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Louisville 'Purge' threats reschedule football game, increase police patrols

16 August 2014 | 3:18 am Disturbing social media threats had people fearful in Louisville Friday night. http://www.wlwt.com/news/louisville-purge-threats-reschedule-football-game-increase-police-patrols/27517166?absolute=true

Student Who Started Louisville Purge Hoax In Kentucky Didnt Mean Any Harm By Rumor

16 August 2014 | 2:29 am A Kentucky student who started the entire Louisville purge hoax is now saying he did not intend to create panic or to cause a viral sensation that is spreading to cities throughout the United States. In a related report by The Inquisitr, the idea behind a real life purge started when a photo using the http://www.inquisitr.com/1414572/student-who-started-louisville-purge-hoax-in-kentucky-didnt-mean-any-harm-by-rumor/

Louisville Purge Has Social Media Claiming People In Masks, Shootings, Threats By Gangs

16 August 2014 | 1:44 am The so-called Louisville purge was supposed to have begun at 8 PM EST and will stretch on into the morning at 6:30 AM. The vast majority of people assumed it was all one big hoax intended as a joke, but now some on social media are claiming local reports have seen some instances of people http://www.inquisitr.com/1414520/louisville-purge-has-social-media-claiming-people-in-masks-shootings-threats-by-gangs/

Alarming Report From Kentucky: Louisville police respond to 'Purge'

16 August 2014 | 2:47 am LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) A flier for a proposed Purge in Louisville is getting the attention of the FBI, local police departments, and even Jefferson County Public Schools. In the movie The Purge and its sequel everyone in … http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2014/08/15/the-purge-in-real-life-alarming-report-from-kentucky-louisville-police-respond-to-purge-threats/

Teen responsible for Purge hoax speaks up | ManualRedEye.com

16 August 2014 | 12:05 am On Aug. 10, an Iroquois High School student tweeted an image calling for a Louisville Purge. Featured in the eponymous film series, the Purge is a period of time in which all crime is legal. The student's image proposed a … http://www.manualredeye.com/2014/08/15/teen-responsible-for-purge-hoax-speaks-up/

'The Purge' Threat: Could This Be the Beginning of Martial Law?

15 August 2014 | 11:45 pm According to officials in Louisville, Kentucky, threats have been made on Facebook of a true-to-life purge that is said to take place this weekend beginning at 8:30 in the evening Friday and ending at 6:30 in the morning on … http://guardianlv.com/2014/08/the-purge-threat-could-this-be-the-beginning-of-martial-law/

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