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Kid blows into Stephenson's ear at WNBA game

1 June 2014 | 5:14 am Lance Stephenson was at the mercy of someone else on the court Saturday night: An Indiana Fever emcee. Stephenson, sitting courtside, participated in Simon Says at the WNBA game with teammates Chris Copeland and Rasual Butler.

NBA Free Agency 2014: Lance Stephenson's Future With Indiana Pacers In Danger?

31 May 2014 | 7:37 pm The Indiana Pacers fell to the Miami Heat 117-92 in the deciding Game Six of the Eastern Conference Finals Friday, and one of the more pressing questions president Larry Bird must now answer involves the future of gregarious but uber-talented shooting guard Lance Stephenson.

Their season over, the Pacers now face the question: Do you want Lance Stephenson back? (Video)

31 May 2014 | 6:28 am Perhaps the biggest question facing the just-eliminated Pacers: whether to bring back starting shooting guard Lance Stephenson, who's set to hit unrestricted free agency on July 1.–the-pacers-now-face-the-questions–do-you-want-lance-stephenson-back—video-062801853.html

This Is Lance Stephenson Blowing On Kevin Durant And Forcing A …

1 June 2014 | 4:05 am And I can't stop watching it. Someone edited Lance Stephenson blowing into LeBron's ear into a sequence at the end of the fourth quarter when Kevin Durant stumbled and turned the ball over, with Oklahoma City down by …

Video: Kid blows into Lance Stephenson's ear at WNBA game …

1 June 2014 | 2:55 am Lance Stephenson was at the mercy of someone else on the court Saturday night: An Indiana Fever emcee. Stephenson, sitting courtside, participated in Simon Says at the WNBA game with teammates Chris Copeland and …

Simon says blow in Lance Stephenson's ear? –

1 June 2014 | 1:57 am Lance Stephenson getting his ear blown in during a friendly game of Simon Says, or ELABORATE REVENGE PLAN BY LEBRON JAMES?!

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9 Responses to Lance Stephenson

  • Jonathan says:

    Why Is The NBA So Soft And Not As Physical As The Past? Okay what happened to the physical play…I miss the days of the bad boy pistons when they played physical rough house basketball. It was just beautiful to watch. Nowadays players are flopping and they act like they are hurt. What happened to the physical violence that happened on the court. I want to see players fight and get seriously hurt/injured. People bash Lance Stephenson for his tactics on lebron but I find them amazing and smart and I praise him for it. Only if he could spear and tackle lebron when he goes to the basket. The smack he laid on norris cole was what the nba needs. You need to hurt these floppers and soft basketball that get spoon fed success. I really tired of the way the game is going to. Nba cares to much about their superstars because you causal ignorant fans who dont want to enjoy great team basketball where they physical and extremely tough d and its not about one player. The nba needs to have a team like the bad boys. There is no pain and physical violence in the game of basketball anymore that it makes it pathetic. Its sad how we know that nearly over 75% of teams in the nba will never have a chance at winning a ring. NBA is truly pathetic and their ignorant bandwagon fans. If you disagree, you should consider yourself soft and deplorable.

  • Dee says:

    Who’s The Best Player On Pacers Roster? I don’t watch very much basketball but is paul George their star player? Who’s there second best lance or one of the big guys? Who would u get rid off? How come they can’t beat the heat? is paul George a superstar ir does Indiana just have a lot of above average players and no superstar?

    • Curator says:

      To answer all of your questions.

      1. Paul George is the best player on the Pacers. No competition. He is the reason why they had the best record in the Eastern Conference. Yes, he was inconsistent but his early season performance was worthy for MVP discussion and the Pacers exploded out of the gate with a 16-1 start and was 33-8 at the half-way mark of the season. All thanks to PG24 performing at career-high levels. As he dropped off, the team suffered tremendously. (PG24 leads the team in FT%, Points and Steals)

      2. I don’t think Lance Stephenson should be let go. He led the league in triple doubles this season and clearly has talent. The most expendable player from the starting lineup is George Hill. He’s a nice player but he’s not one of the top point guards and the Pacers sorely need a more explosive and tenacious PG that can create plays for the rest of the team. Think Kyle Lowry or even Rondo. They would complement the team very well with their offense and passing abilities.

      3. Lastly, they can’t beat the Heat because they cannot exploit mismatches (they didn’t really have any) and their offense is usually stagnant. Like I said in #2, their point guard George Hill is not a typical point guard nor is he a traditional one either. This puts them in a predicament because it forces Stephenson or George to run the offense. That’s not an ideal case because they are not great passers and are not used to running an offense. Meanwhile, the Heat have Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Mario Chalmers. All of whom have experience running an offense and setting up plays for their teammates. Not only that but Wade and Lebron are better basketball players than Paul George and Lance Stephenson. It’s hard to win when the Heat have the best player in the world and so much experience on their side. Add to the fact that Heat have better outside shooters (Ray Allen, Mario Chalmers, Lebron James, Chris Bosh, etc.) than the Pacers do. In fact, Pacers realistically only have two above average shooters and that’s Paul George and George Hill. Overall, the Pacers are just not balanced offensively enough to win against an elite team like the Heat.

  • James says:

    Why Is Lance Stephenson So Annoying? He flops like crazy and plus he keeps doing this stupid stuff to try to get in LeBron head and LeBron wound up going off on the people that tried to get into his head. I also heard some of his teammates don’t like him that much. And i heard Larry Bird is annoyed with his antics. Blowing in another man’s ear? come on man. Why is Lance Stephenson so annoying?

  • Danny K says:

    Pacer Fans? Will You Think Of Me After The Heat Win On Wednesday? I came home tonight well relaxed, had my lady make dinner for me as I turned the TV on to watch the MIGHTY Miami heat battle with the all talk but no action Indiana pacers. I of course already knew the heat were going to dominate the pacers again but it’s always fun to watch and see the looks on their faces after each game. the look of humility, seriously lance bad kid Stephenson looked emo as hell after the game, it was funny as hell. anyway as I watched the game and sipped on my champagne as my Miami heat completely made the pacers defense look clowney as hell, I thought to myself, “whatever happened to all those terrible shit talking pacer fans who said the heat were going to lose because of home court” you know guys it really made me think about yall when the heat ended up taking a 3-1 series lead. so I decided to come on here, rub it in your faces a little. rooting for a franchise that has never won a championship and never will, feels pretty good. so I hope when the heat win Wednesday, I will definitely be here to rub it in your faces again, I just hope you remember me and the face of KING james being the last thing you see of basketball for the rest of the season. #threepeat 🙂 and I mean no offense at all with this post, simply just want you guys to acknowledge how much better Miami is compared to your pacers.

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