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Bubbles and a cheeky bottom grope! Mel B spends her 38th birthday frolicking on the beach with husband Stephen Belafonte

4 June 2013 | 11:05 pm The film producer treated the X Factor judge to a day at the beach for her birthday, bringing champagne and sun tan oil to celebrate the occasion.

'America's Got Talent': Mel B Previews the Good (and Bad) Auditions, New Judges' Panel

4 June 2013 | 9:13 pm The Spice Girl tells THR what viewers can expect from season eight of NBC's talent competition, premiering Tuesday night. read more

Exclusive Q&A: America's Got Talent Judges Preview the New Season

4 June 2013 | 10:19 am Howard argues with Howie. Heidi rolls her eyes. And Mel B? She just sits back in her chair with her arms folded, looking…Scary. Judging from our roundtable discussion in Los Angeles with the four panelists of America's Got Talent ? returnees Howard Stern and Howie Mandel and newbies Heidi Klum and former Spice Girl Mel B ? nobody's going to be singing Kumbaya this season. Having the two ladies …

Get Fit with Mel B (Video Game) tagged "mel b" 3 times

11 September 2011 | 3:10 pm Get Fit with Mel B Get Fit with Mel B (Video Game)By Sony Computer Entertainment Buy new: $5.9841 used and new from $3.90 Customer Rating: 4.4 Customer tags: exercise(11), fitness(9), ps3 games(7), playstation 3(6), playstation move(5), motion control(4), video games(4), mel b(3), ps3 game(3), get fit with mel b(2), ps3 move games(2), ps3 move game(2)

Live at Wembley (DVD) tagged "mel b" 2 times

30 November 2010 | 5:32 pm Live at Wembley Live at Wembley (DVD)By Spice Girls Buy new: $15.2316 used and new from $7.99 Customer Rating: 4.4 Customer tags: spice girls(4), emma bunton(3), victoria beckham(2), mel b(2), melanie c(2), wembley(2), geri halliwell(2), girls groups

Totally Fit (DVD) tagged "mel b" 19 times

27 September 2010 | 2:14 am Totally Fit Totally Fit (DVD)By Mel B. Buy new: $11.5429 used and new from $6.79 Customer Rating: 4.4 Customer tags: fitness(21), mel b(19), melanie b(13), workout dvd(13), cardio(12), spice girls(10), totally fit(10), melanie brown(10), bums(4), legs(3), abs(3), arms(3)

'America's Got Talent': Heidi Klum and <b>Mel B</b>. debut as judges – Zap2it

5 June 2013 | 3:45 am The new judges panel for America's Got Talent has made it through their first episode. How did Heidi Klum and Mel B. stack up next to the returning Howie Mandel and Howard Stern?—what-did-you-think.html

Geri Halliwell &amp; <b>Mel B</b> — Which Spice Girl Has Better Bikini Bod <b>…</b>

4 June 2013 | 4:30 pm Tell us who you want, who you really really want.Spice Girls singers Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) and Mel B (Scary Spice) both showed off their

'America's Got Talent': <b>Mel B</b> Previews the Good (and Bad) Auditions <b>…</b>

4 June 2013 | 2:00 pm The Spice Girl tells THR what viewers can expect from season eight of NBC's talent competition, premiering Tuesday night.

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11 Responses to Mel B

  • Ally says:

