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Michelle Shocked : Slurs Used in On-Stage Homophobic Rant

20 March 2013 | 2:16 pm Singer Michelle Shocked cleared the house on Sunday after going on an on-stage rant against homosexuality in a San Francisco nightclub. According to a report in the The Bay Area Reporter, Shocked played two sets at Yoshis nightclub in the http://www.webpronews.com/michelle-shocked-slurs-used-in-on-stage-homophobic-rant-2013-03

Michelle Shocked concerts canceled after homophobic comments

20 March 2013 | 1:50 pm Michelle Shocked s concert has seemingly disappeared after making homophobic comments in San Francisco Sunday night at a concert. read more http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2013/03/michelle-shocked-concerts-canceled-after-homophobic-comments

Michelle Shocked ‘s Tour Vanishes Following Anti-Gay Comments

20 March 2013 | 1:36 pm Ten out of eleven of the controversial singer’s upcoming concert dates have been canceled by the venues themselves. read more http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/michelle-shocked-anti-gay-comments-429948

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (Dig) (Audio CD) tagged "michelle shocked" 4 times

7 July 2012 | 7:12 pm Don't Ask Don't Tell (Dig) Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (Dig) (Audio CD)By Michelle Shocked Buy new: $17.9541 used and new from $2.18 Customer Rating: 4.4 Customer tags: michelle shocked(4), gay history(2), urban folk, folk rock http://www.amazon.com/Dont-Ask-Tell-Dig/dp/B0009NCPV0?tag=cclub-20

Deep Natural (Audio CD) tagged "michelle shocked" 3 times

7 July 2012 | 7:11 pm Deep Natural Deep Natural (Audio CD)By Michelle Shocked 39 used and new from $1.75 Customer Rating: 4.4 Customer tags: michelle shocked(3), singer songwriters http://www.amazon.com/Deep-Natural-Michelle-Shocked/dp/B000063NDE?tag=cclub-20

Texas Campfire Takes (Audio CD) tagged "michelle shocked" 4 times

7 July 2012 | 7:11 pm Texas Campfire Takes Texas Campfire Takes (Audio CD)By Michelle Shocked 10 used and new from $6.69 Customer Rating: 4.4 Customer tags: michelle shocked(4) http://www.amazon.com/Texas-Campfire-Takes-Michelle-Shocked/dp/B00008Z48S?tag=cclub-20

Kind Hearted Woman (Audio CD) tagged "michelle shocked" 2 times

7 July 2012 | 7:10 pm Kind Hearted Woman Kind Hearted Woman (Audio CD)By Michelle Shocked 52 used and new from $0.80 Customer Rating: 4.4 Customer tags: michelle shocked(2), great songwriting http://www.amazon.com/Kind-Hearted-Woman-Michelle-Shocked/dp/B0000000M8?tag=cclub-20

Captain Swing (Audio CD) tagged "michelle shocked" 3 times

7 July 2012 | 7:10 pm Captain Swing Captain Swing (Audio CD)By Michelle Shocked Buy new: $21.1489 used and new from $0.23 Customer Rating: 4.4 Customer tags: michelle shocked(3), traditional folk http://www.amazon.com/Captain-Swing-Michelle-Shocked/dp/B000001FQO?tag=cclub-20

Michelle Shocked's tour dates canceled | The Music Mix | EW.com

20 March 2013 | 3:56 pm Michelle Shocked is starting to see the fallout from her anti-gay tirade at her recent concert in San Francisco. The singer-songwriter and self-described born-again Christian was scheduled to perform 11 concerts across the http://music-mix.ew.com/2013/03/20/michelle-shocked-tour-canceled/

US Venues Cancel Folk Singer Michelle Shocked's Gigs After …

20 March 2013 | 12:04 pm Michelle Shocked in 2005 Well, her name may be Michelle Shocked but we bet a lot of people saw this coming. The alt-folk singer has seen all of her U.S. gigs slip through her guitar strings after she went all Westboro before a http://www.queerty.com/michelle-shocked-sacked-20130320/

