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Lion Huntress Melissa Bachman Under Fire Over Gruesome Photo

19 November 2013 | 8:26 pm Critics of celebrity hunter Melissa Bachman might not quite be calling for her head and demanding that it be mounted on a wall but its getting close. The internet is roaring with protests against Bachman after a photo of her striking a smiling pose with a dead lion spread online. Melissa Bachman has made a career out of hunting wildlife, for pure sport, the petition, started by Cape Town …

Big game backlash: Protests against celebrity hunter Melissa Bachman mount

19 November 2013 | 4:14 pm More than 250,000 people have signed an online petition demanding that South Africa deny future entry to Melissa Bachman, a big game hunter whose smiling photo with a dead lion has sparked considerable outrage.

Melissa Bachman Twitter Fury: Death Wishes, Vicious Insults Follow South African Lion Hunt

19 November 2013 | 12:29 am Melissa Bachman, a controversial game hunter, found herself the target of death wishes and obscenity-laced insults after she bragged of killing a lion in South Africa. Facebook

Ricky Gervais calls TV hunter Melissa Bachman the C-word over …

19 November 2013 | 7:00 pm Melissa Bachman, the host of Deadly Passion on the Pursuit Channel, is drawing ire from all around the world after posting a picture bragging about a lion she killed while hunting in South Africa. Among those she angered

Melissa Bachman's sport killing of a lion sends the wrong message …

18 November 2013 | 10:00 pm With as few as 32000 lions remaining in the wild, the once ubiquitous animals are rapidly disappearing from the African landscape. Habitat loss and human wildlife-conflict are the primary reasons, but trophy hunting is

Let's kill defenseless large animals with Melissa Bachman! | The …

18 November 2013 | 9:45 pm TV host and hunter Melissa Bachman has been getting a lot of heat ever since that nosy bastard comedian Ricky Gervais whined after he found a photo of Melissa posing with a South African lion she'd put a bullet through.

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  • JOESUS says:

    How Do I Stop Using The Same Chord Progressions In Songwriting? Whenever I try and write songs I often use the same chord progression (on different root notes) or same lyrics. How do I break out of this cycle? Thanks in advance!
    It’s not as simple as that, it’s that there are only these few progressions that sound good to my ear so I’ll make any song I create subconciously into that. Or I’ll use lyrics I’ve used many times before.

    • Curator says:

      Even professionals sometimes have a hard time with this. Witness Alanis Morisette’s song, with its many different lyrics. (Ok, that’s bad, I like her music, but in the beginning I couldn’t tell the songs apart) 😀

      You and Alanis are not alone. Some songwriters who have the same problem: John Mellencamp (in his John Cougar days), Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Lynne (ELO — the greatest rock band ever assembled), Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Melissa Etheridge, Elton John, Randy Bachman (BTO), Tom Scholz (Boston), Phil Collins (Genesis), Dennis DeYoung (Styx), and Michael McDonald (the Doobie Brothers). Take Fleetwood Mac — the members’ individual styles come out loud & clear once you have heard their solo work, and the same goes for the Eagles. They worked with what they had, and they are/were all successful.

      Every songwriter has his or her own style. Making a song unique can be hard. Try collaborating with someone else whose style you like. Mostly, though, it’s just patience, being patient with yourself while you go through trial and error. The important thing is to work with what you already have — your own style — and look for places to add or change little details. You can be as creative as you want, because over the last 20+ years, songwriters have been breaking out of the established verse-refrain-verse-refrain- bridge-refrain mold, which I find just awesome. : )

  • Who Are Your Favorite PLAYBOY Playmates Each Year Of 1990s? Each person have own opinion. My lover say his 1999 favorites are 1. Jodi Paterson, 2. Kimberly Spicer, 3. Tishara Cousino, 4. Natalia Sokolova; 1995 favorites are 1. Lisa Scott and Rachel Marteen, 2. Danelle Folta, 3. Alicia Rickter; 1990 favorites are 1. Melissa Everidge, 2. Deborah Driggs, 3. Lisa Matthews! Who are your favorites of 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999?