    Musical Audition Advice? So I’m 14, currently and 8th grader(for 2 more days!:) and I am auditioning for a kind of local musical: Back to the 80’s. I am auditioning on Monday June 10th I believe and callbacks are that Thursday. I have to sing a song that my character sings, and a one minute monologue. Normally my voice teacher helps me, but she is out of the country for the summer. Any monologue ideas? It has to be 1 minute. Also, what role would I be good at? I’m a pretty good actress. Here’s my descriptiom, and the characters’ descriptions:
    Me: Petite(5’0), strawberry-blonde mix with hints of honey and brown hair, blue eyes, kind of high voice in a way, not too high. Very sweet, but stands up for herself. Smart, but can be a little ditsy at times. Very vibrant. Kind of pretty. Dancer, other than that, not athletic. Soprano- mezzo soprano voice.
    Roles: Tiffany H: Male lead’s next door neighbor. They have grown up together, and enjoy shooting hoops, yet Tiffany is in love with the coolest kid in school, and the bully.
    Cyndi G: Street smart member of Tiffany’s posse, who has a crush on Michael, but is always settling for other guys.
    Debbie F: Laura’s competitivr best friend who is always lying about her relationships with celebrities.
    Eileen R:(I want to be this one kind of): The newcomer whonis charming and vibrant. She longs for the day when she too will have a boyfriend.
    Kim E: Twin sister of Mel. The party loving cheerleader who doesn’t do well in school.
    Laura W: Debbie’s best friend. Awkward and has trouble around boys, but is a nice girl.
    Mel E: Twin sister of Kim. One of the elite cool kids who likes to rock out woth her group.
    Sheena B: The conservative Senior Students Teacher who has a secret past.
    Jen S: The edgy rocker chic at WOHS, who is too individual to have friends.


  • Anyone Feel Saving Private Ryan,despite Its Realism Repeat Hollywood Mistake Of Making War Exciting? Saving Private Ryan is considered today as the GREATEST WAR MOVIE of all time. No other war movie has won as many academy awards as Saving Private Ryan has (unless you count Historical Epics taking place in periods of War such as Lawrence of Arabia as war movies).

    The movie’s gore and deaths are so realistic that many people refuse to watch the film a second times. Vets have known to have traumatic memories come back as they watch the film’s opening battle scene.

    I agree very few war scenes were as stunningly accurate as the landing at Omaha Beach in SPR. With a couple of artistic liberties due to the limitations of the film crew, SPR gets the opening attack on D-Day spot-on.

    However for all its gritty accuracy at the beginning of the movie I feel Saving Private Ryan repeats the very same mistakes the War Movie genre has:It turns war into an action movie that makes you root for the good guys to kill the bad guys.

    I know the movie has its share of touching death scenes that are horrifying like the death of Vin Diesel’s character or the last speech of Tom Hank’s Ranger before his death.

    But all-in-all the movies fight scenes are akin to typical of the war movie in which they portray the heroes as being badasses killing lots and lots of enemy soldiers. This is especially true for the final defending the bridge which while being so grossly historically inaccurate, turns the entire movie into a typical action fest. A whole squad wiping out hordes of German soldiers like they are fodder?Typical Hollywood cliche.

    In fact I can’t tell you how many young guys say they fucking love the movie and I know a few cases where some join the army out of seeing the heroics of the soldiers.

    In addition so much of the movie focused on the action and fighting. Yes there were moments of drama but the film as a whole is geared towards action as war movies typically are.

    I am saying this because I just watched All Quiet On the Western Front which is also considered one of the greatest War Movies of all time. However the movie shows war in a totally different manner. The battle scenes are anything but action cinema and the heroic soldiers are portrayed as desperate in battle even in skirmishes where they slaughter the allies. Even the melee sequences (often portrayed as exciting in war movies) felt like pure bloody chaos and not heroic.

    The scenes in which stationary gunners fend off against waves of human soldiers even managed to feel heated and unnerving. Saving Private Ryan has such scenes too but the contrast is great. All Quiet On the Western Front feels like its not a fun game of turkey hunting and even as you kill more soldiers with your stationary gun, the enemies keep coming and you’ll be overran (which happensa few times).

    Where as Saving Private Ryan portrayal of such scenes were so cinematic it felt like being a machine gunner would be a fun position to be in and you actually enjoyed seeing Americans mow down German soldiers despite how graphic it was.

    What I mean to say is that Saving Private Ryan gets so much praise as the greatest war movie of all time and it gets so praised for its realism so much just reading the internet would make you think its the most realistic war movie ever made.

    But as someone who watched a lot of War Movies in the past, I really feel for all its gritty gore Saving Private Ryan is NOT realistic in its portrayal of the fights. Yes it accurately portrays how brutal injuries in war can be but it hardly captures the terror and desperation soldiers face that are found in some earlier Academy Award winning war masterpieces such as Platoon and All Quiet on the Western Front. If anything I think the mass appeal of SPR was the fact it gears all that realistic gore into Hollywood Action and creates an exciting film that with battles that will capture the attention of (especially young male) audiences while adding a lot of gore and decapitation to create the illusion of “realism”.

