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  • Jenna says:

    Fit People Bathe In Ice Cubes And Cold Water? I’m watching the 2006 Film Stick It with Missy Peregrym and I couldn’t help but wonder when she is training why did she fill the bath tub up with cold water and put ice cubes in there?

    Wouldn’t it do damage having your muscles going from really hot from working out to really cold?

    Won’t it cause arthritis?

    • Curator says:

      This is commonly done by professional athletes or those who train like athletes. The reason is that it works like an anti-inflammatory, decreasing pain and swelling. When you have a very intense workout you make tiny rips into the muscles, which is why they are so sore after. The theory is just like if you sprained a muscle and put a bag of ice on it, it would relieve pain and swelling, which will hopefully speed up the healing time. Every workout should have a cool down period, and it should never be done immediately following a workout without a cool down. It will not damage the muscles and arthritis is actually inflammation of joints, so it will help to decrease the inflammation, not cause it. However, a ice back is a HUGE system shock and could have some really bad consequences on those who’s cardiovascular system cannot withstand such a drastic temperature change.

  • Flicker says:

    Masculine Looking Actresses? I’m looking for an actress I can visualize as my trans* character and I can’t think of any besides for Hilary Swank and Jordan Todosey, but I don’t want to use Jordan because she’s always used and the character is about 20-24 years old.

    The only other person I can think of is Kristen Stewart but someone else in the rp has already taken her.

  • . says:

    Did Rookie Blue’s Missy Peregrym Get A New Nose Job? She Has The Clothespin Nose Job Like Catherine Bell Now? Clothes pin nose job where the flesh sides of the nostrils is ridiculously attached to the face, like Catherine Bell, look:


    Notice those vertical lines sides of her chin “dummy puppet” lines, that’s how you can tell who has a chin implant, those are not natural they’re the implant outlines right there:

    Besides the hideous clown make up doesn’t her man chin silicone implant look longer than usual? Missy Peregym’s chin implant now looks longer than both Jennifer Aniston’s and Reese Witherspoon’s!

    Missy Peregrym has has a lot of plastic surgery done between the time she left modeling for leg hair wax and she started acting. Here are her waxing pix, notice the much more prominent (bigger) nose (but she already had a previous nose job here too) and notice her chin was half the size it now is, and with some weird “punched in” effect, the flesh of her chin curled up like she had been punched in the chin down/up:

    You can notice Miss Peregrym has had cheekbone implants inserted right after some laser micro-tool mini liposuction on her cheeks as her cheeks were a lot rounder, plumper yet her body was slim and everyone knows you cannot lose weight off your face alone, particularly if you have no body fat to lose.

    From many angles for the fans in denial, more pix of missy peregrym’s bigger nose / smaller chin:



    It’s too bad she looked half decent before, she was no beauty for sure but she has really messed up her face competing with the manly actresses (Maniston & With a spoon). Woman gotta learn to leave their faces alone!

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