Matthew Fox

Hicks: Matthew Fox arrested for DUI

Mon, 07 May 2012 16:44:47 -0700 Also: James Cameron only wants to make 'Avatar films; Lindsay Lohan hanging out with Woody Allen; Justin Bieber gets diploma; Some Indians not pleased with 'The Avengers; Amanda Bynes hits yet another car.

'Lost' star Matthew Fox arrested for DUI in Oregon

Mon, 07 May 2012 19:52:13 -0700 Actor Matthew Fox, star of the television series "Lost," has been charged with drunken driving in Oregon.

Matthew Fox arrested for DUI

Mon, 07 May 2012 20:31:17 -0700 Jillian Claybrook read more

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Matthew Fox Arrested for DUI |

"Lost" star Matthew Fox was busted for DUI Friday in Oregon … TMZ has learned.Law enforcement sources tell us, Matthew was arrested at 3:23AM on

Matthew Fox Arrested for DUI | Matthew Fox : Just Jared

Matthew Fox was arrested for DUI early Friday morning (May 4) in Oregon, TMZ reports. The 45-year-old Lost actor who lives in Bend, Ore., with his family was busted at 3:23 a.m. on suspicion of driving under the influence …

Matthew Fox Arrested for DUI –

The Lost actor was taken into custody Friday in Oregon.

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  • Anonymous says:

    How Can I Get In Contact With Actors? For Example On LOST, Like Matthew Fox, Etc? How can I communicate with them without personally talking to them. Is there another way.

    • Curator says:

      Are you John Locke?

      Kidding 😛

      The only way you can contact a celebrity is usually via their twitter page, if they have one. Since Matthew is just like every other human out there, please respect his privacy as you would like your own respected. Don’t stalk him or harass him – that will get you into big trouble.

  • Anonymous says:

    What Would You Name 10 Children Using These Names (4)? OK, so I’m running out of countries to do so I’m gonna do themes now and if you can give me any ideas for another then thanks 🙂

    First and middle names please

    Baby 1- Girl- Gems- Amber, Amethyst, Azurite, Beryl, Citrine, Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Jade, Kyanite, Onyx, Opal, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz or Turquoise.

    Baby 2- Boy- Cars- Aston, Bentley, Chevrolet, Dodge, Florian, Lincoln, Martin, Morgan, Royce, Kia, Porche, Mercedes, Toyota or Tiburon.

    Baby 3- Boy- Animals- Tiger, Raven, Eagle, Buck, Falcon, Drake, Finch, Jay, Phoenix, Wolf, Robin, Lynx, Hawk, Sparrow, Fox, Colt or Lyon.

    Baby 4- Girl- Flowers- Acacia, Aster, Blossom, Bryony, Calla, Clover, Daffodil, Delphine, Heather, Hyacinth, Ianthe, Iris, Jacinta, Jasmine, Lily, Lotus, Orchid, Pansy, Poppy, Rose, Senna or Violet.

    Baby 5- Boy- Colours- Ash, Auburn, Beige, Brick, Brown, Buff, Cerulean, Dove, Grey, Ivory, Jet, Moss, Red, Roan, Silver, Slate, Steel, Teal, Umber, Veridian or Zinc.

    Baby 6- Girl- Celestial- Andromeda, Ariel, Atria, Bellatrix, Callisto, Calypso, Celestia, Libra, Luna, Nova, Selena, Starr, Vega or Venus.

    Baby 7- Girl- Virtue- Amity, Charity, Faith, Grace, Honour, Hope, Mercy, Merritt, Modesty, Patience, Prudence, Sincerity, Tahira, Temperance, Unity, Verdad, Verina or Verity.

    Baby 8- Boy- Biblical- Jesse, Thomas, Levi, Nathan, Matthew, Michael, Jacob, Noah, Andrew, Samuel, David, Joshua, Silas, Caleb, Seth, Elijah or Luke.

    Baby 9- Girl- Places- London, Paris, Florence, Alexandria, Dakota, Sydney, India, Vienna, Sahara, Georgia, Florida, Ireland or Holland.