    But if you watch most other war movies such as Black Hawk Down, you always get a feeling of wanting to see fighting and action and seeing the bad guys die and the heroes fall heroically. Even in War Movies based on real stories or nonfiction books, you get the feeling of excitement and wanting the heroes to kill the bad guys like its an exciting story of good VS evil.

    I mean just try to compare We Were Soldiers and The Wind Talkers to Saving Private Ryan and you’ll totally get the “intense exciting action” SPR is just as guilty of having and that plaques the war genre.
    As a student of Military History (not just wars and battles but the effects of war in general) I can tell you firsthand war is anything but an exciting slugfest to watch. Even assuming you’re not participating in it, just watch any real capture footage of war and you’ll see just how desperate and unnerving (if not terrifying) even small skirmishes in which one side is superior to the other can be even for that superior side. Just try to get live captured footage of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan to see.

    Some can be as gory as SPR but SPR hardly captures the real atmosphere as war. Platoon and All Quiet On the Western Front while also being movies captures better the realities of war than SPR could esp. the battles.
    @ Gerry-1930s version was the one I watched.

    I will be the first one to say that the initial opening where they landed on the beach in Saving Private Ryans are some of the BEST depictions of the horrors of war.

    The problem I got is the rest of the movie turned int into a cinematic action flick where the fight scene are portrayed in an “exciting manner” where a small squad of American soldiers slaughter hordes and hordes of German soldiers-cliches in the war movie genre.

    There is no denying its a spectacular movie but I feel the film again is making many mistakes the genre made the makes war seem so “fun” on the silver screen-such as manning a stationary gun and killing hordes of Germans and so forth.
    @ D.D-you have no idea what you’re talking about. Yes there were battles like that but they were MAJOR ONES.

    The average skirmish or face-to-face encounter is NOTHING like what movies show. What Saving Private Ryan shown-IRL the Rangers would have been quickly wiped out in such a mission as they aren’t soldiers designed to hold off whole infantry. And I mean wiped out as in BARELY inflicting heavy casualties on the enemies.

    Go read a military history, mostly the famous major battles that we all know off such as Napoleon’s early victories are as huge and one-sided as Hollywood shows. The average skirmish and battle are anything but this much of a curbstomp.

    • Curator says:

      First, I read your whole post here – it deserved the attention you provided to a topic that is important to you.

      My first question is “which” version of “All Quiet on the Western Front” are you using in your example above? The only version of this movie that has ever been worth “two pig feet in a pickle jar” is the 1930 version starring Louis Wolheim, Lew Ayres, and John Wray.

      One thing to note for just a moment – “The Longest Day” film adaptation of the book by Cornelius Ryan was a film that did for many WW II Veterans as “All Quiet on the Western Front” had done for many WW I Veterans of a generation previous to the conclusion of the Second World War. Several months after “The Longest Day” was released in 1962 – former President Dwight Eisenhower was aboard the Queen Mary traveling to England with Maimi and his grandson David – he was informed of the movie that was being shown on one night of the 5 day travel across the Atlantic. Ike went to the theatre aboard the ship with Maimi and David, took a seat, and David later had recollected that “Grand Dad” was uneasy, fidgeting, thinking, couldn’t keep still. Then, when the credits began to roll – Ike couldn’t take it and just got up and walked out.

      In part it may depend on the proximity to the war or the personal effects a person has. The other movie you referenced starring Mel Gibson “We Were Soldiers Once and Young” only captured half the battle and did an amazing job but the true life account and historical significance of the book that was released in 1992 was much better and makes certain points much more clear. Many people for example could care less that the opening scenes of this movie were based on Dr. Bernard B. Fall’s “Street Without Joy” – hence the opening scene with the bugle that carried forward from “Hell In A Very Small Place” by Dr. Fall that was later found a part of the battle field site that General Walker had lost so many men over – days before the battle he traveled with his Sergeant Major to the site of Dien Bien Phu and felt that to be hallowed ground – irony of course is that it wasn’t far from “Landing Zone X-Ray”.