Michelle Shocked's Upcoming Concert Dates Canceled After Anti …

20 March 2013 | 3:36 am Almost the entire U.S. tour of the folk singer vanishes after the venues of her upcoming concerts cancel her shows. http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00058782.html

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6 Responses to Michelle Shocked

  • If Being Homosexual Isn’t A Choice Then Why Do Many Become Heterosexual Like This Former Lesbian? http://omg.yahoo.com/news/formerly-gay-alt-folk-singer-michelle-shocked-slams-221700526.html

    I think it’s proof it actually is a choice as the Bible teaches.
    For those of you who can’t access the link, Michelle Shocked said, “… I’m here to say that there is reconciliation through the blood of Jesus Christ for every human being on the face of this earth…Because that price was paid—purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ.”

  • Passion Pit says:

    My Friend Killed Herself Yesterday…? So I don’t know if you’ve heard of her, her name is Michelle Doloriert she’s 16 or @pray_for_our_sinners on Gifboom and Tumblr. But everytime I texted her she seemed so happy and bubbly and I always spent time with her and she was never saying anything about her being in pain or being suicidal.

    But yesterday (or 3/9/13) her boyfriend texted me and told me to go over and so I went over there and everyone was breaking down and crying and i was clueless and her bf took me into the kitchen and told me she took a whole bunch of pills and overdosed.

    I’m crying and I still can’t sleep and there were police and an ambulance at her house and she was in a body bag! I’m still so terrified and shocked and sad because she was a very close friend of mine. She was like a sister to me.

    In a sense i’m kind of mad at her for leaving us without even a note or getting help so that she could still be with us today. Am i wrong for that?

    I can’t help but feel that she committed because if me. Because I’ve been super busy all week and i haven’t talked to her as much because i’ve been moving. And i feel that she might have wanted to talk to me about it before she did it.

    I’m scared and i’m panicking. I can’t sleep and I don’t want people asking me about her on Monday because i might punch them in the face.

    But then, i kind of know why she killed herself because people were calling her sluts and stuff for no reason and people were saying they hated her. She’s a VERY nice person and she is always helping people with their problems so much that she forgot about herself and her own feelings.

    How do i cope with this? This is nerve wrecking and sad.

  • SARHA says:

    Does My Partner’s Son Love Me? This might seem like a strange question but here goes,

    I have been dating a man for nearly 7 months. I met his son more or less straight away. He is a gorgeous 10 year old boy who is polite, non-demanding, intelligent, quiet and just an all round lovely boy. I have always tried really hard to make him like me without being overbearing. And it comes naturally because he is just so lovely. My boyfriend has him every weekend and once in the week.

    Saturday night I went round to my boyfriend’s and James his son came into the kitchen. I said “Hi James, are you ok?” and he just went “yep” and walked back out again. My boyfriend looked at him shocked. I felt really shaken as he had never behaved with me like that before. I then asked my boyfriend what was wrong and he doesn’t like talking about anything and just said I was being stupid when I said I wonder if he resents me for being round here? This was working me up. We went upstairs to bed adn I was still worried about it and wanting to talk but my boyfriend was having none of it. I went to get my clothes on to go home and my boyfriend was like ok I will get your stuff as he was fed up of me on about it. As I was getting my stuff together, James came to me and said “where are you going Michelle? and I said home. Then I went back upstairs and my boyfriend and I were having a few cross words. Next thing James appeared in the doorway and said “Don’t go home michelle, please stay” I was in tears at this point. The reason being is that I was on my period and feeling very sensitive. “My Dad does love you. He always tells me he misses you, don’t you Dad?” that made me cry more. And my partner left the room. James came in and I said that I was hurt that he seemed as though he didn’t want me there earlier and he was to let me know if I was taking up his time with his dad. (for the record I give them loads of time as I go out with my friends on weekends sometimes and they are always alone on the weeknight they see each other).

