Lindsay Mills

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Snowdens girlfriend dancer, nature lover said to be shocked by his actions

11 June 2013 | 10:54 pm Maryland native Lindsay Mills wrote in her blog of pole dancing and the couples life in Hawaii.

Snowdens Girlfriend Writes of Tides of Change

11 June 2013 | 6:20 pm Lindsay Mills, the acrobat girlfriend NSA leaker Edward Snowden left behind in Hawaii, indicated her concern for the future in a post to her blog readers yesterday.

Snowden's Dancer Girlfriend 'Lost at Sea'

11 June 2013 | 2:59 pm Lindsay Mills’ blog makes veiled references to life with alleged NSA leaker.

Theo Spark: Snowden's Girlfriend <b>Lindsay Mills</b> 'Lost and Alone <b>…</b>

11 June 2013 | 11:17 pm Snowden's Girlfriend Lindsay Mills 'Lost and Alone' After Traitor Flees to Hong Kong. Look, it's bad enough that this guy sold out the NSA surveillance regime, which can be argued (and I have) was a good program with less

Meet The Pole Dancing, Prose Styling <b>Lindsay Mills</b>, Girlfriend Of <b>…</b>

11 June 2013 | 4:40 pm It's going to be a challenge getting through this one without tripping the sexist pig alarm, but we'll try. Edward Snowden, the former Booz Allen Hamilton contractor who disclosed that the NSA is every bit as creepy as we have.

<b>Lindsay Mills</b> Left Behind by Edward Snowden (Photos) The <b>…</b>

11 June 2013 | 4:29 pm Whistleblower Edward Snowden may or may not be a hero in everyone's eyes but we can't forget everything in his life he gave up to do what he thought was right just take a look at his girlfriend, 28-year-old Lindsay Mills! Walking away from

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The Unconventional Bride (Mills & Boon Romance), Armstrong, Lindsay 0263180387

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6 Responses to Lindsay Mills

  • L says:

    Do You Know Who These Actors Are? Just say whatever role they play in a film/tv show you can think of, or don’t answer if you don’t know.

    I try to make it a mix of difficult and simple ones:

    Johnny Depp

    Sean Connery

    Rupert Grint

    Elijah Wood

    Evanna Lynch

    Liam Neeson

    Robert Downey Jr.

    Maisie Williams

    James Roday

    Billy Boyd

    Kit Harrington

    Angelina Jolie

    Lindsay Lohan

    Robin Wright

    James Franco

    Bonus points if you can name 5+ movies Sean Bean has died in!

    • Curator says:

      Johnny Depp – Captain Jack Sparrow

      Sean Connery – Professor Henry Jones

      Rupert Grint – Ben Marshall

      Elijah Wood – Sean Sullivan

      Evanna Lynch – Luna Lovegood

      Liam Neeson – Bryan Mills

      Robert Downey Jr. – Sherlock Holmes

      Maisie Williams – Arya Stark

      James Roday – Sawn Spencer

      Billy Boyd – Duncun Jessup

      Kit Harrington – Jon Snow?

      Angelina Jolie – Casella ‘Cash’ Reese

      Lindsay Lohan – Alexandra ‘Alli’ Fowler

      Robin Wright – Princess Buttercup

      James Franco – Aron Ralston

      Sean Bean – Caravaggio, War Requiem, The Field, Lorna Doone, Clarissa, Patriot Games, Scarlett, Airborne.

    • Curator says:

      The best memories most people have is of camp. You learn so much about yourself and have so much fun.
      Oh Shoshie you have to go and enjoy it.
      You meet great new people.
      It will change your life!

      Try to watch the movies…
      The Parent Trap (1998, Lindsay Lohan)
      which is a re-make of the older “The Parent Trap” (1961) starring Hayley Mills
      They had so much fun at camp.

      I am watching the movie now on TV (Lindsay Lohan one) which prompted me to answer this!

      When I was around 10 I went to camp a few times with the Cubs and I still remember all the best parts.
      – When I was at school around 12 to 15 I had so many great adventures going on camp with Geography and Biology.
      – Then when I was 22… on my Birthday!… I had great fun with 50 Geography students, travelling Europe and spending 10 days in Holland.

      Happy days!

  • Samara says:

    Why Do People Think Poorly Now Of Demi Because She Went To REHAB? I mean its not like she went there for drugs or anything. She went there to get help. Do not get me wrong, I am not a fan but Im still curious why people compare her to Lindsay Lohan.
    I am not defending her nor accusing her of anything. If you had taken the time to read what I typed instead of judging the headline you would have realized that I am asking WHY people think poorly of her now that she went to rehab.

    • Curator says:

      The rumor mill said she was wayyy out of control with drugs and sex before the rehab. Now, you can badmouth the gossip sights all you want, but usually when they report fire there is at least smoke.

      But to answer your question more accurately, I thought ill of Demi Lovato before rehab. She’s one of a jillion semi-talented kids Disney pics out of a bucket, auto-tunes the crap out of, shoves them in front of a camera, then throws away as soon as their popularity dips or their target-audience ages. It’s a sad treadmill, but it’s one that millions of kids are clamoring to hop on.

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