right that would never happen.the jets are a major joke.your gonna get rid of not only mark sanchez but also tim tebow as well.the jets always do this to their quarterback and that’s why nobody wants to play here and they never have any faith in their quarterbacks and their quarterbacks always go somewhere else and be stars and always flourish.Should i mention the names that the jets had in the past 12 years that they never showed any favor to and got rid of them like a piece of s**t?

    here’s the list from 2000-2012:
    vinny testaverde-did alot better under parcells
    ray lucas-bombed
    chad pennington-had a great season with miami
    brooks bollinger-had something great with him and the jets screwed him up
    quincy carter-treated him like a piece of s**t
    jay fielder-bombed
    kliff kingsbury-bombed
    kellen clemens-had something great with him and the jets screwed him up
    patrick ramsey-bombed
    brad smith-bombed
    brett favre-he had one great year and the jets got rid of him like a piece of s**t
    mark brunell-bombed

    when will you jets fans learn.this team will never get better EVER!!!!!! and i mean come on just look at the giants and see how successful they got and eli manning is now most definitely an elite quarterback weather you like it or not and his brother peyton didn’t wanna come to the jets at all cause of how overrated they are…good luck with michael vick on your team next year 🙂

    • Curator says:

      Pennington and Moss had a great connection- unfortunately, Pennington just got hurt too much, so they let him go.
      I missed the part where Bollinger and Clemens were good. Serviceable? Maybe. Good? No.
      And Favre was way overrated that year. He threw way too many picks and got to the Pro Bowl by name only.

      The good thing for the Jets? Make a list like this for the Bills and take comfort that you’re not the most pathetic.

    • Curator says:

      Shooter_2147 said, “To answer your question…Google Graham Harrell, BJ Simmons, Kliff Kingsbury and see where they are.”

      Do you know that Graham Harrell is on the Green Bay Packers practice squad. This is because Green Bay Packers only keep two quarterbacks.

      Also, Kliff Kingsbury is a quarterback coach for Houston. He coached Houston’s first string who got hurt. The first string was suppose to pass up Graham Harrell records until he got hurt.

      Also, did you know that most Texas Tech NFL players were not drafted. The ones that made it from the practice squads are one of the better players in the NFL. Look at Wes Welker who plays for the Patriots. There are others as well.

      So, Graham Harrell could make it. He drove across the field for a touchdown against the Colts during the pre-season games. Also, he drove the Packers across the field for a winning touchdown against another team during the pre-season games.

      The reason Graham Harrell could make it is because he is learning under Aaron Rodgers who is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now.

      Look at Vince Young who got drafted!!!!!

      So, bla shooter_2147! Keep blabbing!!!!!

      I do doubt that Taylor Potts can make it though.

  • EM POWERED says:

    Who Are/were Some “system” Quarterbacks? By system quarterback, I mean quarterbacks that are not individually very talented but find lots of success and put up good stats because of the team they are on, whether that comes from the coaching system or the talent around them.

    • Curator says:

      Not really such thing as a system QB in the NFL. Obviously having a talented supporting cast will improve a QB’s performance and stats, but to have consistent success against NFL defenders a QB has to be very talented.

      If a college offense has an accurate QB with a mediocre arm, a big, pass blocking offensive line and a few playmakers, they can put the QB back in the shotgun every play with 3-5 receivers out wide every play and run routes like screens, slants and other high percentage short-intermediate passes. You’ll notice that many spread QBs, like Colt McCoy, have a very high completion percentage but a low yards/attempt.

      The average college defense has a lot of trouble defending spread offense like I just described.

      When you hear people talk about a guy not being drafted because he was a “spread offense” guy its because success in a spread offense don’t require the same physical tools and it doesn’t involve many of the duties and responsibilities of an NFL QB.

      Sometimes spread QBs do have what it takes to be an NFL QB, like Drew Brees, but spread college QBs with successful NFL careers are very few and far between.

      Some “system” college QBs are Graham Harrell, Brian Brohm, Colt McCoy, Chase Daniel, Timmy Chang, Colt Brennan, Todd Reesing, Taylor Potts, Kellen Moore, Jason White and Kliff Kingsbury.

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