      Unfortunately in American society and societies in other G-8 nations far too many people are getting or gaining their only account of history through “movies”. Many young people find history “boring” or a “drag”. Historical Docudrama’s such as “Peal Harbor” starring Ben Affleck do no justice to history when Hollywood incorporates some fictional love story to actual historical events. For me, I will take SRP, The Longest Day, Platoon, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, and We Were Soldiers Once and Young, and All Quiet on the Western Front (1930 emphasized here) and will remain thankful that some company attempted to do righteous by the Veterans that served in these fields and attempted to show how lousy the field conditions were – or how “idealism” was soon lost on the realities of rain water in food, trench foot, frozen water, bone dry arid and/or humid places that nothing comfortable exists within.

      In the end I see your point, I do not disagree with you – you are after all entitled to have your view. Maybe attempt to understand that the other side of this coin is the harsh reality of landing in a Normandy, fighting a Pelillieu, hopping off a helicopter in Vietnam less than 10 years after the fall of Dien Bien Phu or being forced dropped in Operation Market Garden where the battle is lost before it began. SPR captured the horror of landing in Normandy for all the forces that day, whether American, British, Canadian or other. You even admitted this above in certain parts – again, you are entitled to your view but just take a step back for a moment and reflect a little deeper for others who felt it did a good service to a generation that will likely be gone completely in 10 years or less.

      Edit: Morte, thanks for the update – I felt the 1930 verision of AQOTWF was the version you had seen but didn’t want to assume anything here either. Although I understand your perspective – to include all “parts” of a fluid battle field on a story so fine tuned as SPR was that doing things differently was simply impossible. We know all too well too that the movie needed to sell tickets and this is where I do not take exception to what you are saying. However, it did come out just a few years after the 50th Anniversary of the Normandy Landings – somewhere in the middle of this was the balance that had to be struck. If a person you know enlisted to the Army as a result of SPR then that person was simply naive. Thanks again for the update.

  • Mel23 says:

    Bump On Back Of Ear? B-tooth Ear Piece? Because of my job I use an ear piece every day for the past month and I now feel a small bump in the back of my ear. On my ear. What is this? Nervous It is from the ear piece.
    I just noticed it cause my ear was hot. Took off the ear piece and felt a small bump. Hurts a little I guess. Should I be worried?

    • Curator says:

      Hi Mel, just take off the ear piece when your not using it, some people leave them on all the time. Also change the use of the phone and the ear piece to the other ear for a week or so, when you do it first it will feel like you cant really hear as well in the other ear with the ear piece but you’ll get use to it.
      Its pretty normal and happens alot, just dont wear it when theres no need to wear it.
      You’ll be fine

    • Curator says:

      I can see where you are coming from. She’s beautiful, but her facial structure is very strong and can be a bit “manly-ish”. As for her voice, since she does have a lower voice than the other Spice Girls, it can be manly. Plus she was known as “Scary Spice” and girly doesn’t really come to my mind when I think that.

  • Mel says:

    Cheapest Hotel In Malate?!? Looking for the cheapest reasonable place in Malate. All I need is a bed, a/c, and shower. What are the best options? (preferably in the 600——800 peso range)

  • Makayla says:

    Help With This Physics Question, Please? Mel Odius sings a middle C note followed by the C an octave above. As the frequency of the sound is doubled in the second note,

    a. the wavelength remains constant and the speed is doubled
    b. the wavelength is halved and the speed remains constant
    c. both the wavelength and the speed are halved.
    d. both the wavelength and the speed remain constant.

    • Curator says:

      We know that if you increase the Frequency; the wavelength must decrease. This also said by:
      Frequency is INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to the wavelength (aka if you double 1, you half the other)
      This is because with an increased frequency, more waves are completed per second, meaning that the distance between 2 consecutive points of the wave must be smaller for that to happen.

      The speed of sound remains constant (If the temperature remains constant at about 340m/s at sea level).
      Knowing this the answer must be B.
      Hope I helped!

      By the way; even if you scream; this has hardly any significant effect on the Energy. It takes one year for a person screaming at a glass of water continuously 24/7 for you to raise its temp by 1 degree Celsius…

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