LAX Shooting

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Watch: LAX 'Lone Shooter' Suspect in Custody

1 November 2013 | 7:48 pm Officials say that multiple people are being treated for injuries.

Live: LAX shooting: 'Multiple victims' hit; gunman had rifle

1 November 2013 | 7:13 pm

Shooting at LAX

1 November 2013 | 6:29 pm Los Angeles Airport Police Friday said at least one suspect was reportedly in custody following a shooting at Virgin Airlines Terminal 3 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

LAX Shooting Suspect Reportedly Shot By Police, Condition …

1 November 2013 | 6:29 pm Suspect reportedly shot and apprehended in LAX shooting incident.

The Scene Of The LAX Shooting – Business Insider

1 November 2013 | 6:20 pm The AR-15 is among the most common rifles in the United States, but are banned in many states as a result of increasingly stringent gun laws. This image gives the best look of the rifle: Screen Shot 2013 11 01 at 2.44.22 PM.

'Mythbusters' Star Tory Belleci Recounts Scene During LAX …

1 November 2013 | 5:50 pm 'Mythbusters' Star Tory Belleci Recounts Scene During LAX Shooting (VIDEO). HuffPost Live | Posted: 11/01/2013 1:50 pm EDT. reddit stumble · Share on Google+. Get HuffPost Live 321 Newsletters: Subscribe. Follow: HuffPost Live, Lax, Lax

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5 Responses to LAX Shooting

  • Coffee Anon says:

    Why Is It Incredibly Difficult To Get Accurate Information About Basic Events In A Shooting? Was the LAX shooter a TSA agent?
    Is the LAX shooter currently alive or dead?

    Why are these basic questions not likely correctly answered for many, many hours after the event?

  • Gracie Dee says:

    Shooting Ranges And Flying Home? I am told that if you go to a shooting range the gun powder residue can be still traced on your hands in airports days later. Is this true? If so how far a apart should u space out a visit at a range to flying home?

    • Curator says:

      So short story from me. While I don’t use my old messenger bag as my range bag, I do bring it along when I go to the range (it often holds targets and my record books). I also bring it along when I travel internationally. So one time I left for a trip to China, passed through US security on my way out, touched down in Beijing, passed through security there, and finally left through Shanghai. And lo and behold, Shanghai security fished out a .22LR casing that had managed to pass through multiple security screenings.

      This also happened again at LAX where on the return trip a .40SW case turned up in my carry-on luggage. Security there was nice and asked if I wanted to keep the case for reloading. 🙂 But of course it had already made a SFO-LAX trip before being discovered!

      Needless to say none of these casings had been properly cleaned before they fell into my bags, so I would assume that whatever gunpowder residues would still be on them. This leads me to believe that at least US security has no idea what it’s doing or what to look for on an x-ray. And that they cannot detect gunpowder residues easily.

      Maybe you Brits have your act together over there, but over here my own experience is that security is still somewhat of a joke.

  • Gun Lovers : If Having More Guns Is The Best Way To Reduce The Number Of People That Are Shot And Killed? Is having more unprotected sex the best way to reduce unwanted pregnancies ???
    @ Maxwell
    Since only an extremely small percentage ( 1% ? ) of gun lovers will ever use their guns in self defense you can’t say that they own guns for protection
    Maybe as a pacifier
    @ Mista
    Your car analogy is absurd
    My first car was a 1963 Ford Galaxy 500
    It had no seat belts , no airbags , 4 wheel drum brakes , cloth belted bias ply tires and a minimally padded interior ….basically a death machine
    Over the past 50 years cars have gotten a lot safer …the same cannot be said of guns –
    Furthermore the gun lovers would never tolerate the required processes that are involved in owning and operating a motor vehicle

    • Curator says:

      I am an Aussie, and as such I cannot understand the lax gun laws of the USA. I was partly educated in the US, lived there for some time, and still visit for up to 8 weeks every 2nd year.

      Common sense still says that the more guns there are the more deaths, whether by accident or intent, there will be.

      During my last visit, just after the shopping centre, movie theatre and school mass shootings I decided to see how easy it was to buy an assault rifle.

      In one of the southern states there was a gun fair. My husband and I went in to have a look. I asked about an assault rifle, handled it, was told the price and when I asked what ID was needed to purchase it as I was not a US citizen, was told that I did not need ID as it was obvious I was over 21.

      Then, at a Sunday Market I noticed a automatic rifles for sale, along with ammunition. $135.00 was the most expensive. I could have bought any or all of these weapons too, without ID.

      Where are you collective heads? Can you not see that IF NO-ONE WAS PERMITTED TO CARRY GUNS THEN DEATH BY SHOOTING WOULD BE WAY LESS.

      I would really like to understand how having a gun for personal safety works.

      From what I understand very few people have a license to carry a firearm, therefore to own a gun and store it legally the person must have safe storage and the ammunition stored separately.

      Therefore, if someone breaks in to a home, the owner has to retrieve the gun from the secure area, get the ammunition, load the gun, face the intruder, hope that the intruder will wait while s/he does all this.

      The rest of the world laughs at you. You say you are free, but yet your children have to go through metal detectors before entering a school!!!!!!! Your schools have armed guards!!!!!!!
      What sort of freedom is that?

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