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Mexico's Montes fractures leg

1 June 2014 | 10:03 pm Luis Montes will not compete for Mexico at the World Cup in Brazil after suffering a serious leg fracture during a 3-1 victory over Ecuador.

Mexico confirm Luis Montes leg break

1 June 2014 | 7:35 pm The Leon midfielder came off against Ecuador following a serious injury just minutes after scoring, with the Mexican Football Federation confirming he will miss the World Cup

Mexico midfielder Montes severely injures leg

1 June 2014 | 1:43 am Mexicos Luis Montes was injured during a friendly match against Ecuador on Saturday afternoon. Montes fell to the turf after his leg came in contact with Ecuadors Segundo Castillo.

Mexico's Luis Montes to miss World Cup due to leg injury | Latest …

1 June 2014 | 10:30 am Washington, June 1 : Luis Montes will not compete for Mexico at the World Cup in Brazil after suffering a serious leg fracture during a 3-1 victory over Ecuador in a friendly match. Midfielder Montes had just scored the goal that …

The Mexican Football Federation have confirmed that Luis Montes …

1 June 2014 | 10:24 am The Mexican Football Federation have confirmed that Luis Montes will miss the World Cup with a broken leg, with Javier Aquino set to replace him. Mexico, Latest news update: June 01, 2014 12:24 PM [[views]]. N/A. N/A. < Previous article … | Mexico's Luis Montes out of World Cup

1 June 2014 | 4:36 am Main menu. Skip to content. Home · About Us. Posted on June 1, 2014 by Anish. Mexico's Luis Montes out of World Cup. Mexico won 3-1 against Ecuador but at great cost. Montes scored a brilliant goal and then went an broke a leg.

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  • Anyone Feel Bad For Segundo Castillo? He will miss the World Cup just like Luis Montes.

    Lets be honest… That was a rough tackle from Montes, and due to that tackle both Montes and Castillo will miss the World Cup. Some people on Twitter are actually saying its karma for Montes…

    I feel bad for both players but I sometimes wonder how everyone would have reacted if it was the other way around. (Castillo sliding on Montes + injuring Montes).


  • Should Chivas Try To Get Vaquerito, Luis Montes, Carlos Salcido, Hugo Ayala, Pablo Barrera, And Ulises Davila? We need more attacking midfield who are more creative and ones that can make individual plays.

  • AguilaMugi11 says:

    Miguel Herrera Has Said He Already Has The Final List Of Players Ready For The World Cup.?

    So this means the following below are probably the sure ones, and he goes on to say in the liguilla he doubts there will be surprises.

    Jose de Jesus Corona
    Moises Muñoz
    Alfredo Talavera

    Paul Aguilar
    Miguel Ponce
    Juan Carlos Valenzuela
    Miguel Layun
    Hector Moreno
    Diego Reyes
    Rafael Marquez
    Francisco Rodriguez

    Carlos Peña
    Luis Montes
    Juan Carlos Medina
    Hector Herrera
    Javier Aquino
    Isaac Brizuela
    Juan Jose Vasquez

    Javier Hernandez
    Oribe Peralta
    Raul Jimenez

    Players that Herrera might leave out or has doubts:
    Guillermo Ochoa: might be left out for Moi Muñoz or Talavera, whoever is 3rd choice goalkeeper. Herrera trusts Moi since he coached him in America so perhaps it’ll be between Tala and Ochoa for 3rd choice GK.

    Gio Dos Santos: Might be left out of the WC because Herrera doubts him. Marco Fabian might replace him.

    Alan Pulido: I think he is still too young so most likely to have another player with height advantage Herrera will take Aldo De Nigris due to his size, and strength.

    So I think the 7 players that will not be called for the final list of the WC based on what Herrera is saying are:
    Guillermo Ochoa
    Gio Dos Santos
    Alan Pulido
    Andres Guardado
    Jesus Zavala
    Hugo Ayala
    Jorge Torres Nilo

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