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Crown them: Gutsy LA Kings win Stanley Cup again

14 June 2014 | 8:06 am LOS ANGELES (AP) Dustin Brown skated over to Gary Bettman and practically snatched the 35-pound silver trophy out of the NHL commissioner's hands, thrusting it skyward while a packed arena roared.–spt.html

NHL – LA Kings win thrilling Stanley Cup finale

14 June 2014 | 6:53 am The Los Angeles Kings saved their ultimate climactic finish for the grand finale on Friday as they seized the Stanley Cup.–nhl.html

LA Kings win the Cup on Martinez's double-OT goal

14 June 2014 | 5:54 am The longest postseason for the Los Angeles Kings led into the longest game they had ever played. After 94 minutes of impossibly tense hockey, Alec Martinez could scarcely believe it when a rebound off Henrik Lundqvist's pads came straight to his stick. ''I'm just so happy for these guys.'' From their first elimination game seven weeks ago to Martinez's championship-winning goal, these Kings were …–nhl.html

Let's watch the LA Kings — and fans — celebrate the Stanley Cup …

14 June 2014 | 5:27 am But you know what's better than the actual hockey moment leading to a title? CELEBRATING: VICTORY DOGPILE. 20140613_jla_am8_240.jpg.0_medium. Richard Mackson, USA Today Sports. Cup2_1_medium. The first …

Celebrities Tweet Excitement for L.A. Kings' Stanley Cup Win …

14 June 2014 | 4:53 am Celebrities Tweet Excitement for L.A. Kings' Stanley Cup Win! The Los Angeles Kings have won the Stanley Cup for the second time in three years and it is safe to say that tons of the celebrities in Hollywood are psyched!

L.A. Kings Win Stanley Cup on Alec Martinez Goal in Double …

14 June 2014 | 4:38 am The Los Angeles Kings are the 2013-2014 Stanley Cup champions. Alec Martinez scored 14:43 into double-overtime of Game 5 to give the Kings a 3-2 win and their second Cup in 3 seasons. Justin Williams was awarded the …

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  • Julian says:

    I NEED More Music To Listen To!!!? I listen to all kinds of music (except Country because Country is depressing) but I tend to stick with Rap/Hip-Hop (Kid Ink, King Los, Waka Flocka, De La Soul), Dance/Dubstep (Pegboard Nerds, Au5, Fractal), and any remix of popular songs like the Mosuka Remix of Stay the Night by Zedd, ANYTHING.

    Just write your favorite song because I’m going into withdrawal and I need new music to listen to. Please help.

  • H says:

    Good Strip Clubs La Area? What are good strip clubs in la? like king of diamonds, like the ones rappers go too. high end ones. money is not an issues lol. (los angeles area)
    or like G5 strip club

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