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Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner 'secretly split' a year ago following 22 years of marriage after he becomes extremely …

9 October 2013 | 7:30 am And we thought Cheryl and Tre did a good job of hiding their break-up for four months.

Kris Jenner, Bruce Jenner Split After 22 Years Of Marriage

9 October 2013 | 7:14 am Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner have split after 22 years of marriage, they announced via E! News. " We are living separately and we are much happier this way ," they said in a statement. "But we will always have much love and respect for each other. Even though we are separated, we will always remain best friends and, as always, our family will remain our number one priority." Rumors of a split …

Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner confirm separation

9 October 2013 | 7:05 am The couple made the revelation to E! Online after months of speculation that there was trouble in paradise.

Kris Jenner . . . And All Things Kardashian (Kindle Edition) tagged “kris jenner” 2 times

7 March 2012 | 7:37 pm Kris Jenner . . . And All Things Kardashian Kris Jenner . . . And All Things Kardashian (Kindle Edition)By Kris Jenner Buy new: $10.38 Customer Rating: 2.1 Customer tags: kris jenner(2), great books

Kim Kardashian: In Her Own Words (Kindle Edition) tagged “kris jenner” 3 times

28 October 2011 | 1:30 am Kim Kardashian: In Her Own Words Kim Kardashian: In Her Own Words (Kindle Edition)By Charlotte Nixon Buy new: $2.99 Customer Rating: 2.1 Customer tags: bruce jenner(4), kourtney kardashian(4), kendall jenner(4), khloe kardashian(4), kim kardashian book(4), kim kardashian(4), kim kardashian biography(4), kardashian ebook(4), kim kardashian poster(3), kim kardashian calendar(3), kris jenner(3), kylie jenner(3)

Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian — Reunited and Rallying for Kris …

9 October 2013 | 6:30 am Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian finally came back together in public — for the first time in months — and all it took for them to reunite was Kris

Kris Jenner Dating Younger Men After Bruce Jenner Split …

9 October 2013 | 2:45 am After months of speculation that Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner were going their separate ways, Kris is finally a free woman, and the mother-of-six has decided that she wants to be a cougar, a source tells

Kris Jenner & Bruce Separated A YEAR AGO & Kept It Secret! Find …

8 October 2013 | 11:36 pm Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner have been keeping this secret for a year! Get more deets HERE!

Kris Jenner & All Things Kardashian Signed Numbered Autographed book Kim Khloe

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Sketchers Shoes 2011 print ad / magazine ad, Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner

9 October 2013 | 5:37 am $7.75
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WOMEN-Kris Jenner Kollection Burgundy Trench Coat W/Byzantium Appliques SZ 16

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Kris Jenner Kollection 3/4 Sleeve Boyfriend Jacket SZ 4

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NWT ASO Kim Kardashian Kris Jenner Missoni Zig Zag Halter Dress IT 40

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5 Responses to Kris Jenner

  • Athena says:

    Hairstyles For Thin Long Hair? Guys I have really really really thin AND fine hair. I had it short but simply it doesn’t look good on my face. So I want to make them long, like really long. Would they look TERRIBLE? any pictures of woman having long thin straight hair? I am having a confidence issue really…
    10 points to the best answer 😀

    • Curator says:

      You have thin hair? Treat your hair like that of a baby’s hair, LOTS OF TLCs. I know you’re an adult now with adult hair, but there are symptoms for bleaching, hair straightening, relaxing, crimping hair even to normal hair types. Imagine that happening to your hair, I mean as you’ve experienced already no product can improve your style. That’s another reason why the hair industry is a trillion dollar business, but they do not give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to ‘abuse’, and hair loss happen more to people with thin or coarse hair. HEAT & CHEMICALS are hair’s worst enemies, specially worst for people with thin hair. If it’s longer, you can braid them the night before, take the braids out, finger comb, and your hair will be thicker, curlier for days!
      Get the right kind of haircut for your hair. The cut should not only be according to your face shape, but also according to your hair quality. If you have really fine hair, a shorter crop with more texture will give the appearance of a fuller head. You can also opt for bangs, as they are a great hairstyle option.

      Thick hair comes from your good genes, no hair product can make your hair thicker, even though they said it will, until your next shampoo.

