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Liam Payne blasts documentary makers after suicide stories

17 August 2013 | 11:26 am ONE DIRECTION star LIAM PAYNE has blasted the producers of a scathing documentary about the group's fans following reports suggesting a group of devotees have committed suicide after the TV special aired on Thursday night (15Aug13).

Watch: Trailer for One Direction Film that Sent Fans Into a Tizzy

16 August 2013 | 10:09 pm Last night's UK screening of the Channel 4 documentary "Crazy About One Direction," caused quite a stir in the British boy band's home country. The film focuses on the "weirder" elements of 1D fandom, including the fans that follow the group so closely they might be called stalkers, those that hope that Louie and Harry are in a homosexual relationship, those that threaten to kill themselves if …

One Directions Liam Payne Worries About Slash Fangirl Suicides After Latest Twitter Death Hoax

16 August 2013 | 6:49 pm One Directions Liam Payne sent several tweets supporting the boybands fans in the wake of an unpopular British TV documentary on Channel 4 called Crazy About One Direction. After it aired last night, a rumor went wild on Twitter with the hashtag #RIPLarryShippers that 14 One Direction fans had committed suicide after watching the show…. Read more One Directions Liam Payne Worries About …

Hot Searches – Trending Topics: Larry Shippers

17 August 2013 | 5:30 am Fans, One Direction react to rumors sparked by doc. Trending on Twitter: #RIPLarryShippers. Who's Larry Shippers? Larry Shippers isn't a he so much as a subgroup of One Direction fans fantasizing about a .

Did 42 Larry Shippers Commit Suicide Over One Direction …

17 August 2013 | 5:04 am However, following a controversial Channel 4 documentary about the band's more specific breeds of groupie, such as the obscure demimonde of 'Larry.

Liam Payne slams 'crazy' 1D doc | MACS LONDON

17 August 2013 | 4:03 am According to rumours, 14 Larry Shippers killed themselves in the wake of the programme. The rest of the group have so far remained quiet about the speculation. Crazy About One Direction shed light on how far fans are willing to go for their

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9 Responses to Larry Shippers

  • Directioners: Have You Seen The Documentary? Have you seen the documentary called Crazy about One Direction? I’ve seen part of it on youtube. It made directioners look bad. Not all of us are like that.

    My real question is is it true that some larry shippers killed themselves because of it? People on twitter kept on trending #RIPlaryshippers Is this true? I’m hoping not? :/

    • Curator says:

      You should have been on it because you’re clearly obsessed with them. Except you’re older than most of them. Wasn’t it about how they’re a media/marketing/money making machine? That’s nail on the head.

  • . says:

    Who Is Larry Shippers? It’s trending on Twitter, but what is it?

    is it a person, or group? And what is a ship? I just saw a video that said “ship” a lot. Like those 2 1D guys being gay.

    why do people make such a big deal out of this? Using sad music and stuff. IT’S JUST A FREAKING BAND! Damn…those 1D fan that have some huge obsession with them are pathetic. Yeah you like them, listen to their music…don’t obsess over them.

    and who is Elenour? I also saw that on YouTube. Like famous people on YouTube who make videos of 1D?

    I don’t get any of this.

    I’m more of a Nirvana, Emimen etc. type of guy.

  • Kristen says:

    What Happened To Larry Shippers? HELP MEEEE. I’ll Pick A Best Answer!? I took a nap and woke up to 28 girls who committed suicide? I’m not really a fan of One Direction, but I’m so curious to know what happened??? Can anyone give me a full, detailed, lengthy paragraph telling me what happened and possibly the link to the documentary over crazed shippers?? THANKS.

    • Curator says:

      Ah, my kind of question. Channel 4, a british news channel, broadcasted this hour long documentary on how “crazy” us directioners are but the entire thing was way out of context, It only showed the girls who stalk their every move and show up at their hotels. Anyways, in part of the so called documentary, there was a bit about Larry shippers and how crazy their conspiracies are and how they’re fanfictions are complete rubbish. This hurt a lot of Larry shippers feelings, causing them to end their own lives 🙁 I really hope management sues channel 4, and that the boys will finally speak up about their opinion on the whole thing. But yeah, that’s basically what happened. It’s been a crazy day in the One Direction fandom.

  • Marci says:

    Crazy About 1D? Documentary? Everyones saying there will be a documentary tonight at 10 pm. about 1D fans / Larry shippers but IT ONLY SAYS CHANNEL 4. What does that even mean? Like is it only airing in a certain country? Cause i cant find it on mine, is there even a channel name like FOX or CTV or something? I really really wanna see this!!

    • Curator says:

      Its only showing in England.and Ireland. Sorry. But it should be on the internet in a few days so you could watch it then. Oh and i do NOT ship larry cos neither of them are gay

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