    Baby 10- Boy- Occupations- Bailey, Baird, Baker, Baxter, Carter, Farren, Foster, Hunter, Mason, Parker, Spencer or Travis.

    Star for more 🙂

    • Curator says:

      Baby 1 – Ruby Jade
      Baby 2 – Aston Martin…
      Baby 3 – Tiger Jay
      Baby 4 – Lily Rose
      Baby 5 – Teal Grey
      Baby 6 – Selena Ariel
      Baby 7 – Amity Grace
      Baby 8 – Luke Samuel/Caleb Matthew
      Baby 9 – Paris Georgia
      Baby 10 – Hunter Mason

      EDIT: For ideas you could do colour names for girls, or a group of names that all have the same meaning. Or you could just do A names, B names, C names etc…? Sorry I’m not much help 🙂

  • If Jesus Christ Was Son Of God, Why He Calles Himself Son Of Man At Many Places? Here is just one:

    Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”
    Matthew 8:19-21 (in Context) Matthew 8 (Whole Chapter)

    And if he was son of God why he lived so simply, without a house, adequate clothes
    and even a comb ?

    Do the above facts reflect that he was a very dedicated and pious prophet ?

    Muhammad Javed Iqbal
    Do you mean God is man. Isn’t it a blasphemy ?

    • Curator says:

      Jesus was the son of a woman not son of man .( Islamic view )
      But Christians will not believe , here some more son of man ;luke 9 verse 22 And he said, “The Son of Man must suffer many things
      John 5 verse 27 And he has given him authority to judge because he is the Son of Man.
      Matthew 12 verse 40 For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.( did Jesus was 3 days and 3 nights in the tomb ? )
      Matthew 16 verse 27 For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what they have done.
      Mark 2 verse 10 But I want you to know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins

  • Anybody Else Think That The Liberals Who Gripe About Fox News Are Pretty Much The Reason There IS A Fox News? If ABC,CBS, and NBC had stayed neutral and professional in their reporting, then there never would have been a need for FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck to offset the left wing bias which did become obvious. I remember noticing in 1984 the left wing bias. Listening to the news people, you would have thought that Mondale was going to beat Reagan, but instead it was a landslide for Reagan. The news guys were simply letting their wishful thinking for Mondale ruin their professionalism. When was Obama ever vetted in 2008 the way Katie Couric poured it on against Palin. Chris Matthews and the rest were busy getting “thrills up their legs” over Obama, so he pretty much got a free pass. Softball for Obama, Hardball for conservatives. Conservatives get put under the microscope. Obvious double standard…

    • Curator says:

      Exactly. Right on target, bro. If the lame stream media had been doing their job fairly all along, (instead of acting like left wing propagandists) then Limbaugh would only be a newscaster today! Their left wing bias created the need for right wing bias shows to offset them.

  • Anonymous says:

    Help Choosing Names For My Story? Picking names for the four main characters in my story:

    main character-
    Female, 13. She has long pale brown hair and green eyes. She is tall. She is smart, but shy. She has mild Aspereger’s syndrome, and moderate depression. she is a tomboy. she likes photography. Surname is Donovan, middle name Elizabeth. first names: Rebecca (‘Becca’), Jessica (‘Jess’) or Hayley

    Male, 15
    He has dark brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin. he is very laid back and plays guitar. he likes writing songs. he is an only child like the main character (above). his surname is Harper, middle name James. first name: Gary, Matthew (‘Matt’) or Rory

    Male, 13
    he has blond hair and blue eyes. he is nervous and shy. he is gay, but often hides this from the other kids, and is only known to his twin brother (below) and best friend (the main character). he gets bullied at school. Surname Fox, middle name Bradley. first names: Connor, Shaun, Jonathan (Jonno)

    Male, 13
    he has gingerish brown hair and blue eyes. he is very smart and loud, but not that confident (but more so than his non identical twin brother). he isn’t very popular at school, but has some friends and is not bullied. he doesnt have a girl friend but is looking. surname- Fox, middle name John. first name- Nathan, Simon, Jerome

    essentially, it is about a girls story of depression; how it affected her,her best friend and his brother, and the boy she fancied at school

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