      But, you can make your hair thicker, see Kris Jenner – Kim’s mom, how she does that! She set her top layers of hair in plastic curlers – had been seen working away @ home or office with 6 curlers on. Blow dry. Let them cool. Take the curlers out. Tousle with your hands and you’re good to go! Simple! If you’re drying your hair: Upside down blow drying. Bend at your waist, turn your head down and blow dry. Straighten up to a voluminous, super full mane!
      Myth: You can’t make flat, fine hair look full of body.
      Truth: Five minutes with a set of large hot rollers will add life to straight hair.
      Read more: Common Hair Care Myths – Hair Care Tips – Good Housekeeping

      Gwenyth Paltrow

  • Lea Ray says:

    Which Is The Best Shampoo And Conditioner? Hello everybody basically I was wondering which of these shampoos is the best. I have frizzy, dry and wavy/curly hair. I’m currently using Toni and guy but it’s a bit expensive so I was thinking about trying out these brands. So out of these which one would you recommend, I’m also trying to grow my hair so I need something that will proper nourish it etc, so the shampoos are:
    Herbal essences, Alberto balsam, tresemme, Pantene, John freida and faith in nature…

    Thank you so much for any of your comments and help, please no inappropriate comments


    • Curator says:

      Not one is a yes or no, they’re shampoos. They’re all part of a billion dollar business.

      Frizz happens when dry hair collides with humidity. Those parched, porous strands suck up the excess moisture in the air. As the strands swell, the outer layer (aka cuticle) of your hair lifts. The result: The smooth tresses you left home with this morning are now a ruffled, haywire mess. “As a teenager my hair was pretty frizzy and more damaged,” says Natalie Coughlin, a 11-time Olympic medalist for USA Swimming (3 Gold, 4 Silver, and 4 Bronze), who’s one-quarter Filipino. She credits a healthful diet, good hair-care products and working with instead of against her hair type for her healthy mane. “It’s important that hairstylists shape my layers so that when I do wear it wavy and play up my natural curls it looks good,” Coughlin says, adding that leave-in conditioner makes her frizz more manageable.
      “But as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to really embrace my hair’s natural waves and natural texture rather than constantly straightening it,” she says. Use gel like Samy when your hair is damp, scrunch your hair and let air dry, or blow dry using a diffuser concentrating @ the roots. Finger comb, tousle or shake your hair and you’re good to go. In the morning, instead of washing them again, spray with water & conditioner, scrunch with your fingers and you’re done.
      Many women before the 60’s, cover their hair with a scarf to prevent frizzies, after they’ve set their hair with plastic curlers. There weren’t any hair products for curly/wavy hair, but they knew how to prevent their hair from frizzy hair. They also set their short hair with bobby pins, after they’re washed, air dry, then take their pins out, gently brushing or brushing their hair. I know! Mom started giving me perms in 2nd grade. I styled my hair before going to school, in bobby pins, they remained styled until I go to bed. Believe it or not, many of us went to bed with plastic curlers, we didn’t have hair dryers in the 60’s. I didn’t own one, until the 80’s! I dried my hair in front of the heater, in the basement or air dried where I grew up in Asia. We didn’t have damaged hair until the 80’s. Check out Keri Russell’s hair!

      One method to make it look fuller, add body, tame the curls, bouncier, thicker, SEXIER, softer & shinier hair is to set your hair with plastic curlers (not Velcro) after you towel dry, you’ll end up with uniform balance of curls. Blow dry briefly while curling them in curlers. Take them out, and finger comb to style. When you’re finished, use your fingers to shake your hair allowing it to fall naturally into place. Used by the best hair color models, and the fashion industry, like Victoria Secret Fashion Show Dec. 2009, 2010, & 2011, America’s Next Top Models, EXPRESS, Toddlers & Tiaras, Dance Moms, Dancing with the Stars, Kris Jenner (was shown with curlers before a meeting while in her office – then took the curlers out and tousle with her fingers ready to go), Kim Kardashian, even used on Oprah’s hair . . . . and continued to be used today where salons care about pampering your hair. When you see hair on TV a hair color commercial, they’re not done by curling or straightening tools. Hair that shines like that and feels like hair, not hay, has to be done by the best hair tools available w/out damaging to the hair. When you take the curlers out, finger comb to style or lightly brush. Tousle the hair up. or shake your hair. You can use large, medium or small curlers, that depends on the length of your hair. Think of JLo’s hair, she was voted as the Sexiest Woman by People magazine and Glamour’s Woman of the Year 2011.

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