    • Curator says:

      I first saw that Megumi told me about this question on Hotmail and later I saw she also told me on Yahoo Mail. I’ve owned many issues of “PLAYBOY” from the August 1956 to the June 2012 ones, and I have a reprint of the first issue of December 1953 with Marilyn Monroe as Sweetheart.
      1990 is a so-so year for Playmates. 1. Melissa Evridge is prettiest, 2. Deborah Driggs is sexiest, 3. Bonnie Marino and 4. Lisa Matthews are fairly attractive and 5. Brittany York is sexy but not beautiful, like Deborah Driggs but inferior to her in my opinion. Worst is Pamela Anderson who is so fake-looking and obnoxious. Her personality turns me off if her looks didn’t. Morgan Fox isn’t my cup of tea.
      1991 is a great year for PMs. It’s hard to choose my favorite. 1. Cheryl Bachman has a slight lead I guess with 2. Julie Clark and 3. Christina Leardini close behind her, and then there’s 4. Cristy Thom, 5. Stacy Arthur and 6. Samantha Dorman who has a nice face but is a bit heavy.
      1992 is also a great PM year with 1. Morena Corwin, 2. Angela Melini, 3. Tanya Beyer, and 4. Tylyn John leading strongly, but 5. Ashley Allen and 6. Barbara Moore aren’t too bad. Anna Nicole Smith is worst by far.
      1993 isn’t as good as ’91 & ’92, but 1. Jennifer Lavoie, 2. Elke Jeinsen and 3. Jennifer Leroy are attractive enough but not competition for Morena C or Cheryl B. Jenny McCarthy was PMOY, but I don’t like her or Echo Johnson.
      1994 has 1. Maria Checa, 2. Victoria Zdrok, 3.Elisa Bridges, 4. Neriah Davis & 5. Kelly Gallagher.
      1995 gives me a tough choice between Lisa Marie Scott and Rachel Jean Marteen, then 3. Danelle Folta, 4. Alicia Rickter, 5. Heidi Mark.
      1996 is an off year, but 1. Jessica Lee, 2. Jennifer Allan, & 3. Priscilla Taylor are attractive.
      1997 has 1. Kelly Monaco, 2. Lynn Thomas, 3. Karen McDougal, 4.Kimber West, 5. Nikki Schieler.
      1998 has 1. sexy Vanessa Gleason leading, 2. Laura Cover not so far behind, 3. Angela Little is cute.
      1999 is a good PM year with 1. Jodi Ann Paterson the first Eurasian PMOY, 2. Kimberly Spicer, 3. Tishara Cousino, 4. Natalia Sokolova.
      My favorite PMs of the decade 1990-1999 are Rachel Jean Marteen and Lisa Marie Scott 1995 PMs of August and February.

    • Curator says:

      416. (The Eye of the Tiger)
      Shadow of Lies
      Written by Billy Klippert, Earl Torno & Laura Torno
      Performed by Billy Klippert
      Courtesy of Rushing River Music

      Written by Gene Champagne
      Performed by Junior Achiever

      Takin’ Care of Business
      Written and performed by Randy Bachman
      Courtesy of Ranbach Music Ltd.

      417. (Queen of Hearts )
      Written and performed by Sekiden
      Courtesy of Boompa! Productions

      Pretty Blue
      Written and performed by Melissa McLelland
      Courtesy of The Orange Record Label

      Written and performed by Headstones & Colin Cripps
      Courtesy of Maplemusic Recordings

      Rosamunde Entracte
      Written by Schubert arr Korten
      Courtesy of Chris Stone Audio Productions Ltd.

      Sudden Impact
      Written by Pete Mills
      Performed by Flash Bastard
      Courtesy of Bastard Productions

      The Entertainer
      Written by Scott Joplin
      Arranged and performed by Jim McGrath

      Tell Me Why
      Written by Dave Ogilvie, Katie Biever, Anthony “Fu” Valcic, Matthew Warhurst, Phil Western, Jamie Koch & Sarah Kendrick
      Performed by Jakalope
      Courtesy of The Orange Record Label

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