    Then James said “of course not. I want you here” and I said “I’m sorry” and he gave me a big hug which made me cry more. and he told me to promise I wouldn’t go.

    I have fallen in love with this little guy, not in a romantic way obviously but I really care for him. Do you think he loves me too? My partner will not talk about stuff like this with me at all.

    • Curator says:

      I think that he obviously does.
      Instead of him feeling like you are replacing his mum or something, he must love you and maybe take you as another mom for him. Maybe his mom isnt as nice to him or he is having problems at home, seeing in what mood he was in, and maybe your partner doent give him the love that he needs.
      Every child needs someone. Seeing as he said all those things about your partner loving you and stuff, he might have been trying to say what he feels by putting his father into it as maybe he was too shy to say it himself.

      But overall, you can see that he does love you,so you should’t worry.

  • M-WWE Monday Night RAW.123rd RAW.Is It Good? GM of RAW-Edge
    WWE Chairman-Mr. McMahon

    WWE champion-CM Punk
    Unified tag team champions-Motor City Machine Guns
    Intercontinental champion-Miz
    Diva’s champion-Gail Kim
    Women’s tag team champions-Mickie James & Melina

    Promo 1-Batista comes out.Batista says “I’m going to get straight to the point, everybody cut the crap.I’ve been picking my spot, as of late.I’m ready to reign supreme as WWE champion, & CM Punk is my target.I find it strange that this company was revolutionized by heavyweights, yet CM Punk’s a pint sized brat.That’s a slap in the face of superior legends, just like myself.CM Punk is nothing but an embarrassment to this business.I’m a former world champion, & I’m anything but pleased to pass the torch to a guy like him.CM Punk is on the plate of the animal, & you should expect the worst things to happen.At The Bash, I don’t give a damn about you people, just furthering my career”.

    Match 1-Shelton Benjamin(face) vs Desmond Wolfe(heel) vs Rey Mysterio(face)-winner Shelton Benjamin(eliminated-Desmond Wolfe)

    Match 2-(Michelle McCool on commentary)-Brie Bella accompanied by Nikki Bella(heels) vs Layla(face)-winner Layla
    Post Match-Michelle McCool attacks Layla, but Layla fights back.Layla sends Michelle McCool out of the ring.Layla invites her back in for more, but Michelle McCool retreats up the ramp.Layla says “you’ll get yours, Michelle” as RAW fades to commercial.

    Match 3-Rhyno(heel) vs Matt Hardy(face)-winner Rhyno

    Promo 2-Josh Matthews interviews Randy Orton.Josh says “I have with me, the Viper, Randy Orton.Randy, last week, you brutally punted Kane in the skull.Would you like to explain your actions from last week”? Randy says “I don’t owe anybody any explanation, but I’ll let my intentions be known.I’m the most dangerous man in this business, Kane is the most dominant monster.As of late, neither of us have been our normal, destructive selves.I’m suggesting to Kane that we utilize each other to get our frustrations & incontrollable rage out.I feel that we can feed our hunger for dishing out pain.I’ll see Kane later, but I suggest we have a Street Fight, at The Bash”.

    Match 4-Battle Royal-#1 contender’s for Unified tag team titles-Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson accompanied by William Regal(heels) vs Jack Evans & Sin Cara(faces) vs Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler(heels) vs Primo & Carlito(faces) vs Generation Me(faces) vs Kings of Wrestling(heels) vs Paul London & Brian Kendrick(faces) vs Beer Money(heels)-winners Chosen Perfection
    Sin Cara eliminates Vladimir Kozlov
    Beer Money eliminates Max Buck
    Ezekiel Jackson eliminates Primo
    Londrick eliminates Sin Cara
    Ezekiel Jackson eliminates Jeremy Buck
    Kings of Wrestling eliminates Ezekiel Jackson
    Jack Evans eliminates Carlito
    Drew McIntyre eliminates Jack Evans
    Londrick eliminates Claudio Castagnoli
    James Storm eliminates Paul London
    Dolph Ziggler eliminates Robert Roode
    Brian Kendrick eliminates Drew McIntyre
    Chris Hero eliminates James Storm
    Brian Kendrick eliminates Chris Hero
    Dolph Ziggler eliminates Brian Kendrick

    Promo 3-Brock Lesnar attacks John Cena backstage.John Cena fights back, as security separates them.Brock Lesnar pushes through them, as John Cena dives into Brock Lesnar.John Cena gets in a few punches, until Brock Lesnar lowblows him.Brock Lesnar locks in the kimura lock, as security tries to pull him off.Brock Lesnar releases the hold & leaves, as medics check on John Cena.

    Match 5-Randy Orton & Batista(heels) vs Kane & CM Punk(faces)-winners Randy Orton & Batista
    Post Match-Randy Orton gives Kane the RKO on the announce table, as Batista gives CM Punk the Batista Bomb, in the ring.Randy Orton poses on the announce table, while Batista celebrates on the apron, to boos, as RAW fades away.
    June 25th, 2012

    • Curator says:

      ( Match # 1 ) – Triple Threat Match
      Shelton Benjamin def. Desmond Wolfe and Rey Mysterio( 7 / 10 )
      Comments – So far i am really like this elimination chase, you have given 4 guys who arguably deserve the spotlight this chance and the results are very crowd pleasing, Benjamin vs. Mysterio should be great. Both of the eliminations so far have not been that shocking however.

      ( Match # 2 ) – Divas Match
      Layla def. Brie Bella( w/ Nikki Bella & Michelle McCool )( 0 / 10 )
      Comments – I am interested to see what defeating Brie Bella does for Layla.

      ( Match # 3 ) – Singles Match
      RhYno def. Matt Hardy( 10 / 10 )
      Comments – I would have selected this match to be the main event with the winner facing The Miz next week in a non-title match or something.

      ( Match # 4 ) – # 1 Contender’s Tag Team Battle Royal
      16th – Vladimir Kozlov( w/ William Regal ) by Sin Cara
      15th – Max Buck by Robert Roode & James Storm
      14th – Primo by Ezekiel Jackson
      13th – Sin Cara by Brian Kendrick & Paul London
      12th – Jeremy Buck by Ezekiel Jackson( 8th – Gen. Me )
      11th – Ezekiel Jackson( w/ William Regal ) by Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli( 7th – Jackson & Kozlov )
      10th – Carlito by Jack Evans( 6th – Primo & Carlito )
      9th – Jack Evans by Drew McIntyre( 5th – Evans & Cara )
      8th – Claudio Castagnoli by Brian Kendrick & Paul London
      7th – Paul London by James Storm
      6th – Robert Roode by Dolph Ziggler
      5th – Drew McIntyre by Brian Kendrick
      4th – James Storm by Chris Hero( 4th – Beer Money )
      3rd – Chris Hero by Brian Kendrick( 3rd – Kings of Wrestling )
      2nd – Brian Kendrick by Dolph Ziggler( 2nd – Londrick )
      WINNER – Dolph Ziggler( WINNER(s) – Chosen Perfection )( 0 / 10 )
      Comments – I like that Chosen Perfection earned the title shot, but i do not like how they got there.

      ( Main Event ) – Tag Team Match
      Randy Orton & Batista def. ( Masked ) Kane & CM Punk( 7 / 10 )
      Comments – Not what i would have chosen as the main event, but it more than makes up for that battle royal.

      OVERALL – 5 / 10
      Your previous episode was better, but only slightly. My main problem with this episode is the Battle Royal, that could have been amazing, but the eliminations were a bit too unlikely for my tastes.

      word to the wise

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